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Maya's POV

Do you know the feeling, when you feel completely helpless and hopeless. Yes. That's how my life would be from now on. When I woke up this morning, I never knew what this day has stored for me. I was on cloud nine when Xander told me that, he was coming to get me within a week. A week is not long but I had this uneasy feeling since the day started, that my dreams will never come true. Martha said, it's just the pregnancy enxiety, nothing else. But your guts never lies.

Whenever I tried to look out of the helicopter, a nauseated feeling was taking over. So, I just decided to close my eyes and tried to calm my breath, untill I reach my doom. Why? Because I don't have a choice. I can't believe, my dreams will scatter so soon. Why my life is so full of despair? Why do I have to let go of everything, I ever kept close to my heart? I wish I was never even born.

Earlier that day...

Martha has gone to the Church and Mr. Moleta is attending a small gathering, leaving me in the care of Erik. But I didn't see Erik since breakfast. Where is he anyways? I was in the library, when a maid came inside. "Miss, this came for you."she said giving me a bouquet of red roses and an envelope. The roses were really beautiful. Did the boys send it? A small smile took over my face. But When I opened the envelope, my heart sink.

Pictures. What on earth? How? A bound Emily. Beaten and Unconsciously Nathan. Dad on gun point, it's not true. No it can't be. "Oh no, Rose." With trembling hands, I opened the piece of paper that says.


Hello princess!


I just wanted a get together. Hope you don't mind. I'm sending someone to get you. Without any ruckus, please cooperate and come to me. Oh, and you know how to trick the people around you, right? Don't let them tag along, if you know what's best for you.

FYI ( Your best friend is pregnant ;)




O god. What do I do? Should I call Xander. Yes that would be best. But what if I endanger the lives on stake.

I was looking at the phone, when the maid who passed me the bouquet came back. "Please leave the phone behind miss. You can't call for help." I blinked surprise. Is she working for him? "Yes, I am. Now before that old hag and the others come back, we have to leave."she smirked as my eyes widened.

I didn't have much of a choice. "C...Can I use the restroom? It will be real quick. I won't try anything." I pleaded. She rolled her eyes and nod her head. I walked towards the nearest restroom, with her following close behind. I wanted to relieve my bladder. It was not a lie. Due to my pregnancy, I always have this need to uninate. I don't know, how to inform the others about my abduction. "Are you done yet?"she hissed from outside. "One moment" I said.

I searched everywhere but couldn't find any thing. Then my eyes fell on the shampoo. Let this work please. I pour some shampoo in my palm and started scribbling a short message on the mirror and walked out of the bathroom, after washing my hands. Thank god, she she didn't suspect anything. I looked around my way out to find someone, who could help but, to my surprise, there was no one. "Where is Erik?"I asked her. "Taking a nap."she chuckled.

O no. "Did you hurt him?" my rage was taking over. "No, just jinxed his coffee."she said smirking. "Why are you doing this?"I asked. "Because I hate you."she said, as a matter of factly. "Hate me? Why? I don't think I have done anything to harm you."I said. Why every woman has to envy me or hate me? She watched me disgusted. "You took my men. That's all you need to know."she said pushing me out of the house. She took me towards a midnight blue car, waiting outside the private property of Mr.Moleta.

There is no use struggling, so I got inside the car and looked back towards the mansion. Hope they find my message soon. I sighed and placed a hand on my lower abdomen. I don't know what future my unborn child has, but I would definitely not risk the loved ones of my life for someone, yet to be born. I will never forgive myself if anything happens to Emily or Rose, dad or Nathan. What kind of game are you playing, Leo?

Present time

"We are here. Get up."said the woman, who kidnapped me. I was about to get down from helicopter when a large manly hand was offered. I trailed my eyes from the finger with a big silver ring, towards a muscular hand and then a face. A very evil looking face. Leo. He had a dark and powerful aura around him. Lots of men behind him with guns. Leo offered me a creepy huge smile, which bought chill through out my body.

"Welcome my flower. Finally. I missed you so much."he said, his hand still stretched for me to take. I didn't want to take it but, I don't want to do anything stupid to anger him. As soon as I put my hand in his, he clutched it and bought it toward his lips to kiss the back of it. I felt disgusted and tried to pull it back but, his steel grip didn't let it happen. He then hold my arm and dragged me behind him, towards his "house" or warehouse, whatever that is.

All the way inside, he never took his eyes off me. "You are so beautiful in real. Even more beautiful than your mother."he said in awe. His pearcing dark eyes are doing something to me. I want to get away from him. "Im tired. Can I get a bed to sleep please?"I asked avoiding his intense gaze. He laughed out loud. I turned my head to look at his face. What's wrong with him? "Bed. No my princess. I have prepared a beautiful room for my Queen's arrival. Let me show you."he said excited. Whatever.

He took me towards a narrow hallway, where there is only two rooms, opposite to each other. He opened the door to my right and gestured me inside, showing all his teeth. Why was he so happy? I was not in a mood to see how he "prepared" a room for me, but it was really luxurious. Like suddenly, I entered a 7star hotel room. "Wow. Thanks but, you didn't have to do that." I said with a bored tone. I wasn't expecting for what came next.

He hugged me from behind. I could have pushed him away but, my mind and body both went rigid. "I had to. I wanted to woo you." he said seductively. His breath was hitting my ears. "You have no idea, how crazy I'm about you. I can buy you this whole world, if you become mine." His lips were dangeriously close to nape. "This is your room...For now. Soon you would be moving with me, across this room...which is ours."he said placing a kiss to my neck, giving me goosebumps. Then he let me go reluctantly.

"Take some rest princess. We have a long day ahead of us. See you at lunch."he said walking away out of the room. I heard a click and knew that he locked me in. As soon as I heard the retreating steps, my dam broke. I slummed to the ground and cried my heart out. I'll never cry infront of him. I'll not show my weakness. I have to find a way to see if everyone is safe. But how? Are they even here? I sat on the bed and waited for Leo's next moov.

Has anyone seen my message yet? Did the brothers know, where Leo is keeping me? Is Emily's baby safe? Did Leo hurt Nathan and my dad. I hope Rose is alive, because the bloody mess around her was telling a different story. Lot of questions but the only person who has the answers is, That Monster. This stress is giving me headache. It's better to lie down for a while, to let my brain function. I don't know when the sleep took over, but next when I woke up, I was in the same position, with someone holding my hands.

I opened my eyes to "Dad? Omg, dad. Are you ok?"I said jumping into his arms and hugging him so tite, like I can't believe he is actually here. He chuckled catching me in his arms. "I'm fine pumpkin. How are you? Did that Bastard do something to hurt you?" he said examining me allover. I shaked my head, with a smile. But my smile dropped immediately, when I recalled why we are here. "How are the others? Rose, Emily and Nathan? Have you seen them around here?"he shaked his head.

"Im sorry sweety. I have no idea, how they are?"he said releasing a frustrated breath. "But yes, they are here, somewhere, in the same building. I'm sure of that." he said patting my cheeks. I smiled and hugged him back. "Dad, do you think, they will come find us soon? "I asked. He nod his head. "They will, unless..." he said, in deep thought. "Unless what?" I asked confused. "Unless, he moves from here, before they can reach us. Dread filled my heart. Yes he can do that. I hope they reach us soon.

Suddenly the door opened, revealing someone, I didn't see before. "Hello sweetheart. I'm Phillips."he said, smiling. I gave him a confused look. He laughed at my face expression and explained that, he means no harm and he is the one, who's helping us bringing Leo down. A relief took over me, when he said that. "Anyways, the lunch is ready. Will you accompany me, please? And you too Ben. By the way, the others are joining too." he said, which made me eager to get their as soon as possible.

Dad and me followed him down the hall. As soon as we entered a dining hall, I saw a familiar face and ran toward her and hugged her. "Are you guys ok?" I asked Emily. "Yes, you?"she asked. "Yes, I'm ok. Congrats! How far are you?"I asked, excited. Both Nathan and Emily spoke together. "14 weeks." I was about to ask, how they caught them when the door opened again to reveal the devil himself. "Aah! So you finally found each other. I like reunions."said Leo, taking steps towards me.

I took a step back by instinct and bumped into Nathan, who caught me. "Awww. Why are you afraid of me princess. I'm not gonna harm you. Come here."he said, offering me his hand. I gulped and looked around at Dad, Nathan, Emily and Phillips. Phillips gestured me to take it. But instead of taking his hand, I folded my arms. Dad and Phillips eyes widened. Leo looked amused but, didn't force me to take his arms. "What is it Angel? Are you angry at me for something?"

"Where is Rose?" I asked. He smiled and walked around the table and took the head chair. "I'll tell you, if you sit on my lap, while I feed you."he smirked. "In your dreams." I said, which made him throw his head back and laugh. Emily and me exchanged a look. She looked really terrified. Then I heard my dad yelp. I turned around to see Phillips, pinning my dad down,with a gun on my dad's head. I know it's an act but we can't reveal it yet. "Oh there is no need to get agitated Phillips. Put your weapon away. Now baby, come and sit here."he said chuckling.

"I don't really have a choice, right?" I said. He shaked his head, like 'no you don't'. I sighed and walked towards him. When I was in his reach, he pulled me on to his lap and wrapped a arm around my waist. The only word I can think of right now is. Disgusting. He kissed my shoulder, making dad and Nathan hiss. Leo chuckled but did mind at all. "Please sit down." he ordered everyone. Everyone took a seat far away from us. "Hmn, you smell sooooo good." he wishpered in my ears, which made my heart race.

God, how long I have to endure his bullshit? Food came and a woman placed a plate in front of us. There was steak, baked potato. Beans and a sea food platter infront of me. Another woman came and pour two glass of wine infront of us. "Water for me please."I asked the woman. She was about to take a glass back but Leo stopped her. "No she'll have it. Keep it there. I ordered it for you. I heard you like red wine."he gave me a confused look. "Not anymore. Water please." I said, furring my brows. Everyone waited for Leo's command.

"Very well, get the lady a lemonade, Sarah."he said, pouting like a child, trying to read my face. I avoided his gaze and look around the table. Emily was watching me carefully. When I met her eyes, she mouth. 'are you?' I blinked my eyes once and her eyes widened. She closed her mouth with a hand, which caught Nathan's attention. He put his hand over her's and asked what happened. Emily wishpered something, which made Nathan, turn his head towards me and giving me a sympathetic look.

I looked down because if not, I will let go of my emotions and it's the last thing I want right now. "Open up Angel" said Leo, bringing me out of my chain of thoughts. "I don't eat meat either."I said, pushing the fork away. "What? You don't? Sorry I didn't know that. Then how about sea food?" he asked offering me a small piece of fish. It's a waste of energy, fighting him, so I opened my mouth and let him feed me. Lets just get this over with. He looked satisfied and continued feeding me untill the entire food on the plate was gone.

"Oh I forgot to tell you all. Tomorrow, we are having the wedding. You are all invited." announced Leo, making everyone of us stunned. I don't even know what to say. "I can't merry you. I'm in love with someone else!"I spat. That was a huge mistake. He narrowed his eyes on me which was filled with rage and hunger. Then he hold a bunch of my hairs in a grip and made me look at the others. "Every hour, one of them will lose their live, if you deny me this wish, darling. Tell me, who do you want to go first? Your dad, that man over there, your best friend or your god mother, poor Rose?"

I gulped audibly. "Thats what I thought. Good girl."he said, pecking my cheek. Nathan shaked his head but dad spoke out. "That was not part of the deal, Leo. You can't harm them, nor force yourself on Maya. She has a right to say No." said dad, with clenched teeth. "Oh, I didn't force myself on her...yet. Did I my love?"he said smirking. I felt like throwing up, when his hands creep from my waist toward my thigh. "You have made a huge mistake taking my bother's possession, Leo. You are gonna regret it."said Emily, out of the rage.

Leo's hand made a halt after listening to her outburst. "No they can't do anything to me and she is Mine. Only mine."he said looking at me, with a sick smile. "Your so called lovers will not see the daylight tomorrow. I have made sure of that."he said, making me stand up, followed by the others.

"What you mean?"Emily and me asked together. He smirked and pulled me towards his chest. What has he done.

"A plane crash."

I couldn't take it anymore and started panicking. "Shit"I heard people cursing. I don't know, who saying what. I can only hear voices. Far away. Far far away. "Give her to me. She's having a panick attack."I was pulled into a familiar embrace. "Maya? Sweety. Look at me. Breath. Breath. In. Out. In. Out" I couldn't. I just want to close my eyes, because I can't breath.

And then the darkness took over.


Cliff hanger?😝Sorry I just got carried away. The chapter was becoming longer than I expected. Don't worry. Maya's not dead.😁.

See you next chapter. Chao.❤️

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