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"Wakey wakey princess."someone was wishpering in my ear. This is familiar but, it's doesn't give me the tingling sensation that I receive, when the brothers wake me up. This voice sends chills, like the life is being sucked out of me. Slowly, I tried to open my eyes, only to find the devil looking down at me with his pearly extra sweet smile. I groaned and turned around, not wanting to be so close to his bare chest. "Hmmn, did I made you blush, my angel?"he asked, chuckling. As if.

"Go away Leo, before I puke on your disgusting face."I spat, with my gritted teeth. "Oh. But I thought... anyways, I'm not hurt though. One day I will convert your Loath into love, darling. Then you will kiss this disgusting face on your own." he said, lifting himself from the bed and walking away, but not before pausing near the door. "By the way, the food is on the table. Don't starve yourself, and there is a change of clothes in the bathroom, go take a shower. I'll come back in an hour. Love you baby." he said, closing the door behind him and locking it away.

I throwed the blanket aside and pulled the covered plate towards me. There was a plate full of waffles with cream and berries toppings over it. There were Potato wedges and a glass of milk too. In other circumstances I would have avoided eating it but, I don't want to starve my baby. Taking a deep breath, I sighed and digged into the food and finished it within minutes, then gulped the entire glass of milk. I pushed the plate away and stood up to walk towards the window. It is not possible to slip through it, because it's secured with iron grills.

I looked outside and the feeling of hopelessness took over me again. They will never find me here in this isolated deep forest. It's been 15 days and still there is no sign of any rescue team. What if they have given up on me? What if they don't want me anymore? What if they...Died? No no no no. They can't. I won't survive, if any harm comes their way. After standing there for another 10 minutes, I went inside the bathroom and took a very much needed shower, to clear my mind. Then I changed myself into the dress, Leo provided and came out of the washroom, only to find him standing in the same spot, where I was few minutes ago, near the window.

When he turned around to look at me, his hungry eyes roamed around my body, making me feel all naked, even if I was covered. He took a sharp intake of breath and approached me with slow predatory strides. "You look ravishing in that dress, baby. But I would rather see you without them. I'm sure, you would look even better than this."He said, licking his lower lips. I looked away, not able to take is dirty looks. "Come, I have a good news for you."he said, dragging me out of the room. I followed him without any ruckus, because I want to find out any possible exit way in the house.

But to my disappointed, there is only one exit and that is the main door. This was a single storey house. A living room, which leads to an open kitchen and dinning room, with only two bedrooms on each sides. He made me sit on the couch and offered me a newspaper. "Read" he said with a sick smile. "What is in there?"I asked. "Oh, the good news I was talking about. I wanted you to find out yourself." I opened the front page and started reading it. I read it twice, not believing what I just read. Once I was done with the article, I throwed it away.

"Its not true."I wishpered. "They can't do this to me. I trust them. This is your doing. I know it."I said, even if the news had shaken me from inside.

Leo's face changed into something, pitiful, like he is sad for me. He crouched down infront of me and hold my face in both his hands. "Oh sweetheart, I wish It was my doing. Actually, I had planned on doing something like that, but they beat me to it. They don't want you, Angel. Trust me. They are only using you. Open your eyes and face the truth." he said, pulling his phone out.

"Listen to this."he said, playing an audio. "Graham? Tell your team, three of my family members are kept hostages, including Ben and Maya. Right now, our first priority is to get my sister, brother in law, Ben and Rose out of their. And make sure, you stand down and let the rival gangs initiate the fight. It should look like a surprise gang war to them. Can you do that?" It was Roman. There was a pause."Very well sir. Do I have your orders to attack?" again a pause. "Go ahead Graham." then the person name Graham said. "I'll report you back, as soon as your family is taken care of, sir."he said. There was a gap and then another conversation.

"Report" Roman said. "Sir, we have rescued your family. Ben Sullivan, Ms. Rose and Ms. Grant are fine. Mr. Grant had a bullet injury in his leg. But he has been send to the hospital with your sister and Ms Rose. The rival gang has taken care of Leo's men." he said. "Thank you very much Graham."said Roman and then the call was disconnected. What does that mean? He didn't even ask, about me. Did he really not care, about me. There is no doubt, it was Roman. His instructions were clear. He wanted only his family to be rescued. Right now, our first priority is to get my sister, brother in law, Ben and Rose out of their. He said.

Then the news is not made up. Roman was marrying Sophia tomorrow and Xander, Desirée. Then their declaration in the interview went through my mind like record again and again. "Maya was just a fling. We never wanted to settle down with her. We came to our senses when she got herself pregnant with someone and started blackmailing us with the child, which definitely is not ours. We were always careful during sex. She is a gold digger, just like her father. How else a father would allow his daughter to sleep with 3 men at once, without any commotion."

I closed my eyes and let my long holding tears go down like waterfall. "Oh my poor baby, I know how it feels to be unwanted. You are not the first one, they used and disposed." he said hugging me sideways. His words made me cry harder. "Im so sorry, sweety. I tried to warn Ben, but he trusted the Osborne's with his life. He thought, I was the bad guy, but those bastarts are the ones all along. I didn't know, you were pregnant Maya. Why didn't you tell me? I would be more than happy to give your child my name, Angel. If you give a chance, that is." he said stroking my hair, gently.

"I don't know, whom to trust anymore. They have not just broken my heart, they also called my child, a bastard, for which, I'll never forgive them. But I can't marry you, Leo. Not now atleast. I'm not in a situation to start a new life yet."I told him. He sighed. "Its alright angel. I don't have to make you my wife, to take care of you and our child." I looked at him. He was genuinely trying to make me a part of his life. But, am I ready yet, to let go of them. I still love them, with everything I have. Did they really used me so far. The concern, the love confession, the promises, were they all fake?

A big part of me still believes that, this is just a game played by Leo to take me away from them. But the recording proves that, they never cared about my safety. They never...Loved me. I sighed and stood up. "Leo can you let me be, for a while?" He was reluctant to leave but, went anyways out of the house, leaving me alone to deal with my broken heart. I walked back towards my provided bedroom and closed it behind me. I placed a hand on my belly and sighed. "If they don't want us, we don't want them either. We don't need anyone. I'll take care of you, I promise. I'll give you a life, I never had. Far from our past. We'll start a new."

First of all, I have to get out of here. Even if, for a second, I believe Leo, I can't give my child a criminal life. He is a gang leader, let's not forget that. With determination, I decided to find a way out of this house, with out his knowledge. We have been changing our location every 4 days. I'm sure, he would ask me again to pack. I'll do it again, but this time, I will run away, for good. I was packing the toiletries, when Leo knocked on the door. "Come in" I said. "What are you doing?" he asked, frawning. "Packing. It's been 4 days already. Aren't we supposed to be move on?" I said. I'm sure, he would buy my lies.

His face lit up and he pulled me into a hug. "I love you Maya. See, this is what I was talking about. Let go of the past and let's start all over again, Ok?" he said, kissing my forehead. I nod my head, to go with it. "Give me 10, then we can leave." he said, walking out of the room. I packed the used dressed in a carry bag, to wash later. I took a duffle bag and packed a blanket, few towels, the toiletries and used clothes into it. I walked into the kitchen and took out few fruits and also packed some dry fruits including some store food, that will last few weeks, untill I find a place to hide.

My main concern was cash. I don't have any. Will it be fine, if I take some from Leo. No no no. I can't steal. I looked at my bracelet. It was a gift from dad. But I don't have an option right now. This will give me an amount, with which I can survive for months. Hopefully, I'll get a job. I sighed and waited for Leo to come out of his room. After few minutes he came out, with a smile on his face. "Come on. Let's go."he said, offering me his hand. I looked at it for a while, but took it anyways, not to raise any uncertainty. I put my bag in the back seat of his car and walked towards the short gun. When Leo was locking the house, I heard a gun fire. I looked back in horror. Almost 20 men were running our way.

"Maya, take the car and go to the location, already set on the GPS. I'll distract them and meet you there. There is cash in my bag, if you need. Go now!" he ordered, pushing me to the driver's seat. There was another gun fire. "Go! go! go! Drive. Don't look back!" he yelled. This is what I wanted right? A chance to run away. Why then I feel so bad about ditching him. "Get in. We can leave them behind, if we drive faster. Come, Hop on. I'm not leaving you behind." I said, before my words make any sense. He looked behind him and cursed. "Fine" he said taking the driver seat. He hit the gas and we flew out of the place, leaving people running behind us. We drived for 20 minutes in full speed.

"Woooho!! We missed them. Finally." He then looked my way and kissed the back of my hand, which he was holding. I tried to pull it away but, he didn't let go of it. "Thanks for not letting go of me Maya. I know, I have done bad things to you, but you showed me how big your heart is, by not leaving me there." I don't know, why I saved his ass, but I guess he is right. I'm not that heart less. "Look Leo..."he interrupted me. "No, let me finish Maya. I'm not a good man. I have done bad, very bad things. I have sell drugs, I have done kidnapping, human trafficking and also killed people, but I'll never hurt you."he said letting go off my hands.

"If you give me a chance, I'll let go of all my gang business and settle down with you, somewhere peaceful. I'll do anything you want me to. I'll give you a future, clean off my criminal life. I'll take you far away from this place, if you just give me a chance." he said, keeping his eyes on the road, but his hands were gripping the wheel. I don't know what to say. "Take your time. I'm not in a hurry, Babe. I just want you to be happy." he said, smiling. I turned my head towards the window and tried not to think about the ongoing issues in my life and get some sleep. Who knows, what has my future stored for me.

Will I ever me able to leave everything behind and run away with a criminal? Will I ever be able to forget them or stop loving them? I looked down at my rings. They promised to love me till death. Was it all a game for them. Their conffession were so genuine.

Maya,will you be mine forever,by trusting your heart to me? (Xander's words.)

Maya, I promise to love you and only you till my last breath. (Roman's confession.)

If you just except this ring, I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cheish you,more than me, I can bet on that. (Grey's promise.)

I felt nauseaus all of a sudden. "Leo can you stop the car please." he stopped it, Immediately. As soon as I jumped out of the car, I throwed up. After my stomach was empty, I lost control of my body and about to fall back, when Leo caught me. "Hey hey take it easy there, love. I got you." he said, lifting me up and making me sit inside the car again. He gave me tissue paper to wipe my mouth and some water afterwards. After relaxing for 5 more minutes, we hit the road again. "Try to get some sleep, baby." I'll wake you up, once we are there." he said, patting my head. I nodded and closed my eyes to take some rest.

I don't care, what future has stored for me, but I'm sure of one thing. It's just me and my baby. There is no place for his sperm doners in our life.

I promise that on my broken heart.

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