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Greyson's POV

I can't believe,she said yes to marry us all. When dad asked,how are we gonna go with the wedding arranments,I knew, she could only take one of us as her husband, officially.But she deciding to take all of us together,has made me proud. I just had this nagging feeling,inside my mind that, she might take Xander or Rome as her husband, while the other two are considered only a lover or boyfriend.But she proved me wrong.

“I love you ”said Xander,kissing her forehand,eyes,cheeks and finally taking her lips into a slow and sensual kiss. Rome and me walked closer to her. I kissed her shoulder and Rome did the same to her back, getting her attention. I pulled her closer to me sandwiching her between me and Rome. “Thank-you babe. I never thought,you would consider me as your husband material ever,so I didn't propose directly,but you agreeing to marry me,makes me the luckiest man in the world. Trust me.” I said kissing her cheeks.

“He is right Maya. If someone would have asked us before 2 months,I would have laughed on his face,but today I want to laugh at my self because, we don't deserve you Maya. “How did we get so lucky, brother?”

Said Roman, looking at both of us and kissing her hands. “All of this might have started through lots of odds and bumps but we promise to make it better in the future Maya. You just have to trust us,my love.”said Xander,taking one of her hands and intertwined it with his and kissed it.

You all are saying it as if I did a big favour to you all.”She said looking at all of us. “No,my life was dark, hopeless and empty. You all have given me love,hope and a life,which I never had imagined. The hole in my chest is filled. The emptyness is gone,all because of you.”she said, kissing me on my cheeks. I hugged her tighter. “If you think carefully,we all are the missing piece of each others.We complete each other. Like Rose always put it,our souls are connected. We all feel compelled to each other.”

she said putting one of her hand on Roman's chest. He put his,on top of hers. Then her expression changed. “When I was in hospital bed,there, something strange happened.” She said getting out of my hold and took one of our shirt. She continued speaking,while putting it on. We all did the same, because I believe,she was talking something serious now.

“My soul was in a dark place. I don't know where. I was desparately searching for a way out, without success. I tried but no luck.”she said holding herself,like it was cold. Xander walked towards her, after putting a shorts and pulled her onto the couch. She smiled at him. “Then I heard Roman's voice. ‘Come back. I can't live without you’.Greyson's voice,‘I love you.”she looked my way, “Then your voice.”she looked back at Xander.

“I followed it. You said, 'don't give up’ ‘fight it’ ‘we have planned future with you’. The strange thing was I was standing right there,near my body. I followed your voices and came back. 'You' bought me back. I could see Grey,crying, behind you. I was standing close to you. I tried wiping your tears.”her eyes met mine. I actually felt something cold then. Like a wind,but waved it away. I was too emotional then to put my fingers on it. Now that she reminded all makes sense.

“Roman holding my hand to his chest and you begging me to come back. I could also see Rose and Dad sitting near by. My soul actually was present there,outside my body. My body was not active,but out souls were connected, that's why I felt the pull. After hearing your confession,I fell in love with all of you. When you got up from your chair,I yelled at my slumber self to not let you go, before I was engulfed by darkness.” She then turned to Xander.

“I'm sorry,but I couldn't tell you all of this before, thinking,you would never believe me. I should thank you all for giving me hope to live agian and love back again.” She was quite for sometime,then she looked up and all of our mouths were wide open with shock. I do believe her. Every word she said was correct. That means,she was really there,when I confessed. “You guys don't believe me right? It's ok. Or may be it was just a dream right?” she said looking hurt.

“No Maya,you were not dreaming” I said.

“Every word you said ,every thing you described,was the same. Like it happened,when you were in coma. That means,you soul actually was present there. Wow.” I said in disbelief. “And you didn't let go of my hand,Maya. It was first time,you showed some response,after a week in Coma.”Xander said, stroking her hair. “Really?” she asked looking at all of us. “Yes, when Xander stood up, after he tried waking you up,you kind of surprised all of us by catching his hand in a death hold.”said Roman.

That made her blush and we all started laughing. “It's really amazing princess. I mean,I have heard about it, that two souls are connected,but never experienced it in real.”Said Xander. “Then why don't you tell her about you dreams?”I asked Xander,smirking,taking the seat beside him. “What dream?”asked Maya, curious. Xander shifted a little in his seat. “This is actually fun and unbelievable,at the same time.”said Rome,taking the other side of Xander's. She turned her face to Xander, aspactedly. He laughed slightly.

“Well you see,Maya. I kind of met you in my dreams,few weeks earlier, even before I met you in real.”Her Mouth was wide open. “Not possible”she mumbled. “It is and it was”said Xander,pecking her cheeks. “I fell in love with you, even before,I met you.”

He said, looking into her eyes. She snuggled into his chest, smiling. “I love you too.”she said then she suddenly jerked up,like her ass was on fire.

“No I take it back.I hate you”,she said pouting.“Sorry princess,but my heart is nonrefundable,you can't take it back.”said Xander,with an amused look. She started pacing around. “What is it babe?”I asked her. “W..We,..We didn't use protection.”she yelled,searching our eyes for answer. “And?” asked Xander, smirking. Ok he planned it, I guess. “Xander? What you mean,'And'?” she asked,putting her weight onto her right leg and hands on her hips. She was biting her lips. Fuck I'm hard again.

She straighten up when,she felt our lust filled eyes, roaming all over her body. Seeing her in just a shirt,

knowing very well,there is nothing underneath,it's impossible not to take her all in. “G..Guys?”she said, shifting from one leg to the other. We all chuckled. Roman got up and walked towards her with a purpose. “To answer your question,we do not regret doing it and we will do it again,and again,and again,”he pulled her flushed against his chest and spoke huskily. “untill,all of us fill your womb,with our seeds.”said Roman,making Xander and me smirk too.

[Smut scene ahead]

Roman's POV

“And it's mine and Rome's turn,after Xander.”said Grey, getting up and walking towards Maya and me,with predatory steps. “Don't you dare,I'm still sore.”she said,taking few steps backwards and taking one of the recliner as a barrier between us and her. All of us snickered at her silly act.

“You can run,but you can't....hide.”

said Grey, laughing like a maniac,pushing me to the other side. She sighed and looked at Xander for some help.

He simply took a magazine and pretended,as if he didn't hear,what she said. She looked pissed and instead of running away from me,she looked at us and smirked. Grey and I exchanged looks and smiled. She is going into bitch mode now. She came,closer and said, “I'll let you have your ways with me,if you make sure,he doesn't get a piece of me,at any cost.”she said,looking at Xander.

“What... That's not fair.”said Xander, blinking at all of us. “Sorry bro. I'm helpless.”said Grey, showing his pearly white teeth to him. “Enjoy the show bro.”I said teasing him. He huffed and fall back in his chair, defeated. Maya turned towards us and started, unbottoning her shirt,taking a step back,than another,and another. It was like a déjà Wu. Just like my dream. I smirked and stripped as well, followed my Grey and moved toward her, closing the distance.

She took a sharp breath and let her shirt fall on the fall,near her ankle.

I went towards her,trapping her to the wall. Grey took her face and started kissing her senseless. I took, one of her boobs in my hands and started massaging it,while leaving big hickies, over her already small ones.

She moaned,into Grey mouth,when he started, playing with her clit. “I want to eat you”said Grey, crouching down and lifting one of her legs to put it on his shoulder and started licking her slowly.

I was, painfully hard right now, imagining every possible way,I can take her. She hold my shoulder to balance herself,biting her lips,to stop herself from moaning. I looked at Greyson who could read my mind and asking me to,do it. I lift her up with both her thighs, and carried her back to the couch. I sat down,making her straddling me the other way. Her back was facing me. I took my length and without thinking,pushed it inside her,with a groan. “Rome”she moaned my name,with pleasure. “Yes baby?you like it?”I asked her,holding both her tits in my hands.

Greyson came and bend on his knees,

stroking himself. “Can you take both of us together,in there?”I asked her,

when Grey started plying with her clit.She opened her eyes,when realization hit her.“you mean,both of you,at once,... In there?”she asked, with hooded eyes. “Yes”we both said together. She gulped and nodded,unsure.

I didn't waste time,fucking her slowly,in and out,in and out,few times and then took it out,letting Grey do the same. He pushed himself,deep into her,which made her arched her back,in bliss. He groaned and pulled it out, pushing it all the way back again.

He repeated it few more times,then let me do it again. I pushed my length back,hitting her home. Then waited for Grey to do the same.

He slowly,pushed his head,inside,making all of us close our eyes in pleasure. After few seconds,His entire length was in,making both our balls, touch together. We let her adjust to the size. “Fuck me.”said Xander,not able to keep it inside his pants and stroking it furiously. “Moov”said Maya, giving us a green. We both moved inside her together,making her moan louder. I hold her hips in place,while letting her ride me.

This went for few minutes,until she came,making it a little easier for us to increase our speed. We are not going to last long but,I want her to come again,with us. “Come with us once again babe.”I said, while grey,started pounding into her,in return,making me move in too. “Fuck you feel so good babe.”I said empting my self inside her after few more hard shove,followed by Grey and Maya. We stayed in that position for a while.

Maya's POV

Xander stood up,not able to take it anymore. He pushed Grey slowly away and pulling me into his chest.

“You need to clean up.”he said,separating me from Roman. Both off them laughed at Xander,when he throwed me over his shoulder and walked toward the attached washroom. I would have pushed him away,if I didn't feel turn on by this.

“Best up luck up”said Roman snickering behind us.

“You like it rough hmn?”Xander said making me sit on the washroom counter. Before,I could give him a wise answer,his lips meet mine in a Angry kiss. His hands were holding my hair into a tite grip. It was a little painful but,I didn't object. For others,it might look like,he was raping me,but It was an angry sex, because I prohibited him from touching me and let his brothers have their ways with me,on the other hand.

His hands were roaming all over my body,touching me, teasing me and making me shudder in pleasure. “You are mine. Didn't I tell you that, princess?”he said pushing two digits inside me and finger fucking it. “Y..Yes, I'm,but Xander, p..please,I can't cum anymore.”I said when,he added another finger. “O,yes you will”

He said, pulling his fingers out and replacing it with his cock. Without giving me time to adjust,he started fucking me like a animal. Hard and fast,deep and rough.

He made me lie down on the counter and pushed his body over me,sucking and biting,my lips,breast and neck, making me forget myself, in the unimaginable pleasure. “Who do you belong to?”he asked pounding into me. “You”I said breathless. He growled like an animal and increased his speed. I came hard, screaming his name. He let me cool down a little and started moving again.

“God. Xander. I really can't. Please stop.”I said,when he put both my legs over his shoulder and increased his pace. “You bet?”he said gritting his jaws. O god,what I got myself into. He pulled me closer, making me lock my feet behind his back and holding my nape with both his hands, intertwined. He was looking into my eyes,with a promise. A promise to never, mess with him again. But do I want him to stop showing,this side of his. That's a hard question.

“If you ever forbid me to touch you,I promise you that,you won't be able to walk or sit for at least a week.”he said,with a hungry look on his face. “Do you understand me,Maya?”

“Yes”was the only thing I could mummered right now. He took my mouth to muffle my cries,while hammering himself,to my core. “I'm about to....”I said.“Not yet,he said, bringing his thumb and playing with my clit. “Aaaaaaaa,now” he said, letting me cum finally and him spraying his hot seeds deep inside my womb.

God I think,my ovaries,just exploded. I have never come so hard. 'Fuck' yes. He said, still inside me.

“I love you, princess.”he said pulling out of me and picking me up bridal style. I layed my head on his chest closing my eyes. I'm sure,he is going to take care of me. I went into deep sleep, unaware of the fact that,he cleaned me up and bring me to his bedroom,to sleep.


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