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❝Im not jealous. Im territorial. Jealous is when you want something that's not yours. Territorial is protecting what's already yours.❞


(Guys this chapter is going to be a long one. Please,lay back and enjoy.)

Maya's POV

God,I want to pee,so bad. I groaned and opened my eyes to look around.

Where am I right now? I turned my head and saw Grey Cuddling to me and snoring. He looked so cute,but I can't hold it in anymore. I need to go right now...I mean now-now. I tried to push his body away and after a lot of effort with my current situation,I finally freed myself from his grip successfuly,without waking him up.

I turned around and saw it was not Grey's room. Did we not go back home yesterday? Waving the questions for now,I worked on the current problem and after relieving myself I freshun up a bit and walked out of the bathroom,only to find Grey, sitting on the edge of the bed,groaning. When he saw my face, he smiled and gestured me to come closer with his two fingers.

I walked toward him,but painfully slow and seductively. He grunted watching me from top to bottom. His eyes look hungry and little grey,was not so little anymore. As soon as I was at his reach,he pulled me by my waist to him,making me straddle on his growing erection. He licked his lips and dipped his head to kiss me.

I did not resist it because,for some odd reason,I want to kiss him too.

I want him to touch me and I want to ask him to do dirty things to me. I have finally lost it,right? “What are you doing to me?” I wishpered,after he pulled away. He smirked and trailed his both hands on my butt cheeks and squeezed it playfully. I want him to tear those small hindrance between his hands and my dripping need,but a knock bought us apart.

Instead of Grey,it was me who groaned surprisingly, by the interruption. Grey laughed amused but didn't let me go of his lap. The door opened revealing Rome and Xander fully dressed and Roman was carrying mine and Grey's clothes in his hands from yesterday. “If you guys don't mind, please come out, because we have to head back home.”said Xander, looking proud that he has disturbed our moment.

“Here is your dress sweetheart. Get changed.”said Rome,throwing Grey's clothes at him,annoyed and handing me mine. I don't want to leave yet. So I did something unexpected,which definitely took the guys off guard. I smiled and started,stripping my shirt,which I believe was Xander's. I looked at Grey who was about to wear his shirt,froze in his actions. “Don't you dare put them on.”I said in a sweet warning,but in a seductive way.

“No problem,your highness.” he said throwing the shirt behind him.

I was playing a dangerous game,I know it. But, I want to be the dominant today. I'm horny as hell and I'm sure,it has nothing to do with yesterday's events,when we were having mind blowing sex till we pass out. I want to claim them as mine. What has got into me? I pushed Grey back on the bed,still straddling him and took of my clothes, letting it slide down my hands towards the floor. I was left with only my black panties and nothing else. When did I become so bold?

Grey smirked,enjoying me taking the lead“You are in trouble princess.”said Rome,coming behind me. I moaned when I felt Grey rubbing himself on my weeping need and Rome trailing his hands on my lower back. When Rome started sucking on my neck,I looked for the third person, Xander. He wasn't making any move,I bite my lips to tease him. His eyes narrowed at me as if telling me I'm in trouble.

As he came closer,taking his coat off and putting it on the bedside table, his phone rang. When he took it out groaning,I snatcked it out of his hands and saw,it was a woman calling. Irritated,I clicked the answer button and put it on speaker. “Xany, I was waiting for you to call me back yesterday. Are you busy? Can we meet for lunch or maybe dinner?”she said the last part suggestively. He didn't answer. All of them were waiting for my outburst but,I did the opposite.

“No,he can't. Not today. Not tomorrow. Never. He would be busy with me his entire life. So stop calling my man,if you know, what's best for you.”I said, disconnting the call, still pinning Xander with my gaze and daring him to say other wise. His lust filled eyes took me all in and grabbed my hair in a tite hold and smashed his lips to mine, claiming it. When I moaned,he bite my lower lips and pulled it a little with his teeth,looking into my eyes. “I like this possessive side of your's.”he said, smirking.

I feel like a different woman today. Like something has possessed me. But who is complaining. After two ours of enjoying my time with my men and they ravishing my body,Rome booked a cab because Xander has to attend a meeting,so he left in his car,after promising me to have dinner together. I went straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower to sober up from whatever has got into me today,but of no use.

They have completely spoiled me. Even after I had like 5 orgasms with them today,I still feel the need for more. "Have I got infected with something"I thought. I don't know but I am so horny today that,if I see them again,I might want it again. Its better to stay in the room,saying I'm tired. Yes, that's the best idea.

But when I came out of washroom, Xander's after shave,smell hit me. I'm wet again. A sudden need to see him was killing me. Xander left my shopping bags at the beach house to change,so I changed into one of my sexy out fit,that I never thought I would wear. It's a black body fitting,half formal,half casual, shot dress,which was hugging my body perfactly. I braided my hair into a lose braid and wore my 2 inch heels,I bought today.

I went out of the room,only to find Roman flipping through the channels on TV. No sign of Grey. Did he leave already?“Where's Grey?”I asked Rome, bringing him out of TV. “Fuck baby,You look hot in that dress. What has gotten into you princess. Since yesterday,you are behaving strange. Not that I'm complaining.”he said smirking and pulling me to his side on the couch. “Why didn't he wait for me to come out and left without saying bye.”I asked ignoring his praise.

He sighed and pulled me into his lap. “Look here babe. He wanted to wait,but he was getting calls from place and afterwards,he also has to go to his Race,which was pre planned. He can't be late for that. Race is our life. You know that right?”

He asked gulping. “Is that all ?”I asked him because I think there is more to it. He avoided my eyes and said. “One of his club worker is pregnant and she is trying to frame Grey.” I got up from my seat. “Lets go” I said pulling him with me.

“Babe I don't think we should go there. Xander would raise hell,if he finds out.”he said trying to calm me. But I was far gone. “No I want to go see that woman, who's trying to claim my Men.”He knows he can't stop me today, so we waited for another cab and rushed to Grey's 'work place'. After 30 minutes,we pulled over in front a 3 storey building. I was furious that someone was trying to frame him,but the other side of me was afraid. What if,she is not lying?

We were inside the club, without any issues and Rome took me straight to Grey's Office. We were about to knock,when I heard Grey yelling. “If this matter comes out,do you know what will happen?” I looked at Rome, who's eyebrows were furrowed too in confusion. “Its your's Grey. I swear. We have been fooling around for months. Why would I try to frame you now? Just think about it. Last time when we slept together,you didn't have condoms, remember?” she said.

I took my hands out of Roman's. Something broke inside me. He caught it again,daring me to let it go,with his eyes. He than pushed the door to Grey's office, pulling me with him inside, startling both Grey and that woman. She was stunning and hot and beautiful and... probably pregnant with Grey's child. Grey eyes went wide,when he saw me. “Babe, what are you doing here?”he said getting up from the expansive couch.

He then looked at Rome,when I didn't answer him.

“You heard?” he asked with a dejected face. I can't see him like that. I like his happy, smiling face. So I did the only thing,I could. I hugged him. He was shocked for a second, before hugging me back. “It's not mine Maya,'s not mine. But she is so sure...”he mumbles. “Who is she?”the woman asked. Before anyone could answer,I took a step back from Grey and looked directly at the woman. I hope the human psychology book I read before helps me today.

“I'm his woman,and he is MINE. So back off.”I said gritting my teeth. Both Grey and that woman looked stunned at my possessiveness. Roman smirked, folding his hands. Grey cleared his throat,as he was completely turn on by my declaration and his bulge was clear as sky. The woman laughed like,I made a joke. “No he is mine. And the one growing inside me, is his.”she said scuffing at us. Grey glared at her. If looks could kill.

“What proof do you have,it's his?”I know,I may be fighting a loosing game,but I'll not give up,with out one.

She searched her purse and took out a report. Must be her medical report.“I knew,it will come to this. So I came with the proof. Grey took the reports from her and looked it up like his life depends on it. Actually,it does. He looked my way as if, I could turn the time back. She asked the report back,but my guts was saying,I should have a look at that.

“Can I have a look at it please?” I asked Grey,before she could take it back. I looked at her face she looked panicked. That's it. She is playing some game. I know men are not very good at this date calculation. So,I checked every small details on the paper to make sure I didn't miss anything. Once,twice and when I was done the third time,she huffed in frustrated. “What are you trying to proof ?” I looked at her and raised one finger, gesturing for one min. Smiling, I turned to Grey.

“When was the last time,you had sex with her... Unprotected.”My heart was aching, imagining him with her but,I need to know. He looked confused,but then smiled and said. The day I saw you for the first time.”I was angry and happy at the same time. Angry, because he fucked someone and came to me and happy that,this was not his child. How do I know? My face turned towards the woman. “You sure, whatever is written in this reports are one hundred percent correct?” She looked at all of us and fumbled.

“Y...Yes. ofcource. You can check with the doctor.”she said. “I don't need to, because,this is not his child. And before you ask me why I'm so sure?”I took the reports and point out few important details.

“Firstly, according to this report,you are 9weeks pregnant,Right?”she slowly nodded her head unsure. Stupid girl.“That means,you actually would have had sex with someone before 2 months yes?”she didn't have answer to my question,but she tried to cover it up. “Exactly,Grey and me, we had 'unprotected sex' around that time.” She said with a small nurvous smile. “No” said Grey.with his jaw clenched. “I slept with you exactly, I month and 2 weeks back. Not 2months and 1week, Kenny.”she was literally trembling now.

“So you better,tell me why you were setting me up,or say goodbye to your job.”she was literally on her knees and begging. “Im sorry Grey. I lied. It's step Brother's. He doesn't want to take responsibility. I can't tell my mom about it and the only other person,I had sex with,was you. So I thought...”she lookied ashamed. “So you thought,why not make me take the responsibility, because I'm a rich guy. Isn't it?”said Grey, shighing and rubbing his face, frustrated.

“How much money do you need?” he asked her. She looked puzzled. “A...According to the contract,I can't work here anymore Grey,that is my problem. How am I supposed to pay the expanses without a job.”she was rubbing her hands together. “How about I give you half of your salary every month,untill you give birth and...I'll take care of your hospital expanses. Then we're done.”he said with a finality. She nod her head and thanked him. He went towards his draw and took out a checkbook.

He sat down and signed a check. Then handed it to her. “If you lose it, its not my fault”he said handling her the check. She stood up happily and kissed him hard, shocking all of us. “Hands off my man”came out my mouth, before I could stop it. She jumped from the force of my voice. Then she ran out of the room,saying a small sorry. I looked at both Grey and Roman's amused face and rolled my eyes. “You guys are either enjoying it too much or you are plain stupids?” Their face fall and they exchanged looks.

“What do you mean by that sweet cheek?”asked Roman. “You guys just keep letting girls kiss you in public as if it's not a big deal.”I said hurt. They both walked towards me but I walked backwards shaking my head at them. Grey and Rome ran behind me and engulfed me into a sanwich hug. I didn't respond to their touches. Specially Grey. “And you? You are not allowed to kiss me untill,you brush your teeth.”I jabbed at Greyson's chest. “W..What,but I need my good luck kiss before the Race.”he said, pouting. I pushed him, moving out of their embrace.

“You already got one.”I said walking out of his office,with both of them following right behind me mumbling,“she is definitely going to be the death of me.” I am too pissed to chuckled right now. After coming out of the club,I went straight to the cab waiting. Before I could get inside, Grey caught my hand,turning me around. “Babe,you really gonna ignore me right now?”he said, bending to my face level. “How do you want me to react Grey? People keep saying and claiming my boyfriend theirs, infront of my eyes. How do you want me to behave? Tell me.”

He straighten up with a face,full of regrets. “Im sorry princess. I keep thinking of ways to make our future the best,but our past just keeps coming back to bite. I'm trying Maya,I really am. Just give me some time ok. Hmn?” he traced my face with his finger. I wanted to smile at him, forgetting all my frustration but my anger got the best of me. I folded my hands,giving him a blank expression. “Come on guys, We're getting late for the race.” I heard Xander, calling us from across the road.

“I'll see you guys there.” yelled Grey with a sad smile,knowing very well that, I don't want to travel with him right now and took another car from one of his workers. He looked back at me once more,throwing me a kiss and getting inside the car and drive away. Roman and I followed him. On the way to the race, Roman told me,this race happens Twice a year. For the last 7 years, nobody has broke Grey's record. People tried changing tactics,bikes and few people also tried cheating to win the race,but Grey was always the winner.

As soon as we reached the place,

Roman and I stepped out of the cab and walked towards the VIP section. Once there I noticed people gathering around Grey for autographs. Women were throwing themselves on him,taking selfies and kissing him on the cheek,I forgot,he is/was a womanizer. As if he could sense me,he turned our way and smiled. Then he did something that made everybody around him look our way. He gestured his pointer finger at his eye,then a heart with his hands and pointed my way.

As it was displayed on big screen,I could see love in his eyes for me. This small gesture has made me fall in love with him all over again. Before I could response to his action,he turned away and put his helmet on. Within minutes, the racers went out like bullets from the start line. Romon caught my hand and kissed the back of it. “You want to welcome him at the finish point?”I nodded eagerly. He chuckled and took my hand and dragged me out of the crowd.

We went back to where lots of cabs were waiting for any passenger. He gestured one of them to come and we got in to it,to get out of the stadium. After few minutes we reached the other point of the race. I could make out few participants rushing to the finishing point,but panicked when I couldn't see a particular Red one. I looked at Roman but,he just smirked. When next I turned, my eyes widened,with mouth wide open.

Grey was leading the race,leaving all the others,far behind him. People started yelling and cheering his name,when he won the race. After reaching to a particular point,he stopped just 10 feet away from us. He took his helmet out and searched the crowd, gathered around him,for some one. When found he smirked. My heart stopped when he avoid the curious eyes around him and walked toward me. As soon as he reached me,he pulled me closer by my waist and put his forehead on mine, smiling.

“Do I deserve a kiss now?”he asked,with his eyes closed. When he opened it, I did the only thing,I wanted to do,after his public confession. I put both my hands on each side of his face and kissed him. Like I really mean it. We told each other everything,with just a kiss. He showed how much he loved me and I apologized for hurting him.

“I love you so much.”I said,when he pulled back.

“I love you more.”he said, kissing me again passionately,avoiding the questions being asked by the people around. “Can we have a group hug please?”said Rome,coming closer. Grey and I raised our hands to pull him into the hug. He ruffeled Grey's hair and kissed my forehead,pulling me towards him,by my waist.

“Are you ready to face the world with me babe?”asked Grey, gesturing the fans and media behind. I realized something just now. They are as madly in love with me as much as I. They are my men and I'll fight with them and for them,if that will prove my devotion towards them. I smiled at both of their happy and proud faces together. I guess I can face anything in this world,if I have them by my side. So I hold both of their hands in mine and said,

“I was born ready.”

Uuff... Finally done. I hope it was not boring. Please let me know with comments and likes.🤗

We are heading towards the end of this book,so from next chapter onwards,it will take a few twists and turns,you may or may not like. Don't hate me, please 😛

Love you all.💕

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