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Few months later ( Brother's POV)

Xander's POV

Its been months since Maya went missing. Nothing is the same anymore. We tried tracking Leo, but everytime we come closer to finding him, he changed his location. When we finally found him two months back, the strange part was, he didn't struggle or try to run. He was in a mental condition, according to the doctor that doesn't respond to any treatment or in simple words, he has lost his mind. The only time, he showed any type of reaction, when Maya's name was uttered.

What happened to my woman? Where is Maya? We have lots of questions, but this bastard doesn't open his mouth. When ever me and my brothers visit his cell to ask him about Maya's whereabout, he would just start smiling like a crazy teenager in love or cry his heart out. We are just going round and round about this. We send pics of Maya everywhere. Newspapers, internet, send search parties. We have also gone personally, by road and checked in every possible hospital, missionary and country side in search of her but no use.

Nobody has seen her, as if she doesn't even exist. The thought of her non existent has shaked us all to the core. We don't want to believe that Maya is gone. Grey doesn't even come home anymore. He still blames himself for not fighting enough to let Maya stay with us. He doesn't respond to our calls nor goes to his club to see, how the work is going on. The only time people see him their, when he wants to have a free drink. Many times we have admitted him in the hospital due to his excess drinking. I'm just this close to send him to rehab because I'm not ready to lose him too.

Greyson's POV

Give me one more!! This bastard doesn't even understand, How bad I need this. "Sir, we have strict instructions to not let you drink anymore." said the bar tender. "Who the fuck tell you that? This is my Bar, my club. I own it!! You would do, as I say. Now stop licking someone else's ass and serve me like the good dog you are. Ok?" I said, holding his collar. "No. He will do as I say, because you are not in your right mind to run this club." I turned around and saw Rome standing behind me, with his hands folded with a permanent scowl on his face.

"Rome!!" I turned around and started crying, hugging him. "H..He won't g..give me the d..drink Rome. Tell him to give me one last drink. I..It helps me to sleep. S...She won't let me s... sleep. I haven't slept for soooo long." I said struggling to sit straight. He sighed audibly and asked the bartender to give me a small. "No..No no. Large. Tell him to make it large. Please please." I begged. He closed his eyes and shaked his head. "Fine, give him and after this you are coming home. No sleeping in the car, get it?" he said, with a stern voice.

"Yes sir!" I said, giving him a mocking salute. I don't remember much after that. The only thing I remember is, Xander helping me, take off my jacket and Rome, taking my shoes off. Then I was helped into bed. Someone was stroking my hair. I looked up and the face was too blur for me to recognize. "Maayaa, is that youuu? You are heerrrre, finally? Don't leave me again, ooook?" I kissed the back of her hand and caught it under my chest, untill sleep took over me.

Roman's POV

Emily started crying, seeing Grey in this condition. "Sussh, it's ok Em. He'll be alright." I said, hugging her to my chest. I don't know, who I'm trying to fool here. Her or myself ? Everyone knows, Grey is a lost case. Even if we are very cautious about him going anywhere near the alcohol, he would sneak somehow to get a drink. It's like...He doesn't want to be sober anymore. Can I blame him? No. Everyone is the Same. Ben, Emily, Rose, me and my Brothers. Not having a single clue of where Maya is and how's her condition, it's making all of us restless. Not even a single day has gone, when I didn't get startled my a phone call, expacting Some news about Maya's whereabout.

But as days and months pass, it's becoming hopeless. Is she even alive? Shit! What are you thinking, dumbwit? Ofcource, she is alive. My heart says, she's ok. Alive. I'll not give up on her. I'll find you Maya, no matter how long It takes. I left Emily and Grey in his bedroom and walked towards the living room. I stopped when I saw Xander, Ben, Mr. Moleta, Erik, Phillips Evan and Oliver looking at something together. Evan? Yes, he has met Phillips after Maya's disappearance. Since then, he is with us, trying his way to find his friend and sister, Maya.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Come and see for yourself." said Evan, clenching his fist. "I always had this gut feeling that, this bitch has something to do with Ms. Sullivan's disappearance." said Erik. Everyone gave me space to look at whatever, they were, a few seconds ago. A rage filled my eyes, when I see Leo and Sophia together. "Details" I asked. "They were not aware of the fact that, someone was taking pictures in the background. But, what I don't understand is, Sophia looks like she is pregnant, which she is not. What does that mean?" said Oliver, in deep thought. "Let's not waste time and ask her." I suggested. Xander and me both started walking towards the garage and into my car.

"If I find out, she has anything to do with Maya's kidnapping, I'll make her life hell." I said. "Easy brother, we need answer." said Xander, making me grit my teeth. After 45 minutes, we reached her place. Not able to keep my anxiety at bay, I knocked at her door repeatedly. "Hold your horses. Who the fuck is it!" she said opening the door. "I'll show you who the fuck I am." I said, catching her by her hair and dragging her toward the living room. "Wtf, Rome! What do you think, you are doing? You better have a good reason to..." I cut her mid sentence by slapping her hard, sending her straight to the floor. I took the pictures out and showed her one by one.

"Does that bring some of your memory back, Babe?"I smirked evily. "I don't know what your talking about?"she mumbled, not meeting our eyes. "How about this?" It's a pic, where she look like five months pregnant and she is talking to Maya, who looks heavily pregnant aswell. "You know where she is, don't you?" asked Xander. "The only way out of this is, you speak the truth, Sophia. Or else, we would let the FBI handle this. I'm sure, you don't want that. She looked horrified now. "No. Xander, please. I'll tell you, what I know. Please, just let me speak. " she begged him. "Go on and make sure, every single word is Truth and only truth, or else... You will not like the consequences, Sophia" I warned her.

She nod her head vigorously. "Start from the beginning. Roman, record it." said Xander. I am, I said and then she started narrating everything like a story. I couldn't believe my ears, what she said. Her and Leo both planned on manipulating Maya into believing that, we don't want her anymore. That she was just a fling to us all. A gold-digger. According to her story, Maya believes that, we are married and Sophia is carrying my child. And the reason, we couldn't find her is because, she has been brainwashed that Leo is trying to kill or sell her child, so that he can have her for himself, without any lose link to her past. Even Leo doesn't know about it.

"Where is she now?" I asked her. She was quite. "Answer him, now!" Xander's voice boomed in the hall. I'm sure she almost peed herself. "Connecticut. She is in Connecticut. She works as a private tutor for an orphanage, runs under a woman name Silvia." she blabbered out. "Whats the Orphanage name?" I asked. "HOPE" she said. I searched on line and true to her words, it's an Orphanage, located in a rural area. It's far from city lights and very small populated country side, 2 hours journey from the city. "You are coming to the station with us."I said, dragging her towards the main door. Without any commotion, she followed me.

After, submitting her confession on my phone and completing the formalities in the police station, Xander and me came back home and packed two bags for a week to travel to Connecticut and bring our girl back. Who knows, how long it's gonna take to convince her. We have to wait for Grey to sober up, so that we could go together. Next morning, we gave Grey few things to help him get over his hangover. Then Xander Narrated him about the entire event last night.

"Fuck! You guys sure, it's her?" asked Greyson, shouting from the shower. "Yes bro, it's her. We confirmed it. Now get ready. We already waited the entire night sleepless, for you to sober up. Get ready in five. And for god shake, take some mouth freshner. You stink of alcohol." I said. He came out of the bathroom baring his naked body. Xander roled his eyes at him and went out of the room, saying he would wait in the car. After Few minutes, we all drove off to the airport, from where we are taking the private jet till Connecticut, to bring our girl back home.

Meanwhile in Connecticut...

"Maya! Maya, where are you?"

"Im in the backyard, Silvia."

"There you are. How many times I have to tell you to stay in my eyesight? Your due date is getting closer. It's risky Maya, why don't you understand?"

"I'm sorry ok? I just got carried away by the music. I wanted to play it in the open." she said, with a sad smile.

Silvia shighed. "Fine come, It's almost Lunch. Have something then Dr. Rubi will check on you." she said offering Maya her hand to help her stand.

She took it and both of them walked towards the kitchen.

"Maya, are you feeling ok? You feel a little lost today. During morning session you zoned out twice. You can tell me, if something is bothering you." asked Silvia.

"It's nothing Silvia. I'm just anxious, I guess." she said, serving herself a plate of food and taking a chair to sit.

"Maya? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Maya don't you think, you should at least call your father? I'll always be there for you but, your dad would be worried sick about you. You're his only family sweety. Just call and check how he's doing. He has a right to know, that you're ok." said, Silvia holding Maya's gaze.

Maya shaked her head. "No, let him think that I'm dead. I have bought too much pain towards him. After hearing from the news channel that I was whoring for 3 men, I can imagine how his reputation would have gone down. I was always a burden for him. I can't do that to him anymore. A used and discarded daughter." tears found it's way out of her beautiful eyes.

"Oh my sweet child. Don't cry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just... trying to help you. Ssh, every thing will be fine. Calm down. Depression is not good for both mother and child. Come on. Cheer up. The kids also are sad because, there teacher is not happy today." she chuckled.

That bought smile on Maya's face. After faking her car accident and escaping from Leo, Silvia found her near the waterfall, where her and the children have gone for a picnic. Seeing Maya's state and listening to her story, Silvia bought her home without any further questions. Since 9 months, Maya is a part of her Orphanage family, HOPE. The kids just loves her and Maya has almost recovered from her past, with the love and care she gets from this new family. Almost.

"I'm so sorry. I think, I have to play my magic card again in the evening, to get rid of the gloomy atmosphere." Maya said, wiping her tears.

"I guess so." they both laughed.

After having their lunch Silvia asked Maya to go see Dr. Rubi for her regular parental checkup, while she cleans the kitchen. While Maya was heading towards Dr.Rubi's office, one of the helpers in the Orphanage called her.

"Maya mem? Few people have come to see Silvia Mem."

"Um, Silvia is in the kitchen. Let me go and greet the guests. You go and inform her. Ok?"

'Some people might have come for adoption', she thought. But as soon as she entered the office, her entire world froze.

"Good Afternoon Gentlemen, how can I help y..." her smile fell. She became speechless. How did they find her?




Why are they here?

Have they come for their child?

No! It's my child. Not theirs.


Before they could say another word, Maya dashed out of the room. As fast as she could, in her condition. She could hear footsteps following her, but she doesn't want to turn back.

"Maya just wait." Xander

"Is she supposed to walk that fast in her condition?" Grey

"Maya careful. Don't walk too fast." Roman

"Babe, slowdown." Grey

"Oye duckling?" Roman.

"What did you just call me?" Maya stopped and turn around.

"Now she's listening." Xander said, with an amused face.

"Yae, I'm listening. Talk. You got only 5 mins." said Maya, with a blank face. They all exchanged looks than Grey walked behind her and suddenly back hugged her. "What do you think, you are doing?" she asked, trying to push him away. "I missed you baby girl. Let me hug you, then we'll talk." she was opening and closing her mouth like a fish, not knowing how to react. In shock, she didn't realize, two more figures approaching her from the front. And when she realized, it was too late. Both Roman and Xander have stunned her, joining the group hug. But, all of them were taken aback, when they felt the kicks from Maya's enlarged stomach.

"Woh! Who do we have here?" said Xander, placing both his hands on her stomach and was again responded with two kicks. "I think, someone is excited to meet their daddies." said Roman, putting his ear on her belly. He got a large movement, like someone is stretching inside. Maya wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Her babies, yes babies. She was having twins. They never showed, this much of excitement ever. For a moment, she forgot the fact that, they doesn't want her anymore or she was seeing them after 9 long months.

"Daddies are excited to meet you too, little one." said Greyson, placing a kiss on her belly and making small circles on it. His respond was remarkable. A hand print and a foot. All of their eyes teared up in excitement and love.

"Wow! what a reunion? Are you the guys, who called her babies, a bastard?"

To be continued...

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