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****Not An Update****

Hello Readers!!😘

This is not an Update😁I just wanted your opinion on one of my upcoming books on Inkitt. I'm currently working on the prologues of Two books.🤓

The Title of the first one is " ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE " The story is mostly focused on the Polyamorous Relationship between the lives of the people living in a Mansion called 'A gateway to Heaven' and their struggle with the society,when a new member comes in their life. The Theme is MATURE. And it's a ROMANCE EROTICA.😜

The plot of the second book takes place during the Tsunami😲yes you heard me right. When a young woman gets trapped inside an Island,with tribal people 😱who are anti social and like isolation. The story was inspired by the SENTINELESE TRIBE.(you can Google it)They are among the last tribal people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilisation. The title is " THE FORBIDDEN ISLAND "

The theme is again MATURE and an ROMANCE EROTICA. So I would love you all to support me by comments and tell me which story you would want me to publish first, because I want to give my best to the book. And only concentrate on One book at a time.

Thank you for being with me so far with my very first book😊Loved you comments and support so far.❤️ Stay tuned and pleeeasssseeeeee don't forget to comment on my ideas on the upcoming books.🤗


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