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CHAPTER 37 : The Game Plan

Ben's POV

It's been three days, since I'm a 'guest' for Leo. I'm quite sure, he is aware of Maya's disappearance. It's a miracle, he hasn't taken his frustration out on me yet.What is he planning anyways? I sighed audibly, which brought Phillip's attention. I know he is too loyal to Leo to betray him but there is no harm in trying right?

“What is his name..Your son, I mean?

How old is he?”he fiddled with his gun for a while, thinking wheather to answer or not. When I thought it was a waste of time, he surprised me by speaking up. “Evan. He turned 16 this year.”he said,with a smile. I smiled back. “When was last time you saw him.” my question took him off guard. He stood up and started pacing the room. Did I hit a nurve or something?

“The last I saw him was, when he was taken away by the couple, who adopted him from the orphanage, I put him in.” I understand that feeling.

“I know, how you feel Phillips. I died every single second, I spent away from my baby. But it was too late for me to realize that, I haven't sent her there for her safety but thrown her into a hell hole, which turned out to be her biggest nightmare. We looked at each other's eyes with understanding.

Then it hit me suddenly. “Wait a second. Did you said Evan? As in the boy who was close to Maya, in the orphanage, before he was taken.”he blinked at me confused. “I have no Idea.”he said taking his seat back. I can't believe god is with me this time.

“Philips? I believe, I know where your son is.” He looked at me socked. “Why would I believe you? There is a possibility, you are tricking me.”

I shaked my head at him. “I won't play about something like this Phillips. You have to trust me on that. I know the couple personally, who adopted your son.”he looked restless now. “Then prove it.” sure why not. “Bring my phone.”he narrowed his eyes on me, but took out my phone from his side pocket. ‘PIN’ he asked. I gave away my pin and once it was unlocked, I walked him through my phone apps.

“Go to the images for last year, April. I was invited to his promotion party. I'm sure, I have a group photo with his family. Evan is there too.” The way, his face lit up, I'm sure he found it. “C...Can I transfer his images to my phone?” he was so hopeful, it made my heart ache. “Sure. I can't deprive a father of his rights.” I smiled at him.

He offered a small thanks after transferring the images. “Do you know anything else about him?”he asked excited. “Not much, but he is very shy and he is planning to pursue mechanical Engineering, what I have heard from his father...I...I mean,my colleague. He is in good hands, trust me.” Not able to call yourself their father, it's too painful.

I can feel his pain, because I went through it at some point of time. Phillips looked broken but happy at the same time. “Good to know. So, do you have any plans to bring Leo down, or you expected for some miracle to happen?”he asked with an amused look. I chuckled but answered him anyways. “No actually, I thought, you would help me some how. Can I atleast expact that?”

I asked,with my fingers crossed. He nod his head and returned my phone.

“I'll give you 5 minutes. Call whoever you want. Once back, I'll tell you what to do.”he stepped out of the room, giving me some privacy. Thank God. Without wasting time, I dialed Roman's number. He picked up immediately. “Ben, is that you?” he was panicking. “Yes it's me. Listen, I don't have much time. Is Maya safe?”

There was pause and then he answered with a dejected voice. “Yes, we send her with Mr. Moleta. Ben, is there anyway, we could bring her back... I..I mean..”he cleared his throat. “She was not at all happy, when we asked her to go with that old man.” I chucked, imagining their faces,when Maya would have given them a piece of her mind. “Don't worry Roman, I found a loop in Leo's Army. He's going down soon. Be alert and careful. And as per the plan, start contacting as many rivals as you can against Leo. It's almost time.”

I told him the game plan.“Right On it” he said, disconnecting the call. As soon as the call was over, Phillips walked inside. “There is a guard outside. Don't make any phone calls in my absence. They would be closer to the door.” He wisper talked. Than he spoke loudly. “I'll see you in the morning,Ben. Dont try anything stupid,there are guards everywhere. Going out for a meeting with Leo. Sleep well.” he winked at me and went out of the room. Genius. I smirked.

Now I have to wait till morning for any kind of good news. I know I can trust the people around me. Phillips, for sure was manipulated by Leo and now his eyes are opened. Mr. Moleta will guard his granddaughter with his life. And even though it's difficult to digest the fact that I have three future son in laws, I can trust Maya,with them. They really care for her. I have seen it, in their eyes. They would bring her the moon, if she ever asks for it. They are madly in love with her. I have no doubt,they would treat her the way, she deserves to be.

Like a queen.

I just have one wish that, who ever is listening up there, should keep me alive, so that I can walk my princess to the aisle, during her wedding. Thats a father's right.

A father can only hope right?

Phillips POV

I was really happy after a long time. I know I can't be a part of my son's life, but knowing that, he is growing in a healthy environment, brings down the burden, I have been carrying for so long. I walked toward the living area, where Leo was yelling at those men, he hired to follow the Osborne brothers. What now? “Useless rascals! I gave you four, a small task to just follow them 24/7. You failed in doing just that? What do I do with you? Let me shoot you all.”he said taking his gun, aiming at them. “Who wants to go first?” The panic was clear in their eyes.

“K..King. It won't happen again. They r...really tricked us. We were right behind them, but before we reach the signal, they took a different sevice route. We would have followed them, but was blocked by a heavy vehicle, that came out of nowhere.” Said Micheal, one of the four. Leo eyed him suspiciously. Before he could kill him, I stopped him. I remembered, Michaels wife is pregnant. No child should face a fate like Maya or Evan.

“King? We are getting late for the meeting.” he turned back and sighed. “Get out, you bunch of fat asses! This is your last warning. Do not sleep during your work. I want details of every fucking second. Get it? Now get lost.” he yelled, making them gulped and run away. “Let's go. I can't believe, I lost her again Phillips. This bunch of idiots are of no use. Find out who visited the Osborne's yesterday. I want to know,where they are hiding My precious.”

“Sure thing king.”as if I'll tell him. This mother fucker has destroyed so many lives, including mine. Now that I found Evan, I'm going to bring Leo down, no matter what it takes. I'm going to expose him to his rivals and make sure, he is dead. If not dead, then maybe a life sentence. He is too toxic for this world. “You know what Phillips. I think, I'll postpone this meeting. I'm on edge right now. Don't know if I can handle their bickering.”

“King, I don't think, calling off the meeting will look good,when we are the one,who asked for it.” I tried to reason, because I need some more information to trap him. “And also. we are the more profitable one, so...”he gave it a thought and nod his head. “You are right Phillips. You are always right.”he smiled patting my shoulder. “Happy to help sir.”I gave him a fake smile, opening the car back seat door for him to get inside. After closing it behind him,I hopped in. Then I thought of a plan.

I switched on my phone recorder. “King, I'm thinking,they might be hidding Maya in the basement or something, because the brothers are very protective of her. They won't send her away to a different place, far from them. Right?” he thought about my suggestion and answered. “No Phillips, they are smart. I believe,the person who visited them yesterday, has something to do with Maya's disappearance. Do one thing Phillips. Abduct everyone,who are close to the brothers and lock them in separate rooms. I'll see,how long they would hide her from me.”

This man is digging his own hole. “Yes King”I smirked at him through rare mirror. He smirked back, thinking I like his plan. Soon your smirk will fall down. Once we pulled over the meeting place, I followed him inside. The buyers and brokers and gang members are already sitting around the round table, waiting for us. As soon as my eyes fell on the men,I averted them. Disgusting.

This is the worst part of a deal. Leo offers his dealers, women, liquor and money to keep them in check. These men's weaknesses. Smart thinking, if you ask me. But human trafficking for young innocent kids, that's where I draw a line. These filthy men uses these small girls to sate their desires, who are hardly 18. “Started partying without me?”said Leo greeting the men,who are enjoying themselves, fucking the half naked women on the table.

They started laughing, but resumed doing their shits, shamelessly. Few girls are grunting with pain, but they are misjudging it as pleasure. Animals. “Great then. Let's take the edge away first, then we can settle down.”said Leo,taking the youngest girl in the group. Motherfucker. The girl giggled and sat on his lap without question, to please her master. Poor thing. I hate this. This stops today.

Althought, I can't oppose them directly, I have to find a way to get out of here soon. “Phillips, be a man, take a pussy.” said Mr. Jain, one of the dealer. Just act as if it didn't effect you Phillips. Calm down. I smirked at him. “They are not my type sir. I would rather take an Asian chick.” Leo saved me from the unnecessary drama. “Phillips here likes Chinese. Right Phillips?”they all started laughing but left me to it. It was like a orgy here. Women are screaming, men are grunting. The leaders are taking the women in different positions and their bodyguards are jurking themselves off, watching these act.

How ridiculous.

After almost 45 minutes, they were done 'partying'. And it took another hour for the meeting to end. Their deal was final and I gathered enough information to ruin them all. Payback time bitches. Just when It was time to go back, Leo asked me to go back alone, because he has some 'unfinished work' to do. He went upstairs with two girls under his arms. Bastard. Anyways, I got a chance to work on my plan. I hopped in my car and drove away towards my flat, where I hardly live.

Once there, I unlocked my door and walked straight ahead to my laptop. I have a file in it,which contains the entire encyclopedia for Mafia and Leo's underworld. It has his life history, which could sent him to hell, in no time. Shit! Why didn't I use it before. Leo lied about Evan's adoptive parents death and he taking care of him. I should have known. This man who killed his own father for his position, his own brother in Rage and back stabbed his best friend, he can't be trusted.

I sighed. Enough is enough. I transfered all the details into a pendrive and put it inside a courier box for speed post. I wrote the address on it and once I was done, I dialed a number. After few rings, someone answered it. “Hello, who's this?”he asked with a rough voice. “Introduction is not important son. What is important is, I'm sending you a parcel,which has information to bring Leo down. Also...His next target is your family and close friends. Don't tell me later, I didn't warn you. Good luck.”

I hung up the phone and lay down on my bed. I went to the images and opened Evan's picture. He looks just like, he was 10 years back. Just a little taller. Same bright blue eyes. Brown hair and kind smile, like Karen, his mom. “I'm sorry son. I'm may not be a good father, but I want you to know that, I love you. I have always loved you. I wish I could hear you call me dad,just once.”

A poor father can only prey right?

So,that was a little emotional.😞Two father, wishing to get back to their kids. Anyways. How to you like the chapter. 🤓Please tell me because, I want to know that, people are not just reading but also liking it. Pleeeeeeeze🤗 Also tell me which is your favorite character,so far. Untill next chapter.

Stay tuned... Bye-bye.💕

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