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Roman's POV

“...get up! Rome, damit..Get up!” Grey shaked my entire body to wake me up from my slumber. “What the fuck, Grey?”I said, groaning but finally sat up on my bed, eyes still closed. “Rome, get ready in 10, we might have to leave.” said Xander. “Going where?” I asked. Xander looked and me and said something, I was not ready to hear. “Erik came back. Leo got Maya.” he said. Voice terribly breaking. Am I still dreaming or he said, what I think he said.

I jerk up from my bed and ran towards the bathroom to wash my sleep off. Exactly after 5 mins, I was down the stairs to find Erik, Mr. Moleta and my brothers in a serious discussion. “How the hell this happened Erik? Where were you when she was taken?” I walked towards him furious. Xander hold me mid pounching on him. Erik's head was down in shame. He should be.

“One fucking job and you can't do it? I told you to keep a close eye on her. Sit by her side, if you have to. Didn't I tell you that!!” I yelled. “Calm down Rome, he was drugged. It's not his fault.”said Xander to calm me down but, I was far from that. I pushed him away from me and took a sit near Grey, who was moving back and forth in his place, panicked. We should be. Leo is unpredictable. “There is something else.”said Grey. What more is there?

“Nathan and Emily didn't reach the safe house yesterday.” I opened and closed my mother. The air got knocked out of my lungs. “Don't tell me...He got them too.”I looked at everyone in the room and cursed loudly. “Fuck! I'm gonna kill that bastard with my bare hands, if any of them are harmed in anyways.” Just then Xander's phone rang. He answered immediately.

“Hello!...Yes, this is him...Are you sure it's my aunt?...Shit...No please, don't call them. We'll handle it. I know where she could be... Thanks anyways...Sure I'll let you know.”he said disconnting it and throwed the phone on the couch, cursing. “Shit shit shit!!”He was pacing the the room like a angry lion now. “Rose is abducted too, right?” Grey phrased my doubts. “She is missing. She was to attend a meeting yesterday, but she missed it and her phone is not reachable.”what the hell is happening?

“How the hell he got his hands on all of them at once? I'm sure, he was on it for a long time.”I started biting my lips, no sure what to do next. “We know there location. We can attack them. The gangs are ready. What do you guys say?”I asked. Mr. Moleta shaked his head in disapproval. “No. Even though we know the location, we don't know, what is the condition of your family and Ben. We can't risk there life. It's not that easy. There has to be a catch.”he said.

“He knows all your moves. How? Maybe it's a trap. He wants all of you there. I won't be surprised, if he is aware of the fact that, we know his location.”he is right. But we can take him down. “What about Phillips? We can ask the inside news. He can tell us how to get in.”Grey nod his head too. Mr. Moleta gestured his hand to try it. Xander send him a message. Now we wait till he calls back. After 20 minute of waiting anxiously, his phone buzzed. The only thing came out of mouth was. “Oh no.”

“What the fuck happened, Xander? What did he say?”Xander passed his phone to me and Grey ran towards me to check the sms too. “Fuck no” cursed Grey, after reading it. The message says. 'Leo is changing the location and is taking Maya with him. He is planning to marry her tomorrow, keeping the others on the gun point. Don't follow. It's a trap to kill you all.' Now we are sure, he is aware of the fact that, we can track him and is prepared. That is why he has taken our family as hostages.

“Now what?”I said, frustrated. Xander told Mr. Moleta about the sms and sighed audibly. “My suggestion would be...Lets make a deal with the devil.” he said. “I'll call him. Let's see, what he has to say. Keep your calm. Don't freak out, because he wants you there.”he said pulling his phone out. We patiently waited for the call to get connected. As soon as it was, the devil himself spoke.

“What a pleasant surprise, Mr. Moleta. I wasn't expecting you reach my personal number. Anyways, how can I be of help?”he said sarcastically. “Stop your nonsense Leo. I want my granddaughter back. Spit the price.” he said. Leo laughed out loud. “You are a great business man Mr. Moleta but you see, this time, I'm not interested. She stays with me. You...Tell me the price, to let her go.” rage filled my body and I took the phone from him.

“You just wait till I get my hands on you, you swine. I'll make sure, your tongue is the first thing, that is to be cut out of you body.”I spat. There was a pregnant silence and then we heard a gun short. We heard a muffeled cry and than Leo spoke. “Only if you get your hands on me. You know what lover boy, my bullets are faster than you. And right now, someone close to you might lose his life, if you don't keep your fucking mouth shut.”he said. We all exchanged looks. Who did he shoot? “Nathan! O my god. Are you alright?” it's Emily. Shit, he shot Nathan.

“Anyways, tomorrow is my wedding. The best day of my life. You guys are invited too.”he chuckled. “Make sure to reach here, alive.”his laughter was heard, before the call got disconnected. We sat there in silence, in our own thought. Erik spoke next. “Sir, I think, the best thing would be to ask Phillips to make sure, your family is safely out of their, before we attack Leo, so that he can't use them against us. Then we can concentrate on freeing Ms. Sullivan.” We simply nod our head and I pull my phone out to check my people's location. “Report”I said.

“They are in the same position, sir. No movement. Only two of their men are going in and out. If my assumption is correct, they are trying to move the location. Few trolley are being carried out right now, as we talk.”I wrack my head for a million times now, but couldn't find a way to attack them, without bringing any harm to my family. Think think think. “Graham? Tell your team, three of my family members are kept hostages, including Ben and Maya.

Right now, our first priority is to get my sister, brother in law, Ben and Rose out of their. Then we can work on saving Maya. And make sure, you stand down and let the rival gangs initiate the fight. It should look like a surprise gang war to them. Can you do that?” This is the best we can think off right now. I don't want to believe it but, Leo is not going to harm Maya. I have to take advantage of that fact. “Very well sir. Do I have your orders to attack?”I looked at my brothers and then Mr. Moleta and Erik.

“Go ahead Graham.”I said, after getting affirmations from everyone in the room. “I'll report you back, as soon as your family is taken care of, sir.”he said disconnting the call. Now we wait. I hope Phillips is there to help the others. Why is it taking so long? Xander is sitting still, but I know there is a Strom burning inside him. Grey could be heard in the gym, taking his frustration out on the punching bag. It's been an hour. What is going on? Suddenly, my phone buzzed.

“It Graham”I announced. Grey came running out of the Gym, sweating. “Report”I said. “Sir, we have rescued your family. Ben Sullivan, Ms. Rose and Ms. Grant are fine. Mr. Grant had a bullet injury in his leg. But he has been send to the hospital with your sister and Ms Rose. The rival gang has taken care of Leo's men. But...umm...there was no sign of Ms. Sullivan or Leo, when we reach there. I think, he took some secret passage to ascape us. We are still digging the entire house to find some clue, where he could have taken her, but...I highly doubt, he left any.”he finished.

I thanked him and disconnected the call. Everyone heard what he said. He took her away from us. “She's gone” said Grey. We all stood here helpless and he took her away, right under our noses. “What are we going to do? Where is Phillips anyways?” I got out of the trance. “Yae Xander, call Phillips.” I said. Xander was already dialing his number. “Phillips, where did Leo take Maya? How could you let this happen?” asked Xander, furious.

He must have said something that made my brother break. Xander sat on the couch dejectedly, still on call. The panic sat inside the room. “Thanks Phillips. I'll keep that in mind...Sure, ok.” We all looked at him aspactedly. “So? What did he say?”I asked. He sighed and shaked his head. “He has no idea, where Leo took her. Our only hope is, if Phillips gets a call from him.” shit. I never felt this helpless before. Where could he take her. Not outside the town thought, because it's risky and he will get caught while crossing the border.

For the next 5 hours. We kept trying to find her within a radius of 20 miles, but no use. It's like they disappeared into the thin air. “Maya, where are you babe?” I closed my eyes to imagine her worried face. How broken she looked, when we send her away. She wanted us to regret our decision. She very much succeeded in doing that now. Once I get her back, even if she cries her heart out, we are never letting her out of our sight again. She is never going out of this house. She will never be left alone, at any cost, even if she hates us for doing it.

The doorbell rang to bring us all out of our daze. Erik stood up to open the door. He welcomed a stranger, who looks a younger version of him. They were speaking in German. “Sir this is my X- colleague, Tobias. He can help us find Leo, if he still has his phone with him. We finally saw a ray of hope. “Can you actually do that?” Xander asked. Tobias smiled and nod his head. “I can. Please give me his number.”he said, taking a single couch and opened his laptop. Who is this guy? He had a very relaxed look on him. May be the same age as Grey but way cooler.

Aftet 15 minutes of doing some kind of hacking, he looked at us. “He is not in the town.”that made us astounded. “Its not possible. He can't cross the border. We have people watching him.”I said. “Where exactly is the location pointing at?” I asked. We can still double check. “It's a motel, 2 hours from here.”he said, taping his fingers on his laptop. “Shall we send someone to check, or do you want to go there yourself?”I asked them all. Grey stood up. “Lets go there. I can't sit still anymore. Sitting here and doing nothing is better than going there and check for yourselves.”he said, pitting his jacket on.

“We can't be sure, if it's them. Leo can't be that stupid to go to a nearby motel, where he could be easily found.”said Xander. “The first thing people do before they go on hiding is throw their phones. Some random people must have found it and took it.”he concluded. “We can just send few people to confirm it then.”I suggested. Tobias was in deep thought. What is he thinking? “Sir, is there a way, you could provide me his photo?” he asked. “Are you gonna track him by his photo?” I asked.

“There are a couple of ways to track someones location, sir. We can do it by grabbing there IP or we can just use the metadata stored in an image. Actually, images store something called EXIF data & metadata. I think, with these, we can track him, easily.” he said. “Great. I have it. Let's do it.”I said. We provided the genius, Leo's pics and to confirm our findings, we also tracked Maya and to our surprise, thay are at the same location.

“Lets go.”without wasting any more time. We all jumped in two different cars and informed Gerald to send few of his trusted men to the new found location. “This ends today.”says Xander, irritated. “It will, brother. It will.” I said. Please help us, this once, who ever is listening out there. If we miss this opportunity today, we might lose Maya for ever. Let them be there.

We are coming for you, princess. Just hold on a little bit more. Please.

Ok...I don't know, if you find it boring or interesting, but this is what it is. You may aspect some action in the next chapter. Stay tuned. 😏Chao.

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