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Roman's POV

“Rome, can you pass me the salt?” I looked from my plate and passed it to Xander. “...Rome?”he asked irritated but, with a look of understanding at the same time. “Did you hear what I asked?” I looked down and saw, pepper bottle in my hands. I muttered a small "sorry" and passed him the salt. Since Maya left, or in order words, we send her away, non of us are in our right mind. I didn't even see Grey talking to us in last two days.

I can't blame him though because, he was against sending her away. She could have atleast told us about the pregnancy. It would have been different. No, actually it would have been the same. We would have send her anyways but... atleast, I would have hugged her more, we would have kissed her more. I would have...I saw Greyson coming out of his room, with a backpack and walked straight towards the main door, without even glancing our way. Xander and me exchanged a knowing look.

“And where do you think you are going?” He didn't even bother to answer.

Xander huffed a frustrated sigh and got up from his chair, catching Grey's bag, before he could step out. “Get the fuck off me!”he yelled, freeing himself from Xander's hold. “What the fuck is wrong with you!! Do you think, you are the only one missing her?”Xander yelled back.

“Yes, I think so.”he said folding his hands over his chest. “Grey...She didn't even bother to tell us that she was pregnant. How was we supposed to know, wheather to keep her here or send her away?”

he dragged his hands through his perfectly combed hair, messing it.

“Can't you see Xander, why she kept that news to herself? In normal situation, she would have, but she was hurt and furious at the same time. Hurt because, we promised to keep her safe. She trusted 'us' three, with her safety. And what we did? We cleaned our hands of her, as soon as that old Moleta popped up. Didn't you know that she had trust issues? And her grandfather was the last on the list.

Everyone has been making her jump from place to place, in the bullshit name of "protection". She's just fed up of all this. So, if you don't want her here, atleast, I go there. Because unlike you, I can't live without her.” Grey said, walking out of the house, pushing Xander on his way.

Xander didn't stop him this time. But I remembered suddenly. “Xander stop him. Leo's men are outside!” that bought him out of his self pity state and a sudden panic crossed his face. “Grey, stop right there!! Grey!” Xander yelled and we ran behind him to stop him. Grey was on his bike, putting his helmet on. What the fuck? Was he thinking to drive to her on bike? “Grey wait. Listen to me just this once.

We got a call from Ben and he asked us to stay put. Leo is pissed, because Maya is missing. Don't give away her hiding like that dude. They are targeting our family. Everyone is in elert. Don't ruin this bro. We need you to be focused right now. Please brother, please.”he pleaded with him.

Grey took a shaky breath, but got down from his bike. He walked back inside the house but, didn't show any emotions of forgiving us. We heard him walk upstairs and the sound of his door closed could be heard. Xander and me released a breath, we didn't know we were holding in. I shaked my head and about to went inside when my phone bussed in my hands. I saw it was Nathan. I answered it immediately.

“Nathan? What's wrong? Did you guys reach the safe house yet?” I asked. After the mysterious man called, we took the precaution and send everyone to a safe house. Including Nathan and Emily.

“No, not yet. Where is Xander? His phone is not reachable.”I looked at Xander, who's eyebrows were furrowed. “Here, talk to him.”I said, handing the phone to Xander. They had some kind of conversation and then Xander starteled me by shouting

“When?...sure, thanks man...I got this. Call us once you there. Ok?” he hungup the call, with a bye and then turned to face me. “The ‘courier’ came. It's in my office. I have to get it. Keep a watch on Grey. I'll be back in an hour.”he said getting inside the house to get ready.

Finally. It's time to gather Leo's Rivals one by one. I went inside the study and took out the contracts. I dialled the first number. After a few ring, the man I wanted answered with a dark voice. “Who's this? You better have a good reason to call my private number.” I smirked. “Wanna take revenge on Leonardo Regio?” there was long silence before he spoke.

“Im listening.” and it took another hour for me to explain him and other few gang members about our plan. They were eager to find him and take him down, without the involvement of police, which I assured them, won't be a problem. We planned to meet in person, for further planning.

Satisfied with the initial plan, I came out of the study room, only to find Grey sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone with a smile which was odd. Who is is speaking with? “I love you Maya, you know that right?... Hello? Maya, you there?. Hello? Baby can you hear me...” he dialed the number again but,

“Shit!” he said throwing his phone beside him. He covers his face with his hands and sighed. He realized I was standing there and got up from the couch and went back to his room, with his eyebrows furrowed.

I didn't stop him. His phone buzzed, which I think he forgot on the couch. His steps halt midway and he rushed back down towards it. “Hello?”he said excitedly. “Yea Yea...No problem” he said, taking a seat. Unconsciously, I took a seat too. Grey took notice of my face and put the phone on speaker mode.

My lips curved a little, when I heard the voice, I have been dying to hear for 3 days. “Have you eaten yet?” her voice echoed in the room. “Not yet.. I'll eat after speaking to you.”said Grey. “No, you are going to eat now, while we are still on call. Go”she said in a commanding voice.

God that was so hot. Grey sighed and spat a ‘fine’ and got up from the couch, walking towards the kitchen. She was still on the line. The temptation of taking to her and apologizing to her was there, but does she want to talk?Grey came back with a bowl of Mac and cheese and started digging on it.

“Babe, I'm back.”he said, then they started talking about the house, there people and the big feast her grandfather throwed on behalf of her. In the middle of the conversation, Xander came back. He was puzzled for a second, but his eyes lit up too when realization hit him.

We are all surrounding the phone right now and listening to her voice, without interrupting. I'm afraid, if she finds out, we are here, she will end the call. “Fine, I'll call back tomorrow. Don't miss me too much Grey. I love you.”she said. Both Xander and me looked at the phone longingly.

There was a pause and then she surprised us both my saying the same thing. “I love you too, Xander and Roman. I know you guys are there too.” I can't stop my self anymore. “I'm sorry baby. I miss you a lot. I love you too. Baby please, don't ignore my calls again, ok?”she sighed.

“I miss you guys like hell. I don't want to be here. Come and take me,...Please X..Xander.” her pleading voice broke our hearts. “I will princess.”said Xander, desparately. “I will. Just give a week, my love. I'll be there. We are almost dead without you. Grey was literally running away to see you today. You trust us right, princess?” she said a shaky 'yes'.

“Then take care of you and ‘our baby’. Take rest. Eat on time and most importantly, don't stress. Look Maya, we wanted to hide it from you, but I think, you shouldn't stress, so...”we all exchanged looks and nod to reveal one of our plans.

“Baby, don't believe anything you see on TV, ok. We are...Kind of...Faking our deaths..”she cut us with a gasp. “What!!”she said,not happy with our plans. “No, please guys,you can't do something like this...?”she was panicking. “Maya,Maya... Listen babe. Don't panic. It's just a prank to bring Leo out.

He would think, we are dead and let lose. We know his hiding place and people are watching his every move. Once Ben is out of danger, we'll trap him and all this will be over for good. Ok?”I finished. She sighed and said a small “ok, be careful.”

“We are always, sweetheart.”smiled Xander. “No you are not, if you were, I wouldn't be expecting a baby right now.”she scolded. We chuckled. “Who said we weren't carefull” Xander smirked. “We planted that baby,

veeerrryyy carefully and with concentration, you see. It's all our hard work afterall, Maya. How could you say that?”we waited for her sassy comments. “Really? Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Then, you could have tried harder...” she said harder, with a seductive tone, which made Grey gulp. “Because, it took total three grown men, banging me all day, all night for weeks, to knock me out? How disappointing?”

(Smut* ahead)

All of our jaw dropped. “You are in big trouble, once I get my hands on you, missy.”I said, biting my lips. “You better prey, we forget this challenge by the time we finally get to see you, Or else...You are for the ride of you life princess.”said Xander. “But lucky for you, we have a very good memory, babe”said Grey, with an amused laugh.

“hmn...Only talk and no bite. We'll see about that. Till then, I'll cheat on you with my new boyfriend.” she chuckled. Our eyes bulged out of the socket. “What!! What boyfriend? Maya, you better be kidding.”

“I miss you guys, so he keeps me good company. Don't get jealous. He doesn't speak much and is very loyal. Doesn't disappointed me...”Xander cut her up. “That's it...Tell me who is he?”he said furious. “Ummn...I'll send you the pic's of us together.”she said, disconnecting. “Was she for real?” Asked Grey.

“Is she trying to get back at us, because,we have been with many women?” he asked puzzled. Then suddenly, his was getting a video call from Maya. Me and Xander rushed towards him and took both sides of him before answering the video call.

What we saw made all of us go hard immediately. Maya was naked and holding the head of bed, while riding a big two ways dildo, one in her pussy and other inside her ass. She was moaning loudly. “Fuck me. I want her right now.”said Grey. “You naughty girl.”I chuckled, but started rubbing my hard on.

“Bad girl, teasing us hmn?Touch yourself babe, give us a show then.”said Xander, taking his rod out of his pants and stroking it. Maya started pinching her hard nipples and licking it with a smirk, to tease us.

“I'll be dammed.”I said, freeing my monster from pants. We all Started groaning and grunting, while are girl was moaning, pleasuring herself. “Fuck this so hot.”I said,when she turned her front to us and her tits started bouncing, while she chased her release.

And we stoked ourself harder and faster to reach the peak. This went on for another 5 mins and, then she closed her eyes, playing with her cunt. “Shit, baby. You look fucking hot. Cum for us.” said Grey, gripping his cock hard and stroked it.

Maya finally reached her climax, moaning our names and we followed her one by one,with the biggest release of our lives. It was quiet for a while. You could only hear the heavy breathing of all of us. Then she took the phone closer to her face and smiled. “I love you all.”she said with a small smile. “We love you too babe.” we said in union,with the same smile.

“Good night”she said and after we repeat the same, she disconnected the call.

We all exchanged looks and burst out laughing. “She is something.”I said, taking a tissue from the coffee table and wiping the mess around. “The pregnancy hormones are getting the best of her.”said Xander. We nod our head. “In that case, I want her pregnant all the time.”said Grey, with a smirk. We all chuckled and relaxed our head on the couch.

She has finally forgiven us. The smile on my brothers face says that, they might be thinking the same.

God, I'm falling for her more and more and more, everyday.


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