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Xander's POV (Mature)*

As soon as I pulled over to my place,Rose followed behind. Rome and Grey looked excited because,it's the first time,she has been here. We already talked about her moving in with us today. I know she's nurvous because,for her, things are moving too fast,but once she moves in,we can take things slower. I mean she is too young to get married,but we would keep trying to convince her into this.

“Wow,you live here alone?” Maya asked. “Not anymore”I replied with a smirk, pulling her into a side hug. She blushed but didn't push me away. We all went inside and Rose immediately asked for the guest room to retire for the day. I showed her and when she left, Maya asked,“Where is my room?”

We all gave her a mischievous smile.

“And may I know,what that means?”

She asked looking at our faces with raised eyebrows.

“Well there are three other bedrooms,but those belong to us three. So you can choose to sleep with one of us?” Greyson answered it like a question. She grabbed her upper lips with her teeth with hands on her hips,as if thinking. I hope she comes to my room. Roman was already planning something. I can see it in his eyes. After few seconds she straighten up and fold her hands infront of her.

“I have decided. I'm going to sleep with...”all of us are waiting patiently for her answer. Then she smiled and said, “Rose”and when she turned around to walk away, Roman caught her and pulled her back. She turned around and started giggling. “No way.You can only choose one of our rooms. And if you can't,then we will choose for you.”said Roman, kissing her on her nape.

She started shuddering,when Rome tilt her head and started sucking her neck. I was already semi hard, by the idea of her spending the night in my room. But,now that I can hear her moaning, everyone can see the bulge in my pants. Before I knew it,I was standing infront of her. She opened her eyes to look at me. She's looking really venerable right now. I took a hold of her chin and made her lips meet mine. I muffeled all her groans, when Rome started massaging her breasts.

I started trailing kisses from her lips to her jaw,and then the other side of her neck. “Guys are you forgetting,We are not alone.”said Grey coming closer. I know he is right,but this woman just brings the demon out of me everytime I'm around her. I lose all my senses when she look at me with her doe like eyes. We let her go for now,but we have to do something about Roman and my problems,down there which is yet to solve.

Then an idea came into my mind. I took her hand and dragged her towards the theatre room. They all gave me a confused look. “Xander where are you talking me?”asked Maya, wishpering. When we finally reached there, I opened the door and let them all in. As soon as everyone was in,I locked the door, behind me.

“Wow,you have a theatre room?”she asked me, while taking everything around in awe.

Grey went towards the CD player,and started putting an action movie. Roman understood what was in my mind and took an easy chair. Maya looked at all of us confused. “Well I don't actually hate watching T.V,but I don't want action movies.”she said taking a seat. I walked toward her and Bend down, putting my hands on both side of her, caging her in.“Who said we are watching it?” I asked smirking.

Before she could react,I put a hand behind her neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The kiss went from passion to hunger. The best part was,she returned it with the same passion. Grey tapped my back to get our attention. We parted our lips with hooded eyes. Greyson took my place and attacked her neck,sucking and kissing it,while undressing her. Rome went behind her, freeing himself from clothes. I did the same while watching Grey trailing his hand on her body,towards the south.

She raised her body up when he put his hand inside her panties. Grey groaned and started working on her pussy. “Shit” said Grey. I know, he can feel her wetness. Rome and me exchanged looks, which was full of lust. My eyes roamed her body which was glowing with light sweat. Not able to take any more,Rome and me went towards her and we took off our last article of clothes,baring naked to her.

She licked her lips when Rome,put his length closer to her face. She took it and looked my way, asking silently to do the same. Who was I to deny her. As soon as she had both our length in her hands,she started stroking it slowly. I closed my eyes in bliss,when she licked the tip of my cock and took it in her mouth. Unknowingly,I started fucking her mouth. After few moments,she left mine and did the same to Rome. “She is a quick learner”said Roman, holding her head in place. Her body shivered when Grey gave her the first orgasm of the day.

He smirked and got up,coming my way. “My turn” he said pushing me away. “With Pleasure”I said taking his place between her legs. I can see,she was ready enough for me. Still wanting to make sure,I asked. “Maya? Look at me.”she turned her head toward me. Fuck,those eyes. I can see her anticipation. Like always,she was pleasuring my brothers,but her full attention was on me,the way I like it.

I took both her legs and bend it upwards towards her chest. Her eyes were still on me.

I bend down my body on her,bringing our lips together. While kissing her upper lips, I invaded her lower slowly. She moaned my name in pleasure. That bought a shiver down my body and I pushed the rest of my length at one go,hitting her halt. She might have done something,with her hands, because my brothers groaned in pleasure too,along with us. After giving her a moment,I started moving inside her. When I looked up. Roman was fucking her mouth slowly. I know he is trying to be gentle with her.

“Fuck baby,your mouth feels so good. I won't last long.” he said,taking himself out of her mouth and kissing her lips furiously. Then she turned towards Greyson and smirked. I was too much in bliss to think,what was that silent conversation was about. Then Greyson licked his lips and stroked her's with his thumb. “Open up”he said smirking. She obliged like a pure submissive. Grey slowly pushed his entire length in her mouth. Shit. She took him whole and didn't even gag.

“Fuck” all of us said together. He took his cock out and put it back in again. He repeatedly,did that several times. She looked my way,when,I increased my pace and was taking her hard and fast now. The only thought in my mind was,I should asked her to marry me. So that's what I did. Call me cunning but I wanted to take advantage of this situation. I put my thumb on her clit and started massaging it,while giving her deep and hard thrust.

When she was closer to her climax, I asked her.“Maya,Fuck,I love you Angel. Please marry me.” She looked at me surprised,but her release was in my control. So I paused for a moment. Both of us were panting. “W..what?Ugh, don't stop.” Grey and Rome chuckled. I resumed my moment and started moving but with a slower pace. I know it's torturing,but I want my answer.

“Xander”she said with her gritted teeth. I smirked but didn't increase my pace.

She, looked at both of them for some kind of help,but they raised their hands. “Traitor”she said frustrated,making all of us laugh. “Answer him babe or else,we have the entire night.”said Roman, playing with her nipples. She bite her lips to stop the moan. I bend down and our forehead touched. I closed my eyes. “Maya, please make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife.”I wishpered and touched her lips with mine, without kissing.

That minx looked at me and smiled. “Only if you allow me to cum first.”

She said linking both her legs behind my hips. I groaned and got down on my knees. She gasp when I replaced my cock with three of my fingers and tongue. “Holy cow”she cursed,making my brothers, laugh out louder. “You are gonna regret it Princess.”I said looking at her eyes while bringing her,very very close to her release and stopped upsurdly.

“Xander?”she said. I smirked and looked at my brothers. “Don't let her come,untill she say yes.”I warned them. “As you wish” said Roman,taking my place. She looked at me,with her mouth open. I smiled at her sweetly and watched my talented brothers taking their turns on her,making sure,she doesn't come. After 45 minutes of tourture, I asked them to stop. She looked sextualy frustrated.

I took Greyson's place and made her sit on me to ride her release out. But not so easily.

“Grey, you want to cum inside her ass?”I asked him and smirked when her face paled. “Dont worry princess.

Ill be veeery gentle.” wishpered Grey standing behind her. She looked my way panicked. “Say yes”I said,putting one of my hand behind my head. She narrowed her eyes defiing me. Fine then,I thought and waited for Grey to begin. She gasped when Grey put one of his finger inside her pussy and pull it out only to shove it inside her forbidden hole.

We all chuckled when,she couldn't say a single word. “Relax,or its gonna be painful.”said Grey. She did as she was told and soon She closed her eyes in pleasure. I couldn't help but admire her two perfect gloves in front of me. I hold them in my hands and started sucking on it. Suddenly a pain gasp came out of her mouth. “Relax babe,relax your muscles.”said Grey. I can feel him entering her while I'm inside her. “Fuck,it feels so good.”said Grey, closing his eyes and pushing himself deep inside her.

“I feel left out now.”said Roman coming closer behind me and asking her to take him in her mouth. She bite her lips and opened them to take him.

This whole position was so erotic,I don't think, anyone of us is going to last longer. “Start moving Xander, I'm waiting.” said Grey, impatient,while Roman was,deep throating her in bliss. Soon all of us were moving simultaneously, inside her.

“Fuck she feels so tite,I'm going to cum soon.”said Grey,increasing his pace,fucking her ass. I started taking her hard and fast reaching for my own goal. He is right. She feels like heaven. Wet,warm and too tite,for her own good. “I'm going to cum inside your mouth babe,if you keep sucking me like that.”said Rome,while she has swallowed him till his balls. A muffeled groan escaped her mouth. I could feel her muscles tighten around my cock. She came hard. I can feel it.

Grey and me halted our movement to let her ride her climax and then the three of us started pounding into her, senseless,like it's a wild fire buring inside and we want to quench it. After few minutes of moan and groan. Grey came. “I want to cum in that ass too.”

said Roman taking his place and we both started fucking her,using her body to pleasure all of us,every possible way. Roman was holding her hips, pounding into her, while biting and sucking her neck.

I was doing the same thing, because her pussy,after orgasm,feels even better,if that's even possible. “Im coming again”said Maya clutching my shoulders. “Cum with us baby”I said massaging one of her tits and sucking on the other,while we both taking her deep and deeper,to her halt. After few seconds,Roman and me came together, empting ourselves,inside her, followed by her,who just fell on my chest exhausted,still three of us connected.

“So,is the offer still valid”she said after sometimes,looking into my eyes. I looked at her confused and then barked out a laugh,when realization hit me. She's asking about the proposal. She laughed too, followed by my brothers.“Yes it is princess,but it's not just me,you have to say yes to all of us.”I said looking into her eyes. Roman pulled himself out and bite her ears teasingly. She giggled. And turned her head from me to Grey to Roman.

“Yes, I guess”

she said hiding her face in my chest. We all exchanged looks with each other,with big eyes,realising that she said yes.

“Holy shit”

Said Grey,howling like a wolf in happyness.

“Yes yes yes!!”

said Rome, giving Grey our secret handshake and hug. I caught Maya's head in both my hands and pushed it up,to look into her eyes. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

“I love you”

To be continued....

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