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CHAPTER 30 : The Gulty Rides

This chapter is actually the continuation of the last one. It was getting lengthier, so I broke it into two. Enjoy!!!


Maya' POV

We were half way,during our dinner,when Sandra thought,it's the right time to spoil everyone's mood. "So Maya,how come you are here,I mean this town?"Before I could speak Rose said,"She's my god daughter. Is there a problem if she spends time with me for her vaccation?"Roman clenched his teeth and I know,it's only a matter of time,he will blast. "Not at all. I was just curious."She said rolling her eyes.

Then the Men,who was sitting beside Desirée,asked Xander."Xander,son,if you don't mind me asking.Why did you break the angagement?" I think he's Desiree's father. This question was expacted. Xander answered without even thinking. "She is not the one,made for me uncle. I don't feel any connection with her,at all. So instead of dragging it further,I put a check on it."he answered.

"But why Publicly? We could have sat and talked about it right? I mean it's kind of humiliating son."he said his head low. I can see my dad in his stance. I can understand what he is going through. But Xander was straight forward. "I would have uncle Nick. I wanted to go meet you guys at your place to do it in a gentlemanly way,but your daughter didn't deserve it."he said glaring at Desirée.

She simply avoided his and her father's accusing gaze. "What does he mean by that Dizy?"he asked. Then Xander interrupted, revealing their secrets."Both Sophia and Desirée planted bugs in our office,

bedrooms,cars even cell phones to keep an watch on our day to day activities,without our knowledge. It is a crime,as you all know. But considering your loyalty to the company and Aunt May's friendship with mom for years,we didn't report it to the police.

If you think,after letting this issue pass,I would still be considering towards them,then you all are wrong." he said glaring at Desirée, Sophia,Sandra,Aunt May and Desiree's father. "Why Dizy,why would you do that to your old man? han. I have raised you better than this,I think. I thought you are different than your mother,but you're worst than her."he said with a hurt expression. She gulped,feeling hurt.

"I'm sorry Papa. You had so much expectations from this Union,and when I realised, Xander was not into this relationship,I panicked, I guess. But papa, I'm not like Mama. I'm your daughter. Please papa just forgive me,this one time. I promise,I'll never let you down again. I love you papa."she said with watery eyes. This is so emotional moment. I can really connect to them. Then she turned to Xander and said.

"I'm sorry Xander. Please forgive me. I was wrong. I realized it the moment I placed it and came out of your office,but Sophia kept manipulating me,and I got carried away." Sophia glared at her. " What do you mean,I manipulated you? You are not a toddler to obey my orders."she kept throwing glares at all of us. I think Desirée finally lost it.

“Yes you did. And was considering it as a friendly advice and didn't realize your interior motives. I was never into this relationship,nor Xander,nor Roman. The only person who was obsessed was you. You never wanted to let him go. Isn't that why you made him signed the contract."she said taking her off guard. "What contact,asked Sophia's mom and Sandra together. "Oh this is going to be real ugly now."said Greyson.

Roman shighed and said."When we both realized that,we are not working out,two year back,We broke up. But she kept coming back after sometimes. I didn't think much about it because, frankly speaking I didn't have any reason to break up with her. She called herself my girlfriend in public,and my only mistake was,I never denied it, considering,I never had any other woman in my life.

But she started to become clingy and two months back,when we had an argument, I decided it was going too far. She had other plans though. She thought I was seeing someone else and tricked me into......."he looked at his brothers,then the elders and then me. I gave him an assuring nod to continue. "She made me sign an agreement to have only sex,no string attached,for six months. But if we are found cheating on each other,or even perusing someone else,In my case,I was free to break up with her and in her case....I would marry her, without any commotion."

There was a complete silence. Everyone's gaze was on Sophia,but she didn't look even a bit effected by what she had done. She simply stood up, looking directly at Roman and me.

"Yes, I was clingy. Yes I am selfish. But I did all this because I am in love with you Rome." Roman scoffed. No you didn't, I have your porn video still in my phone. So don't shit with me with those bull." he spat with gritted teeth.

"So you think,only you have needs because,you are a men. You too found yourself a new whore,who you and your brothers are shamelessly sharing."she argued back. All the brothers lost their calm and Xander stood up from his with Rage in his eyes."What did you call her?" he asked. Clearly she was pissing in her panties but her expression was blank.

"What,slut? Tell me Xander,what do you call a woman,who shares her body with more then one men at a time? In my book, we call it whoring."she said, giving me a disgusting look. "Sophia!!"Roman lost it finally and got up from his place,making me stand in the process too.

He wanted to cross over the table to strangle her but, I stopped him by hugging him.

"Insult my woman one more time,and you will lose your tongue,to lick those disgusting rich people,to fullfill your desires."George and Sandra tried to calm them down. Sophia's mom was sanding beside her,to support her. Nathan was holding Greyson back from tearing her up,with Emily standing in her place,covering her mouth with her hands, seeing the horror. Rose was trying to calm Xander down with soothing words. The only people with out any reaction were Desiree's and her dad.

They stood up and Desirée's dad excused himself and his daughter,

saying it was their family matter and they would like to leave. They didn't even wait to hear others responses. Lucky people. After they left,all of us took seat,now that there were two empty seats. After all this, Sophia's mom was still taking her side. "I think,it's time for us to leave too, because clearly,we do not have any place in this house anymore."she said.

Sophia stood up and went to stand by her side. "What do you mean May? They are just kids. Dont let their fights effect our friendship."she said in a broken tone. Now this is what I call real. She is definitely disturbed by all this. "Can't you see Sandra? This is no longer a kids fight anymore. They have said words and done things to each other,they can't take back. If my daughter don't have a place here anymore,then,I can't come here anymore either. You have broken our friendship by breaking your promise too Sandra."

Sandra gasped at her words. "May, you know I'm helpless here. You are breaking our longlasting friendship for this small thing?"she said while sobbing. Emily and George went towards her to console her,but May was not effected at all. I was so hurt by looking at the scene,that the words came out of my mouth,before I could stop it. "Why, because she couldn't force her son to marry your daughter?"

Everyone looked at me shocked. Rise tried to stop me,but I was too far gone. "No offence Mrs. Osborne,but I would like to ask your friend, just one thing."then I turned to face May.

"Sorry but I was raised by my dad and half of my life,I spent in an orphanage, before he found me,thinking I was not even worth for anyone to adopt me. The only person close to my heart was,one of my friend." I thought about Evan.

"His name was Evan,younger to me but a brother and friend,I never had. I lost him when he was adopted. I still regret my decision, letting go of his hand,when he begged for me to not let go. I did not want to be selfish and considering the fact that,he might have a good future,I let those couple take him away from me. I still can't forget those eyes, looking at me like,I had betrayed him.I prayed to god time and time again to meet him.

To ask for his forgiveness,but not everyone is that lucky to get second chance,are we? You are lucky enough to have a friend,who is crying for your loss. Treasure it while you can. Don't regret it later like me." I can feel everyone was seeing me in a different light but, I'm too involved in my past to Pat myself on my shoulder for opening their eyes. Sophia scoffed, getting everyone's attention.

"You are saying it now because,you are still a part of their life. When they throw you out of their life after using you,I would like to see you talk. When you are too involved with them and they would like to leave after finding someone better than you. Than what you gonna do?"she asked with a smirk.

"Then I'll let them go."I said. The boys turned towards me surprised and hurt. But I would like them to hear me out too. "Its easy to say than done, Little girl." Sophia said folding her arms. "Who said it was going to be easy? Letting go of a part of your life is Never easy. If they want out at some point,I would let them, because love is never to force yourself on them. It's to let go. In this 18 years of life,if I have learned something,it is that,you should learn to let it go.

I love them with everything I have and trust them with my heart. If they are breaking it,I won't blame them,do you know why? Because, even after completly devoting yourself to them,they still feel the need to leave you,that means,I would be lacking somewhere. You need two to clink. I'm confident enough to say that, even if they leave me at some point,they would still come back to me. But if they don't.......then that means they were never mine to begin it."

She was taken aback by my words and blinking speechless. Xander came and back hugged me. Greyson came from the front and wishpered."Didn't I tell you to be yourself. See,you left everyone speechless." he smiled. I looked around,and for sure saw everyone's mouth open. George,Sandra and May were looking at me in awe. Sophia was being Sophia. Rose, Emily,Nathan and My men were looking at me with proud expression.

All of a sudden,I felt self conscious. Roman then said. "I hope you know now Sophia,why she is better than you, in every way."he said with an irritating voice. She huffed and left the house in a hurry, calling her mom,to follow her. May looked at me and then at Sandra. "I'll talk to her. I'm sorry on behalf of her. You are right Maya. I was about to lose something,very previous. Thank you."

She said looking my way. I offered her a small smile and snuggled into Xander's arms,who in return,kissed the back of my head back. She hugged Sandra and said something,to which Sandra laughed and squeezed her hands in return. Then she left after saying her goodbyes to everyone. Before leaving,she halt near the door and turned towards me. She gave me genuine smile and said."Your mother must be very proud of you Maya." and then she was gone.

George and Sandra turned towards us and Sandra smiled. A genuine smile. "I'm sorry"she said. Every body looked at her puzzled because they were expecting a 'thank-you' from her. But when she said the opposite,they saw her questionably. I understood why she's apologizing. So I just offered her a sigh smile. She then turned towards her sons.

"So you have finally, decided to settle down?" She asked them. They nod their head and looked my way. I felt my cheeks getting red. I think,their parents have called us closer because,they dragged me to them. Then Rose came closer and hugged me. She gave me a knowing smirk.

What is this all about? I thought. Sandra took my left hand and saw the rings I was wearing.

"Ok,I thought,I would do this,but It was with Katherine,so...I'm fine with it."she said, smiling at me. Then George started. "But how are you going to do it? I mean the wedding. Legally, she can be married to just one of you. What about the other two?"he asked confused.

"Grandma has suggested something. We would work on it as soon as possible." he replied. They were talking back and forth,like I was not even there. Emily came for my rescue.

"One minute,one minute. She is right here folks. Why don't you ask her opinion." And here I thought,she came to rescue me. Every one turned to me. I started fiddling with my fingers and said. "I have few ideas,but I think,my dad's opinion is important too." thank God they let it go for now.

After speaking for sometime,we all decided it was a long day and we need to crash for the night.

Sandra asked all of us to stay back,but we denied politely. After saying our goodbyes to them and Emily,Xander invited Rose and me to his place. First I was excited,but then I felt acward recalling last night. We are currently going to Xander's house,Rose following behind us. I asked if she wants me to ecompany her but the boys, pulled me back to their car saying, they want to talk.

"What do you guys wanted to talk?"I asked after we pulled off from his parents place. They looked at each other and Xander started. "Today morning we wanted to say it,but we got carried away." He gave a little pause and said. "Maya we want you to move in with us." I looked at them blinking. They want be to live with them? Together,in the same house.

"Exactly. Do you know,you sometimes think out loud Maya."Said Greyson,making all of them laugh.

"So what do you say Maya? I mean,

now that things are getting better,and we need to look into the biggest problem in hand.... that Leo. I think it's better you move in with us. Rose was telling last time,that she have to go out of station too,due to her work for a week or so, that's why we all decided it would be a good idea, if you move in with us for good."He said smiling.

"I think,dad would not like the idea."I replied and smirked when all of them looked frustrated. "Fine than we'll talk to him first,but you my love are moving with us soon." Xander said taking my hand and kissing the back of it. "We need to shift our things too."

Said Greyson,gesturing him and Roman,with a smile.

I don't think dad will have any problem with me, moving with them together. Right? I think.

So, what do you think? Thinks are actually getting better or worst?

You would know in next few chapters.Stay tuned.💖💖💖

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