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CHAPTER 32 : The Date

❝Ever since I met you

no one else has been worth

thinking about❞

Roman's POV

I was awakened by someone talking very loudly. Who the hell?..Of course,

my sweet Aunt. Groaning, I got up and went towards the bathroom with wobbly legs. After 20 mins,I was done with my daily routine and when I was about to go to the wardrobe,my door burst open. “Do you know,there is something called knocking?”I asked Grey,who walked inside like zombie and fell on my bed like a starfish.

“Did you forget the way to your bedroom, brother?”I chuckled,when he mumbled ‘fuck you’. “Go do it yourself bro. I don't swing that way.”I said kicking him on his leg,which was outstretched of the bed. “O come on,let me lie down for a while.”he then turned my way,with one eye opened. “Why are you up so early anyways?”he asked,burring his face back into the pillow. I sighed.

“Try sleeping,when a woman is yelling outside your door.”I said, while putting my shirt on. “Rose,yea I heard her. She was on her phone,I guess.”he said, finally sitting up. Once done,I started walking toward the door, knowing Grey would follow me.

“Hey, let's go out today. All of us together.”he said, excited like a kid.

“Maybe. We have to check if Xander is free.”We started walking towards his room.

“Maya slept in his room yesterday so today,I'm cuddling her. And before you could protest,I asked first.”he smirked. “Whatever. Xander and you would be busy,the whole day tomorrow. Then she's is mine.”I said smirking,when his face fell. “Not fair You ass. You knew,I had to attend the race tomorrow,han?” I chuckled at his hilarious face. “Can we make a small change?”he asked.

“Nonononono. I'm not doing the same mistake of making a deal with you, you devil.”I glared at him. He huffed a laugh but stopped absurdly,when the door to Xander's room suddenly opened. “You guys couldn't find a better place to wrangle?”he scowl at both of us. “We were just...talking”

said Grey, scratching his head. Xander shakes his head and pulled us both by our arms and started walking in the opposite direction.

“Wait..Xander...Where is Maya? Is she awake yet?”I asked him. “No she is in deep sleep. Let her be for some more time.”said Xander, dragging us towards the kitchen. “Alright, let's wake her up with a lovely breakfast then. I said, wiggling my eyebrows. ‘Good idea’,‘great’ they said, suddenly charged and we walked into the kitchen to work on it. “No Mikey. It's not Rozaline,with a Z,it's Rosaline,

with a S. Who the hell did you send it to.”All three of us exchanged amused looks.

“I don't give a flying fuck. Do whatever you want to do. I want the images,sketches and every fucking documents related to this project,right into my mailbox by 12,or say goodbye to your job.”she said disconnecting the call. “Stupid, Idiot, Useless piece of s...Ah Good Morning boys. I see you are all up so early.”her personality changed like a DID person.

“Guten Morgen Tante. ir-gende-in Problem Baby?” Grey teased her in German,knowing very well that,she is getting pusuaded by Erik. We all laughed,when she started chasing Grey,all around the dining table. “That German mother fucker is spoiling you guys.” she said,taking a sit finally. “You can tell us,if Erik is bothering you Rose.”said Xander,

walking inside the kitchen.

She waved her hands at that. “You guys want me to whisk something for you all?”She asked getting up. “No we'll manage. Um Rose, if you're not too busy,can you take Maya for a quick shopping, before we take her out on a date?”said Xander, shocking all of all. “You are free today?” I asked him. “Actually,I had one meeting,but I postponed it for tomorrow.”he said, assembling all the ingredients on the kitchen counter.

“No problem. After you guys are done with the breakfast and all,let me know. I'll take her.”before leaving the kitchen,she stopped and smirked at all of us. “By the way...she likes jamaican vegetable&cheese omelette,hash browns, orange&lime juice combined and don't add any meat.” she said smiling at all of us and walked out of the kitchen. We looked at her walking figure,puzzled. “What are you guys waiting for? Search for the recipes.”said Xander opening the fridge.

After 45 minutes of push and pull,we were done making breakfast and serving the plates. Then we walked towards Xander's room,to wake the princess up. As soon as we entered his room,all of our faces lit up in amusement. She looks like a toddler right now. Her sleeping posture, with her knees and body bend forward,lips slightly ajar,but still in her dreamland hugging a pillow with eyes closed, is making me take a picture and save this moment for ever.

“Take a picture”I asked Grey,as both Xander and mine,hands were full. He nod and took out my phone,from my pocket and took few pictures,from every angle. The clicking sound might have woke her up, because she raised her sleepy head from the pillow and looked around puzzled. “Grey hide it.”

I wishpered. He came closer and put it back inside my pants. “Good morning princess. Your breakfast on bed and servents at your sevice.”said Grey with a mock bow.

She fall on the bed, giggling, hiding her face with the pillow. We chuckled and went towards the bed,placing everything on it. Xander crawled towards her and pulled the pillow out of her face. “Thank you,but I don't like eating without brushing,so give me two minutes.”she said and started getting down of the bed,but Xander pulled her back,by her waist.

“Not before the good morning kiss”he said pecking her lips. She smiled and said “good morning”,doing the same to him. Then she turned towards us. “Good morning to you too. I'm impressed. You guys earned a reward. Any wishes,she said coming toward me and pecking by cheek,but I turned by head to kiss her lips.“Yes actually, but careful princess, don't promise something,you would regret doing later.”I said,making her straddle me.

“Umn hmn.”she shaked her head.“I trust you all for not making me do something,I won't like.”she said,

making all of our chests swell with pride,that she finally trust us enough.

I kissed her again. This time a full blown kiss. “Let's go on a date.”I said,

making her blush. She said an ok and got down from my lap to go freshun up. Grey made a face,when she passed him, ignoring.

Greyson's POV

When she left Roman's side and cross over,I thought,she would come and kiss me too,but she totally ignored my presence and walked away. Not thinking much about it,I picked a hash brown and started munching on it,absentmindedly. That's when two small hands snaked my neck from behind. “Good morning baby.”she said sensually, kissing my ears. I closed my eyes in bliss.

“You don't want to wake the sleeping lion now,do You princess?”I asked smirking. “”,she said immediately standing straight and escaping my claws,before I pounce on her. Watching her walking faster than ever,made all of us laugh. After 5mins, She came out and we had our breakfast together. We told her to get ready and go with Rose for shopping,as she didn't have anything to wear.

We all went to our separate rooms and started getting ready for our date with Maya. When I came down,she was already gone. We all planned to pick her up from the store and go from there together. However,it's been an hour since,we reached this said store,but there's no sign of these women. “God, I think we made a mistake sending her with Rose.”I said looking at my brothers,who looked more pissed and bore out of their life.

Then instantaneously, our attention turned towards a very familiar voice. All of our mouths went dry as it was wide open,hitting the floor. Maya was wearing a mid thigh length tite fitted,

peach colour dress,which was showing all her perfect curves,leaving everything on our imagination. Our eyes followed her every move,untill she took the short gun and settled down. Xander was clutching the steering wheel,so tite,I have no doubt,it might bend with a little bit more pressure of his hands.

“Close you mouth or you gonna catch a fly.”said Rose chuckling, bringing us out of our thunderstruck mode. Xander cleared his throat, opening the car boot for Rose,to keep the shopping bag in. Rome was still speechless and I was about to open my dirty mouth. “Fuck babe.You look fucking hot in that dress of yours. I’m thinking about doing many things to You right now. We promised to ourselves,it was going to be a ‘know each other’ date. But, girl,you are a fucking tease.”I said chuckling.

“Grey?”she said blushing. “He's right Maya,you are the most perfectly proportioned woman I have ever seen. Every curve, from brow to ankle, an exact match to my dream desire. Your every expression felt like it tugged at another string in my heart. Every time I see you, it punches the mute button on my thoughts, any words to say,just flews away from my mind and I could only watch you, rapt and speechless.”Said Roman,in awe.

“Thank you”,she said and turned to face Xander,who was avoiding her gaze.“And you have nothing to add, Mr.Xander Osborne?”she said teasing him. He turned towards her. I'm sure,she saw the intensity in his eyes. “I...I think it's getting l...late, let's go.”she said,shifting her gaze toward the window, where Rose was standing,with an amused look. “I'll leave her,in your care then. See you guys at home.”she said smirking and left.

Xander, hit the engine and we all set back,still not taking our eyes from her. But she was looking out of the window, avoiding Xander. He called her. “Maya,are you avoiding me?”She turned her face to give him a small smile. “No. I just...I don't want to hear,what you have to say.”She answered him,making all of us confused. “What you mean?”he asked, clueless. She sighed.

“When people say things like that,it all feels unreal. I mean,when men say things to women,that makes them feel exotics,that kind of words,makes me feel insecure. Lot of people,told me I'm beautiful,but you guys just exaggerated.”she laughed lightly,but there was no humour to it. Xander, pulled the car to the side of an empty driveway. “Come over here Maya.”he called her. She was hesitant for a while,but then crawled over to him,

sitting sideways on his lap.

“We have not exaggerated anything about you Maya. I know you feel insecure,when you get unnecessary attention. But princess,it's true that you are the most beautiful woman,I have ever laid eyes on. You are beautiful inside out. Some women have beautiful hair, some beautiful face. Some have beautiful bodies and some very beautiful skin. But you,”he said, lifting her face with his two fingers.

“Every inch of your body screams perfection. You believe it or not, Starting from your hair to your skin and your big doe like eyes to your plum lips, which looks like the leaves of a fully bloomed,cherry blossom tree and that sweet smile on it,can bring the dead from life.”She simple laughed, closing her face,with both her hands. God that sound is like music to my ears. He laughed too, hugging her tite. Her beauty would have gone waste,if only One man was provided to her. So that's why god bought us three in her life. I think.

After,joking around for a while,we were on the road again. An hour drive,one stop and we reached our destination. Once we pulled there,

Maya squealed and jumped out of the car. We laughed at her excitement. Half standing,half running,she pulled out her sandals and rushed towards the beach. Yes beach. And not just any beach. It's a private beach,belongs to our family. When we do not want any public interference,we come here.

We followed her,after taking off our clothes,changing to our swimming shorts. Laughing she turned around and her expression changed when,she saw us with minimum clothes. It was now her turn to go wide eyes. We all chuckled,at her comic face. She felt humiliated and turned around to walk towards the car mumbling something like,'now who's the tease'.

She climbed the car and sat on the bonnet. We all exchanged looks and walked toward her to apologize.

“Sorry princess. You just looked so cute,we couldn't control.”said Xander, pinching both her cheeks with one hand,making her face like a fish. This time we all laughed at her puckered lips. “God your face looked just like a fish.”said Roman,taking her face,the same way,like Xander and kissing her lips to make her smile. She didn't respond for a moment,but then smiled and reciprocated it. But then she pulled out and jumped down the bonnet.

“Not fair. You guys are going inside the water without me.”she pouted, but her eyes narrowed,when she saw our mischievous smiling faces. “What are you guys up to now?”she asked folding her arms. I walked towards her and cages her to the bonnet. I licked my lips. “Babes, it's a private beach and it's just 4 of us today. No one else.”I smirked tracking my finger tips on the hem of her dress.

“Soooo?”She asked. “So you can take off this dress and come join us in the lingerie inside.” I said walking backwards. She kept blinking at us. “Do you think,she will Join us?”I asked Roman. “Trust me she will. I heard Ben telling Rose,that she is crazy about this. I'll give her Max, 5 mins.”he said looking back. She was pacing infront of the car, confused wheather to strip to her undies or not.

When we saw Xander,he was looking behind us gulping. When we both turned around to follow his gaze. I became hard instantly.

“Well fuck the duck and call me kinky. But she looks just like a walking sex goddess on the beach. Fuck the ‘no sex on first date’ rule” I said taking warning steps toward her.

Welcome people,to the wild sex on the beach.

Sorry to disappoint you,but the next chapter won't be a smut 😝😁one. It is a filler, before the story gets really intense.

There is One more character,who has yet to appear,and there would be flashbacks and different point of views,other than the protagonists.

Any guess who???🤔🤐

All the lose ends and secrets are about to reveal. Stay tuned.💕

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