Maya...The Illusion ✔ ( EDITING )

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Hello Readers,

How are you all doing?🙋Hope enjoying your stay at home.😝 Don't kill me please.

Ok, as I mentioned before, this story is moving towards the end.☹️😭 4 or maybe 5 chapters max. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Both Wattpad and Inkitt readers have loved my work. I feel great. Thank you all,who took their time to not just read my first book, but also felt free to drop few comments on my work. 🤗Really really appreciate that.

Also, Rene, one of my readers, I'm not sure of your account name on inkitt, but if you're reading this :

Sorry! Rene,

I have two more books, I'm currently working on, along with 'Maya the Illusion.' and another 'Supernatural Fantasy Romance, which is in Drafts. Sooooo, I'll keep your request in mind.🤔

The max I can do is, after the Epilogue,I can add some Bonus chapters. Let me know.

Ok so, Rene has suggested that,I should write a story, with the same character in "Maya",with a different plot. And let me tell you, It's interesting. The title as “Maya's Stepbrothers

Trust me it's different from any taboo stepbrothers romance story. I'm not rushing to finish this story, but please let me know with comments if you like Rene's plot.

(Maya's Stepbrothers)

Maya is a 14 years old, fighting with obesity and while she was dealing with the biggest problem,in her life,'making a friend', her mother ends up marrying this business tycoon,which leads them to the new Mexico city, where she, meets the love of her life. She developes a secret crush on her step brothers, Xander, Roman and Greyson Osborne. When she finally gathers her courage to open up herself to them, they brutally insults her and break her fragile heart infront of their friends.

Not able to take the humiliation, Maya leaves New Mexico city and returns after 4 year,with a mission. Her sole mission was to make his brothers fall for her and than reject them,the same way,they did to her 4 years back.

So how do you guys feel about the plot?

Let me tell you,I kind of like the plot. 👏👏Nice imagination Rene👍. Althought it seems unfair to make it an one shot chapter.🤔may be 3 chapters will do. I may start drafting it aswell.

Anyways, thanks for giving likes ❤️ to my story. And being with me so far. Anybody got a chance to peep into my other stories. 🤓If not, please check and if possible, leave a comment on the comments section. I really need it☹️.

Lots of love.💕💕💕


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