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(Mel Gibson as Valentine Moleta.)

Maya's Grandpop's POV

Eighteen years. That is how much I have restrained myself to see Emilia's daughter. My granddaughter. My pride. My successor. What I have not done,to keep the only part of my daughter safe. I still remember the day,when Martha, Emily's caretaker called and informed that my daughter passed away due to a stroke. I know,I was one of the reasons of her heart ache. If only, I would have excepted her marriage. If only my pride would not have taken the best of me,she would still be here. Alive. Along with Maya. Her death changed the lives of a lot of people, including Me, Ben and Maya.

That poor child deserved the world, but I was forced to put her in that orphanage,for her safety. I would never forgive myself for the heinous crimes I have done to my family. First my Father,then my Mother,Then my own daughter and my granddaughter.

I'm definitely living a life worse than hell, drowned with sorrow, remourse and pain. The only reason I'm still alive is because of the little hope I'm holding,that I could bring Maya home. That I could confess my crime infront of that Angel and wish that she calls me 'papa', before I die. I hope she forgives me.

“Sir! The car is ready. Shall we leave?”

My Butler, José (pronounced as O-say) asked, unable to hide his excitement. You see, I'm not the only one,who is eager to meet Maya again. Every single person living in The "Moleta Mansion", including the entire neighborhood is happy. The news of the chances of Maya coming home,has spread like a wild fire. Everyone, who knew about Emilia's daughter are happy to meet her. “I spoke with the pilot too sir. They are waiting for your gohead.”he said,fixing my coat.

“Very well José,lead the way.” I said, smiling and putting a hand on his shoulder to calm his senses. Martha came running with my cane, whiteout which,I can't walk properly. She was not ashamed at all to show how excited she is. “Sir, please bring her home. I'm going to the church to pray for both of your happy reunion.”she said making a gesture of ‘the father,the son and the holy spirit.’ Martha is the most religious and kind person I have ever seen. “Thank you Martha.”I offered her a smile,while walking out of my room and soon entering the car.

I lost my faith in God long back,but if that helps bring my princess home,I would prey to who ever is listening up there,to help me out this once. “Dont worry sir. Everything is going to be fine.”said José from the driver seat. I sighed audibly and closed my eyes and hoped he's right.

Few hours later...

“Sir,we are here.”said José,waking me up. I nod my head and got up from my seat. When I climbed down from the jet, (he is a billionaire, remember) This young man, I believe, one of the Osborne brothers,welcomed me with a professional smile. “I already like him sir.”wishpered José. “I'm Xander Osborne,Sir. Hope your journey was not very tiring.”said Xander,offering me his hand to shake. I took it happily. “Not at all son. I look old, but I'm healthy as a horse.”I joked,to make him laugh lightly.

He lead me to his car and all the way,we talked about,how we could trap Leonardo,without bringing any harm to Ben,who is now most probably,in his dungeon. “No, he's a cunning bastard. He doesn't leave any loose ends. His crimes has no witnesses. This is not something the police could handle, but we can. He has lost of enemies,who are looking for the right moment to pounce on him. I can give you names. The only thing we have to do is,give them his hide out. They will handle it from there.” I told Xander.

“Sure sir. Once we're home, we should discuss about it with Roman as well,my younger brother.” He said, giving me a polite smile. After another 30 minutes,we pulled over near the house,where I would finally,see Maya. “Are you ok sir?”asked Xander,with a concerned face. I nod my head,with a smile. “Yes I'm. Lets go meet my daughter.” I said, finally getting rid of the seatbelt. My hands were sweaty and my heart was pounding. Xander called someone to inform that we are here. After few moments,the door opened to reveal the replica of Emilia,Maya.

Same hair. Same smile, Same eyes. Maybe a little taller than Emilia. José gasped, looking at her. I'm sure he's thinking the same thing. “Hello my dear, I'm Valentine Moleta. Your grandfather.”I finally introduced myself,with a wide smile. She looked at me with her mouth and eyes wide opened. I'm sure she is surprised by my sudden visit.“Say something Maya. Let him in.”said another man,

behind her. She was still in a daze. Xander cleared his throat,which bought her out of her shock stage. She blinked her eyes few times.

“I thought,you are dead already?”she asked,with a blank face. “Well that is not the question,I was expecting. But yes,I think I'm still alive.”I joked, pouting, which made everyone snicker around me,except Maya. She folded her hands and looked into my eyes. “What do you want Mr. Moleta? Not that I have anything to give you.”she mumbled the last past. Two other Osborne brothers, wishpered something in her ears,which made her furrowed her brows at me.

“It's not even my house. If you want to invite him, it would be rude of me to not let him in. After all he is your ‘guest’.” she said, moving out of the way, gesturing me in. Her sarcastic comment made all of the brothers, shake their head helplessly. Nevertheless,we were finally in. Even if everyone was seated, Maya didn't move a muscle. “Come and sit down princess, we need to talk.”said Xander, with a stern voice. But that didn't faze her a lot. She moved her feet to walk towards us,but avoided everyone and took a single couch,far from the boys and exactly opposite to me.

The boys were trying there best to gain her attention,but I think the fact that, my visit was kept a secret from her,has made her furious. “So,as we all know,Ben can't be a part of this meeting,I should proceed?”I said meeting everyone's eyes. Maya narrowed her eyes at me. “What do you mean,dad can't attend the meeting? Where is he? He's not taking my calls either,for last 2 days.”asked Maya. “Okay,just hear us out Maya,alright?”said Roman,I think,the second brother, walked toward her as if approaching a wild animal.

“What are you hiding from me now?”

She asked, frustrated. “Your father has been taken by Leonardo,two nights ago. He was on the call with me,when it happened. He thinks,he can blackmail you to summit yourself to him,willingly.”I answered for the boys. Clearly,they are too smitten with her to reveal the secrets. She blinked her eyes, looking at all of us. “I..Is he o..ok? I mean,he didn't do anything to my dad,right?” she asked worried.

“He will not be harmed sweetheart, unless he has you. Don't worry,we know his location, we'll bring him back. Safe and sound.” I promised. For the first time since I see her,she looks happy. “I'll be really grateful to you.”she said,as if I'm some outsider. That hurt a little,but I kind of deserved it. I can't just show up after 18 years suddenly,and demand attention, claiming I'm his grandfather. “No problem,my dear. But you have to come with me,for now.”I said,making everyone stiffened in the room.

Maya's POV

We all looked at him clueless. What does he mean by me going with him? And where ? “As far as I know Leo, he has eyes everywhere. It won't be a surprise,if your close friends, employees or close family friends are his spies.” Mr. Moleta said,looking at the boys.

“Don't trust anyone.”he warned them.

“Check the list of employment,in the last 15 days or the candidates,who are about to apply. One or more could be his men. When ever you go out, make sure you secludules are unplanned, because,he might me keeping a track of your day to day activities. And most importantly,if you have made a rival recently,try to keep an eye on them. They are the most dangerous.”he said, tapping his fingers on the handrest.

“If you are saying, I'll be safe with you and not here,with my men, Mr.Moleta,You are wrong. I don't know how influential you are,but the Osborne brothers are not weak either. They can keep me safe just fine.”

Even if I'm upset,the boys kept my dad's kidnapping a secret,I trust them more than my long lost 'grand pa'. “Can I speak to you boys for a second?”my...I mean Mr. Moleta, called the boys, while keeping an eye on me. Xander went immediately but Roman and Grey exchanged a look,before following him.

He said something,which made Roman furious. I can't hear what is going on,but something tells me,the old man has convinced my men for something,which I might not like. They all have a determined look on their faces. “What's going on?”I asked when they turned back to look at me.

“Maya pack your things. You are leaving with Mr. Moleta.”said Xander,with a blank face. Did he just say that? “Why because you think an old man is more capable than you all combined?”I asked, keeping my anger at bay. He sighed.

“No Maya, because we would be quite busy for sometime and Rose is out of the town. So,it would be safe for you to stay with your grandfather for the meantime.” he tried to talk me out of it. “What about Grey? He was telling me yesterday that,he is free for next few weeks.” I looked at Grey, hoping he would at least understand me. But to my surprise,he didn't say anything.

“He's renovating the club Maya. And for the next few weeks,he might be busy.”Said Xander,which is not a lie,but there is something else,they are not telling me.

“Rome?”he walked toward me and crouched infront of my legs. “Maya, please. Just be with him for a while. He your grandfather. He'll keep you safe. Once we are sure,Ben is safe, we'll be there. Just a week or two ok”

He said taking my hands and keeping it over his heart. A gesture to trust him. I sighed and looked away. They took it as a yes and relief crossed their faces,but I'm not letting this go so easily. “If I find out,there is more to this story, don't bother coming and apologizing to me later.” That made the boys freeze. “Because I'm fed up of your secrets.” I said getting up.

“M..Maya..,Why do you think,we are hiding something from you?”said Grey, uneasily “I just know.”I said,

with a blank face,before turning to the man, standing behind Mr.Moleta. “What time we leave?”he was taken aback by the question. Maybe he was socked that I was taking to him. “When ever you are ready miss.”he said happily. I nod my head at him and turned around, without giving the boys a second glance. I don't know why they keep doing this? Why they don't trust me enough? How else am I going to prove it?

The Brother's POV(Greyson)

“Why can't we tell her?”I asked my brothers,when I was sure Maya was inside her room. Roman sighed. “Because,she would think,we are trying to get rid of her and will panic. Do you want another episode?” I clutch my hair to control myself from screaming. “That doesn't mean,we have to lie to her. You could have simply told her,that she needs to spend some time with her grandfather,while we trick that bastard with an fake accident. I don't understand,why you guys think it's a big deal?” I said taking the couch.

Xander's POV

“Grey,she is sensitive. She will react badly.” I said, putting a hand on his shoulder to console him.“And after seeing in the news,that we are all dead,she won't panic? She might die of that attack. And if by any chance,she is alive,than consider yourself dead for real, because she's not gonna forgive us for playing this prank.”said Grey. For the first time in life,I am doubting my actions. “Trust me my boy. It's better this way. She loves you all. She might be upset for sometime but once this Leo is out of the picture, she'll come around.”said Mr. Moleta.

“Grey? Bro,we all care about her. But for our plans to work,we need to send her some place safe. We will be near her as soon as the news is out, so she won't panic. If everything goes perfectly,as we planned,we can watch the news together with her,eating popcorn.”I laughed lightly, making the corner of his lips curve a little.

Roman's POV

“But we have a condition sir.”said Xander to Mr. Moleta. He nod his head,saying he was listening. “Maya's bodyguard, Erik will go with her. Just for our satisfaction.” he demanded. If he would not have asked,I would have. “Very well. You can send anyone, she is comfortable with. I don't mind, as long as I can take her with me now. We don't have time.” We all nod our head in understanding and I called Erik's number to see if he can make it here soon, explaining the situation. He was more than happy to come.

“He will be here in an hour.” I informed them. “It's almost lunch time. Lets talk,while we have the food.”suggusted Xander. We were almost near the dining table,when Maya came down with 2 big bags, one backpack and her violin. How long does she thought,she was going to stay there? “Maya? Why do have so many luggages?” I asked,walking toward her. She didn't answer me. She kept all her luggage down and walked towards the dining table.

“I'm ready. Can we leave after the lunch,I'm kind of hungry.” she said getting a small ‘sure’ from Mr. Moleta.

She sat between Mr. Moleta and José,I think his name was. But completely ignoring all three of us. I exchanged looks with my brothers. Xander has an amused look on his face. Greyson was killing furiously,the already dead chicken on his plate,with his fork. “So, I...we kind of called Erik,to go with you.”said Xander,trying to make her talk to us. “Good,at last someone I can trust.”she said putting a spoon full of pasta in her mouth.

All of us sighed at the same time. God why she is this moody all of a sudden?

“And there goes my goodbye kiss.”

muttered Greyson,only for me and Xander to hear,but I'm sure everyone heard it.

God help us!

To be continued....💕

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