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I might have slept through out the noon, while looking out of the window. Suddenly when I opened my eyes, it was to the beautiful view of sunset. My stomach growled. Oh, I missed my lunch. I went to the kitchen to fix something light for now, because uncle Ben was taking me out for dinner. I made a peanut butter sandwich and started munching on it.

When I was about to put the plate in the sink, I heard the door bell. Rushing to the door, when I opened it, there standing in front of me was the person, I never thought I would see in 100 years.

"Maya..." I was about to close the door when he put his right hand and a foot in between "...Just..Please..hear me out ok?" he said pleadingly. I wanted to tell him to get lost but, I don't even want him to hear my voice. He started again. "Maya, you don't have to talk to me. Don't even look at me but, Please..Please, hear me out. I promise, I'll never show my face or bother you ever again in the future. I just want you safe".

That caught my attention. "What you mean?" I asked. Relief spread on his face and with a determination look, he sighed and started. "Ok..Do you remember, the first time I didn't turn up to school and you tried calling me many times?" I folded my hands in response. He continued. "That weekend before school, Harry and me went to a club. We were on our 1st drink, when a men in black with 2 bodyguards, came and sat in front of me."

Where is this going? I though but waited for him to finish. "He asked me If my name is Ronald and I asked, how can I help him?" he said. "He said he doesn't want to beat around the bush and came straight to the point. I want you to stay away from Maya from now onwards. And before you ask me who the hell I am, just call your parents and ask them what I mean.

And I did. My dad picked the phone. I asked dad, there is a man here with me and he said you know him well. And thinks I would follow his every command,word by word. Do you know him? There was a pause and then dad asked, Is he the one with bodyguards and a silver ring on his pointer finger? My dad's voice was shaking. Someting was telling me this man was dangerous. Yes,I replied. Then you will do exactly what he says. Or else anything you ever know or loved, he would make sure to destroy it without a remourse or second thought. Got it? And then the call was disconnected."

We stood there for several moments in silence, neither of us talking or taking our eyes of each other. Then I broke the silence. "So, you are saying, that's the reason you were cheating behind by back?" I asked with a blank face. He sighed audiblely. "No. That doesn't define what I did.

I..umn..I know what I did was wrong but, there was a lot of things going on in my mind at that time and even my parents were not helping with constant pressure to break up with You." He paused for a moment, searching my face then bend his head low, looking shamefull at his shoes. Then continued. "Mia was my sex partner. We met online. I wanted to release a bit of my stress...and she was available at that point...I wasn't thinking Maya..."

I raised my hand to stop him with an angry glare. He doesn't have to make me feel worse, thinking that I was dating a sex addict. "Ron, you don't have to take me on your adventure ride. I don't want to hear it. If you're done, you may leave." I said, directly looking into his eyes, which was showing a lot of emotions at this point of time. Longing, remorse, failure, hurt, Lo..No, he doesn't.

"Ok", he said degetedly. "But before I leave, I want to warn you one more time. Please Maya, don't ignore this matter. Talk to your uncle about it. Go away as far as you can from this city. He is a dangerous man. Trust me. I don't want anything happen to you." he said with a worried tone.

"You don't have to worry about me Ron. You lost that right already. We are perfectly capable of defending ourselves." I said with a dismissing voice. He nod his head and walked down the porch. Before going further, he stopped and turn around.

"Maya, it's not just me. He will never allow any men to be a part of your life." He said. "He is like a possessed man, looking for a right time to claim you." He warned. "I hope you find someone who is not a failure and Coward like me." he said with a sad smile. "I still care for you, Maya. I always have. I'll miss you. Stay safe." he said, getting into his car and then I watch him drive away.

Slowly I closed the door behind him and slide down it, catching both my knees with my hands and laid my head on the door. Why? Why? Why?Why me? I don't even know who that physho is behind all this. Then like a lightening bolt, it hit me. Ron said the man in black with silver ring on his pointer finger.

"Oh No. Nononnoo. This can't be happening." I blabber to myself. “Its the man from the park. I am sure about it. What do I Do?" I started panicking. His words constantly playing in my mind like a record.

You belong to me princess. You know, I am a king and once you grow up, I'll make you my Queen. Remember princess...Don't let any man touch you. No one. You are Mine.

He will never let me near anyone else. He will haunt them and even kill them, if they even try to make any moov towards me. I am doomed. There is no one to help me. No friends, no boyfriend, no parents.

“Uncle? No! I can't involve him. I can't risk his life. I'll find a way out of it myself. Even if I have to run away, leaving him behind. Yes. Yeah, It's for the best. It's for the best..." I was mumbling. I got up and walked toward my room. When inside, I took my violin and put my every emotions into it.

I remember most of my childhood, comparable to the other children. I only have one happy memory, when a small boy name Ivan, came to our orphanage. He was younger than me. He was the only person,I was friendly with. We use to kill time together. Eating, reading, playing and sharing the same bed.

We use to share our dreams together. He had very beautiful blue eyes. When ever he was happy, his eyes use to sparkle. He was like a brother, I never had. We always keep to ourselves. One day a couple came and took him away. We both cried because we didn't want to get separated. We were holding onto each other, like our life depends on it. "Maya, let him go." said Someone, holding my arms.

"No!” Ivan cried. "Don't let go." He cried out incresing the pressure of his hold. "If you care for him and want him to have a happy life, just let him go. He is your best friend right?" someone said in my ears. And just like that, I let go of his hand. He stopped crying at once, with a shock on his face, as if he can't believe, I let his hand go. The next moment, his new family took him away from me.

He kept looking back through the glass. I waved at him, until I can't see the car anymore but he didn't. That day I realized, I didn't just let my friend go, I had also let go of my happyness, that came with the friendship. I lost my smile, voice and interest to stay in the orphanage. After he left, I was all alone and on my own, until uncle found me.

I didn't want my tears to fall so, I pour all my emotions, frustration, worry and desperation into the music. I was so lost into it that, I didn't realise, someone was standing near my bedroom door. I kept playing until I can't take it anymore and then stopped. I won't cry, I would never cry. I have to be strong for Uncle atleast. I'll find a way to deal with my problems on my own...I'll.

So, I took few deep breaths and when turned, I found uncle leaning against my bedroom door, with a worried expression and sadness in his eyes. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. I kept repeating in my mind. I greeted him with a smile. "How long you have been standing there." I asked with a happy face. He sighed. "For a while..." He wanted to say something else but fought against it. "Are you hungry?" he asked "because I'm starving." he added. I giggled and nodded linking my hands with him.

"Very. So,where are you taking me?" I asked and was relieved that he didn't asked me anything about my mood. Because, I could never hide my feeling from him. Maybe he realized that, if I want to tell him something, I would in time. "Get ready, I talking you to the beach restaurant and after that we can have ice cream for dessert,walking on the shore.what say?"he asked." Sounds great."I answered clapping my hands excitedly."Give me 2 mins".

I ran to my closet taking out a faded jeans and black and red check shirt. I washed my face and fixed my hair with a simple ponytail within minutes. Uncle was waiting in the car for me. I grabbed by Snickers and ran towards the car, after checking if the doors were properly closed. "Ready?" he asked with a smile. "Ready..Let's go." I said, taking the seat belt and putting it on.

We reached our destination in 20 mins. Lucky us, there was no traffic. After we settled down in our reserved table in the restaurant, with a perfect beach view, we ordered barbeque and chat happily about things. He asked me about my day and I told him what I did to kill time, excluding the part when Ron came. He's very stressed now a days and I don't want to burden him anymore with my worries.

I want to tell him everything but, not now. Maybe while we are on vaccation for my birthday. When we are far from here. "A Penny for your thoughts." he snickered, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Nothing. Let's go get dessert." I said. "Ok..Let's go" he said, pulling me into a side hug. We smiled at each other and went out of the restaurant towards the ice cream parlour.

"Oh my god uncle, did you pay the bill?" I asked suddenly. "Yes, when you were deep in thought." he said, with an unamused expression. "You are a little lost today. What's the matter?" he asked finally. Here comes the question, I was trying so hard to avoid. "Nothing"... Obviously, he was not convinced so, I told him half the truth. Hope he believes me.

"Ron was trying to reach me for quite some time. He came home today." I searched his face for any reaction. It was blank. "and..?" he asked. "And nothing. He wanted me to give him a second chance but, I closed the door on his face." I said with a blank face, matching his. Then he sighed, folding his arms. "Do you want to forgive him? Is that what you have been thinking all along ?" he asked.

"Do you want to start over again with him and can't decide for yourself ? Is that why you are sad?" he finished. "No uncle Ben. How can I forgive him, when I can't forget what he did to me?" I asked with a frawn on my face. "Don't frawn that much, or you will look older than me, with the early wrinkles which will appear on your forehead." he said pressing both his lips together to control his laugh. I couldn't control mine and burst out laughing at his joke. Let it be my uncle to lighten the mood. I Really love him a lot. I wish he was my father. That thought bought a smile on my face.

I'll treasure every moment I had with him, till the end. I don't know what the future has stored for us but, I don't want to dual on that right now. Right now, I just want to live as much as I can without any worries. "Happy Birthday Uncle Ben." I said hugging him sideways. He returned the gesture and kissed my hair lovingly." Thank you pumpkin." he said, with a big smile on his face.

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