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Maya's POV

I rushed inside my room and huffed. Just yesterday night,they were making me promise, that if we have problems in future,we would talk it out, instead of keeping each other in dark or giving silent treatments. ‘Honesty is the best policy’ my ass. I'll make them regret their decision. Keeping that in mind,like woman on mission, I took out all my used dresses and packed it, excluding the brand new ones. Reason? I know they have a habit of smelling my stuff,like it's there life source. So I'll take everything with me,which reminds them of me.

Let's see if they could survive that. Call me crazy,but they are making me insane. Maybe I need a break from them, for sometime. And for them to realize my value. Also I want to see the place,which is full of my mom's memories. When I was done with everything,I caught my luggages and dragged them down the hall. I saw them getting ready to have lunch. God I'm starving. I'm so hungry now a days. I have to watch my diet. I kept a straight face,avoiding Roman's questions and walked towards the table. Wow pasta. I want cake too.

What is wrong with me? “I'm ready. Can we leave after the lunch,I'm kind of hungry.”I said taking the seat between Mr.Moleta and José. I can feel their eyes on me,but I'm planning to avoid them for now. Because...I'm angry and hungry. “Sure”said our guest,while I served myself some pasta. “So,I...We kind of called Erik,to go with you.”said Xander,trying to make some conversation,as if nothing happened. “Good,at last someone I can trust.” I gave him my best sarcastic answer, without looking at him and concentrating on my food. Yum.

“And there goes my goodbye kiss.”

muttered Grey, and I pretended,like I didn't hear it. Throughout the lunch,Mr.Moleta, Xander and sometimes Rome were having small talks about gang leaders and some illegal business,Leo has. They are planning to unlease his rivals on him.

Good plan. After the lunch was over,I took most of plates and walked, towards the sink,to wash it. In mid washing,someone trapped me inbetween the sink and their body. I can feel his breath on my nape,but I didn't show that,I was bothered.

Actually it was making me all tingly,down there,but I'm not falling for his trick. Not today. “Maya? How long you're going to give us this silent treatment? I told you,why we are doing this.” wishpered Roman,in my ears, trailing his fingers sensually over my back bone. God his voice does something to me,but I'll leave him hot and bothered this time. Not the other way around. I stopped washing and wiped my hands with a towel. Then I turned around, looking into his grey, lust filled eyes.

“That is what I'm doing right? Following your instructions. Making you feel gooood.”I wishpered hovering over his lips. Slowly,his hands tighten around my waist. I let him,but suddenly he let his hold on me go,when I palmed his front door. 'Fuck' he cursed grinding his jaws and eyes half closed. I smirked in my mind. I played a little more. “You like it?”I said, stroking him over his pants. “Shit, I love it.”he said, his eyes still closed. I opened his front zip and put two of my fingers inside to give a hard stroke over his shorts. He was hard like a rock now. “Shit. shit. shit”he said in complete bliss.

“Have I made you hard enough Rome?”I asked sensually. “Fuck yes”he wishpered,bitting his bottom lips. “Good. Enjoy jerking yourself off.” I said, leaving him in the kitchen,with his mouth wide open and a hard on. ‘Wtf’ he muttered, frustrated but left the kitchen behind me to finish his ‘job’. I walked into the living room with a proud smile on my face. He will learn now, not to mess with a already mad woman. As soon as I reached the living room,the doorbell rang. Grey opened the door welcoming a smiling Erik.

He found me next. “Hey kind. Good to see you. How are you?”he said in his German eccent. I smiled at him. “Good Erik how about you?”I asked. ‘Fine’ he said, following us inside. As soon as he saw my Gra..Sorry, Mr.Moleta,his eyes widened. “Guten Tag, Sir. Es ist eine Überraschung, dich hier zu sehen.”(Good afternoon sir. It's a surprise seeing you hear.)he said shaking Mr.Moleta's hand. “Schön dich wieder zu sehen,Erik”(good to see you again Erik). He replied. I think they know each other. Good for them.

Ah,wie geht es dir Bruder?” (How are you brother?)Erik asked José. “I'm fine thank-you. My German is not that good Erik. I speak español.”he laughed a little, embarrassed. “Well I didn't know,my good friend is my granddaughter's bodyguard. Good to know. Now that Erik is here, shall we start?”Mr. Moleta said. My heart stopped for a second. How am I going to live there alone,with complete strangers,when my mind and soul will always be here. With them. I don't want to cry,but they are making it very difficult for me.

“Mr. Moleta,you can take Erik with you. We will be right behind you. We'll take the back gate.”said Xander.

“Ok.”he nod his head,walking out of house. After that José, and Erik, took my luggages and followed him out of the house. As soon as they left,Grey closed the door and locked it. What are they up to? My question was answered,when Xander turned me around and smashed his lips to mine. It was so hard and painful to leave them behind, but let's not forget, it was their idea. My anger got the best of me. I didn't return the kiss.

“Maya... Please...”He begged. I just looked into his deep blue eyes,but didn't respond. “Fine”he give up,when he realized that I was pissed. Grey didn't even say anything. Better not try his bad luck. Roman came down fresh. “They left already? Why is she here then?”he asked puzzled,narrowing his eyes. “I'm leaving don't worry. Xander said to take the back door.” I said walking toward the garage. “Maya,you know,I didn't mean it like that. Shit.”said Roman,catching up with me.

“Maya...” I stopped him mid sentence. “I don't care, anymore Roman. I don't care,what you and brothers think. Just give me a goddamm break.”I yelled. They were stunned with my outburst but panicked, when all of a sudden my head spinned and I was about to fall down.

“Maya!”they all came rushing down. I put a hand up, before they could reach me. “Im fine. I don't need your fake concern right now.”I said glaring at them. “Which car we are taking?”I said ignoring their hurt expression. “Mine” said Xander, unlocking his car. I don't want sit closer to anyone. So,I took the short gun.

Grey and Roman took the back seat. The entire ride, till we reach the port, I didn't speak a single word nor looked their way. I know I'm hurting their feelings,but they are doing the same. This time,even if it's hurts,I want then to miss me. A lot. After 30 minutes,we reach a place where a small jet was parked. It looked like a private jet. The tickets might be expensive. I sighed, getting out of the car. “As we asumed, a car was following us for almost 15 minutes. We changed the route to trick them. 5mins back,we reached here. How about you?”said Mr. Moleta. “Not that we noticed.”said Xander.

I was admiring the Jet,when José said. “You like It? It's your grandpa's own jet.”he said proudly. “Oh...So much wealth, but no use. People still die everyday, all around the world, without food. Try giving away some. When you'll die, it'll be a peaceful one.”I really meant what I said. Mr. Moleta didn't seem to get offended by my comments. “That's a great idea,my dear. I'll think about it.”he said, smiling. José too smiled back. “I knew,you were a miracle.” He patted my hair softly and gestured me to climb the Jet.

“I'll miss you babe”said Grey, almost broken. I couldn't be so hard on him. Not My Grey. I turned around and face him. Only him. I slowly walked towards him and to his surprise, hugged him, burring my face in his chest. He clutched to me like,it was our final goodbye. God please no. After few seconds,I looked into his eyes.“ven a buscarme, antes de que muera extrañándote.” I said in Spanish. Because they can't understand.

“What does that means Maya.”asked Grey,when I started taking back steps towards the Jet. Xander and Roman were looking at me longing. But I promised, I'll make them regret their decision,this time. José shouted from the door of the Jet. “That means,come get me,before I die missing you.”shit José. I forgot he can speak Spanish. The boys smirked at me. But the actual bomb is yet to blow. This time I used German words for what I had to say.

Ich bin schwangere Verlierer” I yelled at them. They just laughed thinking, I said something stupid.

“Now what does that means? Did you said,you love us babe.”joked Roman. José was looking at me wide eyes. Yes,he understood. “Translate to them, exactly what I said and close the door.” He nod and yelled back. “She said,“I'm pregnant,you losers.” there smirk fell immediately,with eyes wide opened and jaws hitting the floor,when they heard it. “W..Wait, José..Maya wait.”Roman and Xander started running towards the Jet to stop it from closing. I showed them middle fingers, which means the same in every language.

Grey was so shocked,he sat on the ground dumbfolded. As I asked, José closed the door and the Jet started running. I can't hear what they were saying,but the only thing I can make out was. Roman Saying. I'm sorry and Xander. I love you. I hope they learn now that, in a relationship,the feelings are always reciprocated. We don't demand thing out of them, we respect their wishes. I took a seat nearby, with José with me. “Are you alright? ” he asked. I shaked my head,no. He Pat my knees.

“Everything will be alright. I can see,they love you a lot. And now that You are with their child, they would turn the world upside down to get you back. Trust me. Give them some time. Have some faith in them.” I nod my head but my heart still aches. Only when they found out I was pregnant,they reacted. But before that,even if they knew, I'm hurting Inside,they didn't bother asking me to stay back. They want a break, I'll give them one. I closed my eyes and put some violin music in my I pod,to calm myself. And my baby.

Today before coming out of my room,I thought,I would take a pregnancy test,which I was ignoring from last one week. And when I found out I was pregnant, I was excited and sad at the same time. Excited because,they would go crazy,when they finds it out, but sad because, they would send me away anyways. I thought of keeping it a secret for now but, but I couldn't. They had the right to know.

I prey that,Dad is safe and they would be safe, so that I could share my happyness with all of them together.

Please god. I can't take anymore excitement. Please make my life a Little boring. (Note the sarcasm) I don't know,how long I slept, but when next I opened my eyes, Erik was carrying my sleeping form. “Erik?”I asked confused. He smiled, looking down at me. “We are here kind. We thought you need rest,so nobody woke you up. See, how many people are here to welcome you.” I turned my head, and to my surprise, there are almost 500 people standing near a huge Mansion with banners. Which says. 'Welcome home princess.' 'Welcome home Maya.' And there are few of my posters from school,when I was participating in violin concert. How did they get the pics?

I got down from Erik's hold and started walking towards the people. Erik to my right. José to my left and Mr. Moleta leading the way. Suddenly cheers and howls were heard. Are they really waiting for me? “They were waiting for Emilia's daughter,Miss.” Our family is well respected in this region.”

said José. I simply nod my head in daze, because knowing that so many people admires you, is really overwhelming. As soon as we reached the huge Gate, my eyes pop out of the socket. I thought,I never saw a bigger Mansion than Xander's parents place,but this is just...Wow.

“Welcome home princess. ”said a cheary voice. I looked forward and found a sweet old woman,in are 60s maybe. “come inside come. I'm Martha.”she ushered me inside by pulling my hands. “Tomorrow lunch at the Moleta Mansion to celebrate my granddaughter's return.”said Mr. Moleta, to the people gathering. Every one cheered and started scattering away, happily. I was again ushered inside, followed by José and Erik. Looking at all of their happy faces, a smile crept on my face.

“Come on Prinzessin. It's dinner time. Lets get some food in your system.”

said Martha,with a kind smile. I nod softly and she lead me inside. I don't have words to describe the beauty of the Mansion. The house must have been built a very long time ago. I can tell by the paintings on the ceiling. It's huge stone walls, and the carving reminds me of the palaces, they show in movies. It's just gives a calm feeling. Like I'm finally...home. When we passed the living room, I couldn't believe, what I was seeing. There were lots of pictures of mine. I mean My mom's.

I could see few familiar faces. Mom and a small boy. I don't know. Mom and Rose. Wow. Mom and dad. Mom and Mr. Moleta. There was a frame,where there were lots of people. And few of them were a younger version of Mr. Moleta's. “Hmn he was quite handsome when young, if you ask me” I didn't realize, someone standing behind me. “Of course I was”I jumped two feet high and hold my heart,

which jumped to my throat. “Sorry didn't mean to startle you.”he chuckled. The food is ready. Come.”said Mr. Moleta smiling. “Yes sure”I said following him.

I hope, I get a nice bed to sleep aswell because, I dont have my men to cuddle with me. A sudden images of Xander and Roman, running to stop the Jet, came flying. A dejected Grey... God,I thought, I'm torturing them,then why am I the one in pain?

I wiped my eyes,to hide my pain. I won't for long though. Someday, I'm going to break down in a wrong place at the wrong time. It's not even a day and,

I missed them already.

So the brothers knocked her out finally. 😂😂She's pregnant yeyyy👏👏👏👏 hope you like the chapters. Please like and comment. Stay home. Stay safe.


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