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Most of the p.o.v are from Maya as of now... Untill it changes.

I woke up early as planned and finished my morning routine. Then went to the kitchen to make my uncle's favorite. I started with coffee. Then made combined Orange and sweet lime juice.(please try it's really delicious.)I also made French toast and toped it with chocolate syrup and strawberries, the way he likes it. Also added the blue berry cupcakes to his plate, which I made yesterday and arranged everything on the dining table. As I was about to go and wake him up, I saw him coming down the stairs.

"Good morning sweety. What are you doing up this early?" He asked eyeing the table full of his favorites and his eyes lit up. "You made all these on your own?" he asked in awe. "Yes, I wanted to surprise you. Sit down." I said. "Tell me how is it?"

He sat with excitement and as predicted started with the French toast with chocolate syrup. "Hmnnnn.." He stuffed his mouth with it and gulped with the juice. "Mind blowing" he said. "Thank you so much breakfast after a long time. I love you so much. Let's eat together, or there won't be anything left for you." he said teasingly.

"Don't worry old man, I have made enough for both of us." Suddenly, he pinched both my cheeks painfully. "When you'll get your own kids, and I'll be a proud grandfather, I would still look so stunning that your daughter would like to go on a date with me, got it?" he said, letting my cheeks go. "Oh, and what if I have a son?" I asked, amused. He gave it a thought, taking a bite from the cupcake. "Then I would go with my grandson and we'll find hot chicks together." I burst out laughing, followed by him.

Catching our breaths after sometime, we had the remaining food in peace. After that, he said he was going to meet some new clients which was pre planned. "Sorry sweety. I know you are upset that I'm not spending much time with you now a days. I swear, when your birthday comes, I would take few days off, atleast 4 days and will go on a vaccation. How does that sound?" he said with a sad face.

"Im not upset about that Uncle Ben, I'm worried about your health. You hardly sleep for 5 hours a day. Its gonna affect badly in the future." I said with a frawn on my face. "I know sweety. Its just a matter of couple of weeks. Then the paperworks will be over and we can spend as much time as we want together. Watching TV, going out and of course, I'll sleep like a baby." He made a face which bought a small smile on my face. "Cheer up, I'm going to be late. Call me if you need anything. You know what, let's have dinner outside. I'll give you a call before I start." I nodded, giving him a tight hug and wish him a good day, before he left.

It's weekend and I have nothing much to do, so I decided to clean the house and do the laundry. After 3 hours most of my work was done. It was only 11 so, I though of spending some time with my only friend, my violin. I play it when ever I'm happy or sad. Today I felt alone, no matter what I do. My mind went back to the painful memories of my past.

There are few thing that even uncle doesn't know about me and I would like to keep it that way. My horrible past before uncle took me in. He doesn't know what I went through in the orphanage. I was abused, physically and mentally. I tried to run away several times but, was always caught by the Warden. I was 8 when it all started.

[Trigger..I totally am against child abuse. But people who don't want to read this, please skip the flashback part.]


"Come on kids stand in a line. Don't break it. I am watching." the lady in white dress said. We are currently waiting in a line to get out annual vaccines.

I am really terrified of needles but, can't hide from the hawk like eyes of the lady.

One by one everyone went inside and came out after sometimes with teary eyes. I was literally shivering of the unknown. This would be my first vaccination, when I'm wide awake. Everytime the doctors comes, I get panic attacks due to the fear for niddles. But today, I am wide awake to face it. When my turn came, I went inside.

It was a familiar room. I have been here before. "Maya?" suddenly a manly voice called my name startling me. He was the doctor, I guess. "Come here. Come sit on my lap." Like the innocent girl I was, I went to him, but didn't sit on his lap. Something inside me tells me, I shouldn't and I stood there like a statue. His face expression changed but he didn't say anything. Just pulled me and made me sit on his lap. I didn't like to be touched by strangers so, I tried to get up from his lap which was a waste.

"Are you afraid of niddles baby?" he asked. I nod my head in agreement. "Its all right. I promise, I'll distract you while you get the injection, ok." he asked. I didn't know what to say. But, again nod my head in agreement.
" Good girl" he praised, rubbing my chest. "Now turn around and pull your pants down. I want to see if you have any cooties." he said, licking his lips. I turned around but didn't do the later.

He sighed and tried pulling my pants down forcefully. "Take it down" he hizzed with a commanding voice. The panic build in me and I started screaming. The Warden came running inside. "What happened?” she asked. I was trying my best to get out of his claws, scratching and beating him with my little fist, while screaming like a banshee."What else, she is smarter than she looks. Didn't even let me pull her pants down, let alone touch her ass." he said with irritation, clear in his voice. The warden sighed.

"I told you to go easy on her. Take someone else but no. You just want her. Why? We would be in a lot of trouble, if this matter goes out." she spat with gritted teeth. "I don't care and I don't want anyone else. I want her. I have been wating for an year. I can't any more. If I have to come next year, she would be smarter than this." he said.

What are they talking about?" Fine let me calm her down first." she said and with a fake smile, crouched down in front of me, pulling me out of his hands, which he easily let go of this time. She started..

"Look sugar. You are a good girl right?" she asked. I nod my head as yes."And you really want someone to adopt you. You want a family? Isn't that right?" I thought for a moment and nod my head again. She smiled, happy with her manipulation. Then exchanged a look with the doctor and said again."Then you have to be very healthy, for someone to come and choose you among others right?" she asked. I nod again."Then let the doctor uncle check you thoroughly and see if you are fit, ok?" She finished. But, I was not ok.

Even if I don't understand what was happening, I could feel that something was wrong. She was waiting for my response but, I stood still. She called my name ."Maya?" They were getting impatient."Will you let me take care of you Maya?" the doctor asked. I shaked my head in denial. The warden was furious now. The next thing I know, I was on the floor. She slapped me so hard that I could hear the ring sound in my ears for a very long time. Then it started, the panic attack."Shit!!" they cursed together and before they could reach me, I blackout.

Next time when I woke up, I was sleeping on my bed, and a girl was sitting near me on the floor, watching outside the window. She saw me trying to get up and helped me sit. She was a girl with messy brown hair and green eyes. "Hi ..I ok ?" she asked. I nod in response. She smiled and said. "Im are Maya right?" I gave another nod. I was not much of a talker, so she started talking.

Pointing towards the window, she asked me to look at the dark sky, which was full of stars. "They say the shooting stars could grant you any wish. What ever your wish maybe.. Wanna try?" I nod my head in response and sat on the window along with her.We waited for a very long time and finally, when we're about to give up and go downstairs for dinner, we saw it. A shooting star. And for the first time after a long time, I spoke."please take me away from here".

End of Trigger..

A small smile pulled on my face,when I remember,what happened next morning in the orphanage. Someone shaked me to get up. When I opened my eyes, it was Liz."Good morning sunshine. Get up. Someone is here to see you." I prayed for the person to be anyobe but the doctor, before going downstairs.

Crossing the hallway, I went to the office. The warden saw me and frawned. "You lucky bitch. You finally going out of here. But remember, if you say a single word about what happened yesterday, you would be back here the next day. Now get out of here. He's waiting for you in the play area." she spat.

Even if someone would have asked, I was not brave enough to speak about what happened here. When I reached the play area, I saw a man, very good looking, with kind eyes and small smile on his face. As soon as his eyes caught mine, he walked towards me.

"Look at you. Aren't you the angel, that fall from the sky few years back." he said, bending to my height. "You don't know me but, I'm your uncle. My name's Ben. What's yours?" he asked lovingly. For the fist time in my life, I felt safe and loved. He was smiling Kindly at me, waiting for my response. "Maya" I answered shyly. Then he asked the question, I was waiting for. "Will you like to go home with me pumpkin?"


"Yes!" I said happily. "Well then, let's go." he said offering me his hand. I took it without hesitation, I don't know why. His touch didn't feel strange at all. He felt like...Home.

End of flashback...

He found me. Bought me home.

My wish was granted.

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