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CHAPTER 34 : The Dark Past

Leonardo Regio's POV

"King, the infomer is here."said my right hand, Phillips. I smirked."bring her in." After few minutes,the woman entered my meeting room, where most of my underground and illegal deals are made,away from cameras.

"Welcome my lady. Took you long enough to grace us with your presence."I joked with her. Her face has a permanent frawn,which made me chuckled. "This is the last time, I'll be seeing you. Our deal is over,as we discussed earlier."she said annoyed.

"Of course Mem. So, what is the last information,you can give me?"I said smiling. But inside, I'm anxious to have any news regarding my queen and the bastards, who are keeping her away from me. "They are engaged and soon one of them is about to 'claim' her." she said stressing the word claim. "Did you not see today's headline Mr. Regio?"she said with a smug face. My face fell and I turned my head towards Phillips. He nod his head, understanding my order and played the top new channels on TV.

Once it started playing,I clenched my fists and jaws. "Enjoy! and in case they haven't changed the pin of the house yet, here it is." she said placing a piece of folded paper infront of me, before walking away. I took the paper and checked the pin. It's a date. A date I assume,when they first met her. I huffed in annoyance. "You guys made a big mistake, messing with me and taking what's MINE. Pay back time bitches." I said,with my rage filled eyes,pinning the Osborne brothers,on the TV. The headlines were making my blood boil.

Headlines on Entertainment Today.

"Turns out,The Osborne Brothers are into a polygamous relationship with a beautiful 18 years old Maya Sullivan,

who they claimed to have met few months ago and fell in love at first sight. How Romantic is that? The enormous ring on her finger shows that, she's the fiancé of one or all of them together. According to documents obtained by the team,the brothers decided to keep it a secret untill, their girlfriend, Maya was comfortable enough to face the media.

Sources also claims that,they are soon tying the knot with the lucky lady,

saying "they have found 'THE ONE' and don't want to delay the Union any more." Let's have a look at the shots taken yesterday,which clearly shows that the sweet Angel has wrapped the brothers in her charms. The first shot is of the youngest brother,Greyson Osborne's public declaration of love on big screen and the passionate kiss,they shared,just after the race.

Wow...thats hot and the second shot is when Roman Osborne lifted her in his arms, bridal style, hiding her from the cameras,while answering the obvious questions from the news repoters. He is definitely very protective of her. And the last but not the least. Picture of the most cold and tough Men,of the century, Xander Osborne and his rare billion dollars smile,(that nobody has witnessed yet),when he was spot outside the stadium,picking up his girlfriend personally. These picture have gone viral on internet. Ooh...they are sooo much in love..."

I throwed the ashtray at the TV in rage,breaking it and stopping the reporter to say any further. Her blushing face, her smiling face, her happy face,they all belongs to me. Her mind,body and soul, everything belongs to me. Soon she would be doing all those to me,not them. "You are mine,Maya. Mine to keep.Mine to see,Mine to touch, Mine to kiss, Mine to claim. Those stupids have made a huge mistake touching you. I'll not kill them,but make their lives a living hell. I'll make them beg for their lives on their knees."

I know,I assured my informer that her man will be spared,but after watching the news,and his hands all over my possession,I don't think,I will let him off the hook so easily. He will face the same consequences like his brothers. I can do anything but the only thing I'm incapable of is, 'I.Do.Not.Forgive.Ever'

"Phillips,I want you to send someone,

to bring Ben here and make sure, nobody knows about it. Also, keep an eye on the brothers,24/7. I want every details about them, anything you can get me."I said dismissing him.

I opened my table drawer and opened an Album,which contains pictures from my messed up dark past and my beautiful future. Maya. "Amelia, what did you tell me? I can never have you or any part of you. I was weak then to fight for you,but not today. You refused to be mine but,your daughter would be the best replacement for you. Actually,she is more than a replacement,you know. I'll make her my queen. She'll rule by my side."I gave Amelia's photo a kiss and turned the page,where,I have Maya's recent pics,where she is playing the violin,in white dress.

"So beautiful,my Angel. You don't know,how much I love you. Once I have you, I'll show you. Just a little more waiting...Soon my love...soon."I promised myself. After waiting for few hours, Phillips came inside. "King"and he smirked. I clapped my hands satisfied. That means,my order has been followed,word by word. "Let's go meet my old friend"I said tapping Philips shoulder in appreciation. He inclined his head and gestured at me,'after you'.

Ben's POV

"Ben,you should be happy that,they are not playing Maya. Now that you saw them on TV, I'm sure, your insecurity would have gone. Right?"

said Rose from the other side of the line. When I reached home yesterday and switched on the TV to watch some news,I found my daughter,

being carried away from the news reporters by the brothers. But what made me furious was the news headline. Osborne brothers declared their undying love for a young woman name Maya Sullivan.

Furious I was about to call them to give them a piece of my mind,when Maya's word stopped me. "If you have ever been in love,you would understand what we have, instead of criticizing it." My princess is in love with them. I can't believe it. I thought, she would choose one of them,but she fell for all of them. And judging from her past,she has never spoken of any thing, unless she is too sure of it.

"I guess"I sighed. "But if they don't Marry her immediately, I'll sue them all, I'm telling you."I said frustrated, because,the realization has hit me. She is no longer a kid. She's a grown up woman and going to be someone's wife soon. I have to let her go finally.

"Don't be so immature Ben. Let them decide,when they wanted it. We can't always interfare in their personal decision."she is right. "Ok, but is she ok? I mean,you said,she moved with them."I was trying to be calm because she was also there,for security reason.

"Ben? I know,you still don't trust them,but Maya is happy with them. Doesn't that means something to you?"I sighed again, audibly. "You are right. I'm just being a father,I think."

She chuckled a little making me chuckled as well. "Fine I'll talk to you later then. I have to make few phone calls. I'll call Maya tomorrow."we said our good byes and without wasting anytime,I dialed the other number,I was trying to call for a long time now. My call was answered at the same time as my doorbell ranged. I wasn't expacting anyone. "Sorry Sir, would you mind holding the line please?

Someone's at my door."I said to the person on the other line.

"Ben?...alright...Go ahead"he said. I thanked him politely and walked towards my door. As soon as I opened it, I saw a familiar face. "Phillips,long time. How can I help you?" we were good friends,when we were working together for..."King wants to see you." he said with a blank face. "Sorry I'm quite busy right now. What does King Leo wants anyway?" I said aloud,

making sure the person on the other line could hear me. "Im not sure. But I think it's important, or else,he won't send me personally to get you.

"Fine,will you give me 10 mins, I am waiting for the laundry. You can come inside if you want."I gambled,but in truth,I don't want him to come inside and lied about laundry, because,I need to speak to my Father in law. Yes you heard me right. He took the bait. "No it's fine. Take as much time you want,finish it before coming with me. I'm not sure,how long the meeting is going to take. I'll wait inside my car."he said, walking away toward the black sleek car,waiting a little far away from any public view.

Ok there's something fishy. I closed my door and continued the call,I kept hold for. "Sir,I think..."he cut me by saying,"you're in trouble. I heard your conversation and figured it out. Is he the one, behind my precious Maya?"

he asked gritting his teeth. "Yes,and looking at the situation as I predicted,they want to use me as a bait,I guess. What do you want me to do?"I asked him clueless. "Send me the address,where Maya is and leave the rest to me to deal with. I'll take care of it."his assurance made me sigh in Relief. "Thank you sir. And when you meet her,tell her, I love her."

I'm willingly walking into a trap. Not sure if I'll be back. At least, I'll be least worried, Knowing that, she would be safe with her grandfather. "Very well. But don't worry. He can't harm you,

untill he has Maya. So go ahead and I'll take care of Maya,untill you're back,safe and sound."he said. I disconnected the call and send him Xander's address immediately. I also send Xander a quick message,stating that,it's time to put our plan 'B' in action, because, I'm being taken. He responded with a thumbs up.

After two minutes,I mentally prepared myself to go out to meet the physho,Leo and see what is he planning now. It's time to end this,once and for all. I left my other phone at home and took my original phone with me,which also has a tracker in it. You see,I know Leo is not stupid and he might snatch my phone away,but,I have another tracker,he can't find. "Let's go, I have few more leftover works to do,but I can skip it for tomorrow as well."I told Phillips jokingly, careful,not to sound too obvious.

"By the way,he could have come to meet me,if it was so important, instead of calling me there. Are you planning to abduct me?"I said. He looked at me unimpressed. I know it's not a joke,but I'll make him think that for now. He is unaware of what is coming for his boss. Live for some more Leo. Live for some more. "I'm just following orders Ben,I have always been following orders." he said annoyed and some unknown emotions in his eyes,that I can't put my fingers on.

"Why don't you leave him like me than,if you don't like following orders?"Im sure, something is pulling him back,from quitting. "He knows where my son is."he said,little louder than a wishper. I shaked my head in disbelief. "And you believed him. That man killed his own father,for his position. His own brother,for a woman and killed his best friend for a single lie. You were there. And you are still?"he looked ashamed but, didn't reply my question. The rest of the drive was quite.

I know I have hit him somewhere. But he is too loyal to that man,to betray him. When he pulled over to a ware house,I couldn't stop saying my last words, maybe. "I love my daughter,

the same way you love your son,

Phill." I called him by the name,I used to call him before. "If I die today and he some how gets his filthy hands on my daughter, please try to save her. Please." he looked at me,like he wanted to say something,but jumped out of the car ignoring me.

He took me to one of the underground rooms,inside the warehouse. Once there,he asked me to wait until, Leo comes back. I waited until the devil shows himself. After few minutes,Leo came inside the room with Phillips following not far behind. "Bennnyyy! My friend. I missed you."He said,with a stupid grin on his face. I stopped him mid hug. "Dont beat around the bush,Leo. Tell me why I'm here,

without wasting my time?"he wasn't hurt at all. "Oh ok. So You have to be my guest for a while. Thats it. Philips will show you to your room."He said,taking a chair infront of me.

"Why"I asked,even though I know the answer. "Well you see, people are taking my simplicity for granted. You know,If you ask someone something, politely,and they kick you hard in return, what you do?"He was fuming inside,but showing it like a fake hurt. "So,I planned on using you as a bait,to get what I want."He said blinking,like he was telling me a recipe.

"You will never have her."I said,

taking a seat in front of him. "Did you not see the news? She is getting married. Even if,you keep me here,

you cannot succeed winning her, because,she is in love with them. And when a woman falls in love,she would hold them close to her heart...Until death. Just give up Leo, she is not Lia."

Lia's name did the job. All his hidden emotions started showing up. Pain, Rage, Remourse and he launched at me,with gritted teeth.

"She will be. You just wait and watch. I'll not lose her the way I lost her mother. She is mine Ben and No one can take her away from me. She was made for me. Only me."I shaked my head at him. "You are sick Leo. You don't need my daughter,you need help from a doctor. You are sick here"I touched his head. "You lost Lia and Maya reminds you of her. You are forgetting the fact that,she is just like your daughter. If you would have married,Lia, Maya would have been your daughter. Have you ever thought about that?"

He walked backwards, taking few steps away from me. He had a hard look on his face and before leaving the room he paused and said,"She would have, but you and your brother took her away from me."He said with eyes, filled with hate. "We were friends right? You knew how I felt about her. You knew,how much she meant to me,still you stabbed me on my back!"I closed my eyes to control my emotions. "She was in love with me Leo,not you. You were just her friend,a good friend. That's all"

"Then why didn't you save her? Why did you let her die? Where were you,when she was struggling to take her last breath? Licking my father's shoes, like a good dog?" I didn't answer him so he continued. "Do you know,why I want Maya?"he came closer to my face. "Because,I promised Lia,that I'll make Maya mine. And if I can't have her,nobody will. Anyone who comes closer to her will die a painful death,just like the doctor in the orphanage."I looked at him shocked.

He laughed looking at my shocked expression. "Oh you thought you could hide her from me. No my friend, since she was born,till,you planned on sending her away. I had all her information up to date with me. I was just waiting for the right time to have her. And now that I found her house pin, she will be finally, Mine."

Shit! I hope,they have changed the pin.

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