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Maya's POV

"Wow what a reunion? Are you the guys, who called her babies, a bastard?" Silvia's voice bought me out of my speechless stance.

"Sorry mem, but we would never use that word on our children...Wait a minute, did you said, babies?" asked Xander, with his eyes popping out. "Yes, babies. She is carrying twins." said Silvia, pulling me out of their embraces, which I'm glad. They are glaring at her, but Silvia was least bothered.

"Anyways, state you business and get going. Don't harrass a pregnant lady, who can go into labour any moment now." her words made them enxcious, I can see that. "Maya, it was all a misunderstanding, princess. Let's sit and talk." said Xander. Everyone was waiting for my approval. "I don't want to do anything with them, but if letting them talk can bring all this to an end, I'll do it." They know, my words were directed to them, but I was talking to Silvia. "You heard her. By the way, Maya has to go for her scanning next door. You guys can wait in my office, untill she is done."

"We want to see our babies too." said Roman, which made my blood boil. I know I might regret saying it later, but the words were out of my mouth, before I could put a check on it. "Just because you lent me your bloody sperm, doesn't make you their fucking father!" I took a deep breath clutching my stomach. "You guys are capable enough to make children. Go, get it from your respective wives. I'm just a useless whore right?"


All of them yelled at the same time. I took the nearest chair and started taking deep breath. Nobody realized, my first contraction has hit. They all came closer and crouched down infront of me. "Do not, I mean ever, use that word, Maya. I know you have been brainwashed and manipulated by both Sophia and Leo, but do you not trust us enough Maya, to listen to our side of story?" asked Xander, taking my right hand. I turned my head away to avoid their gaze, because I don't want them to see me in pain. Both mentally and physically.

"Maya the things Sophia told you and Leo showed you and made you hear is not true. They were working together to keep us apart." said Roman, trying to get me look into his eyes by grabbing by chin. "Uuh! I'll not make the same mistake of trusting you guys." I groaned in pain, when my second contraction hit. "You have to believe us babe. Make her listing to the recording, Rome. Let her decide for herself." said Grey, getting up and pacing back and forth. "Very well, listin to this." said Rome and pulled his phone out to play a recording.

The audio playing...

"Go on and make sure, every single word is Truth and only truth, or else... You will not like the consequences, Sophia"

"Start from the beginning. Roman, record it."

"I am"

"It all started, when you bought Maya home to the family dinner. I didn't like the fact that everyone including mom, appreciated her. After walking out of your house, I went to a bar. There I met Leo and we planned about Maya's kidnapping and me being the insider to leak your where abouts. It went for few days, but we were getting impatient and finally, when we got a chance we kidnapped her. But the problem was, she Nor you not Maya was willing to let go of each other. So, we planned to create some false evidences, to make her believe that, you guys used her and she would willingly go with Leo and then, I would take advantage of there closeness and manipulated you into hating her."

"What kind of evidences?"


"Sophia? I'm not going to repeat my question. Speak up."

"We edited your conversation with one of your men, who came for her rescue and made her believe that, you send them only to rescue your family, not her."

"What else?"

"We made a fake newspaper headline, where it says that, you are marring me and Xander was marrying Desirée, because you guys finally realized that she was gold digger and cheating on you guys and was blackmailing you with someone else's child. "

"You bitch! She's just 19, carrying our child. God knows where she is. I'm going to fucking kill you!"

"Hold on Rome, there is more to her story. What else Sophia? If you guys were working together, then why does Leo doesn't know about her whereabout? He has gone mad. What happened?"

"I don't know about him but, when he called me one day saying that Maya was not excepting his proposal to marry him, we came up with a plan to make her believe that, I was happily married with you and carrying your child."

"And she believed it?"

"Yes, we made it look like, the meeting was a coincidence. I congratulated her on her having baby with Leo, acting as if, I have no idea, she was carrying yours and also apologized for my behavior in the past. She bought it."

"But that didn't work, did it?"

"No, she believed me but, I wanted her far gone so, I told her that Lei is planning to get rid of the child, because he doubts that the baby belongs to the brothers and as soon as they are born, he would send them away from her. That might have send her made her trick him somehow and ascape him, I guess."

"Where is she now?"

"Answer him, now!"

"Connecticut. She is in Connecticut. She works as a private tutor for an orphanage, runs under a woman name Silvia."

"Whats the Orphanage name?"


End of the recording.

"Was that enough to make you believe us Maya?" asked Xander. I couldn't meet their eyes. What have I done? They were searching for me all this time like crazy and what did I do? I ran away from the only people who love me with their life. How much they would have gone through, thinking I'm dead? Shit! Another contraction.

"Look at us Maya. Don't you dare blame yourself for this. We were equally responsible for taking Leo for granted. Your hormones were making the best of your decision. We never blamed you. We just wanted to find you, so that we could pour so much love on you that, you wound never doubt our devotion towards you." said Roman, taking my face in both his hands and making me look into his eyes. "We love you Maya. " they all said together.

"I can't take it anymore!!"

They all looked stunned and hurt. "Shit! I didn't mean it like that. Urr! I love you guys too, with everything I have. I have been dying to hear those three words for ages now. I had always loved you. I love you now and I'll always love you but... The babies are very much eager to come out and meet their daddies, I guess." then realization hit them all. 'Fuck', they all cursed together. "Yes, 'fuck' right? Take me to my doctor now please." I said chuckling.

"Shit! Sorry love. Let me pick you up." said Xander, picking me up in his arms, bridal style. "I'll lead the way, come on. Rubi!! Rubi!! Maya is having

contraction. Have a look." Silvia yelled. Rubi is a middle age woman, who is both a Gyno and pediatrician. Bless her soul. "Really? Bring her in. Place her on the bed and you guys can wait outside." she said pushing us toward the mini hospital bed, which they have been keeping ready for me for last one month. "No, we would like to stay with her." said Grey, with a panic face. I smiled lightly.

"And who are you young man?" she said preparing herself for the babies. "They are the father's." I said, feeling proud and happy that they are finally here. All three of them gave me smile and kissed my hand face and hair. "Yes, we are and she's our fiancé. Can you please check and see, how the babies and their Mama are doing?" Asked Rome, without taking his eyes off me. "With pleasure."said Dr. Raven. "I'll go call few helpers. You guys got her, right?" Silvia said walking away towards the exit of the nursing room. We all heard a corous of "always". Both Doctor and Silvia exchanged looks with me and smiled.

I looked back at the guys to divert myself from the unbearable pain down there. Doctor was working her magic on me. They look so tired, bags under their eyes and leaner than I remember. Their facial hair has grown so much that I don't know, when they last shaved. "You guys look ugly." I said, placing my hands on their faces. They all laughed lightly. We'll shave it before kissing our babies, don't worry princess." joked Xander. I wanted to say something else but the doctor asked for our attention.

"You guys have to see this."she said, moving the monitor towards us. "Can you see that?" she asked. The guys looked excited and very happy. "Look at that." said Roman, laughing. "Doc, I can't see anything." I said. Grey came behind me and made me bend up a little bit, in his arms to see it. Now I can see. "Is that was I think it is?" I asked, breathless. "Yes Maya. We have been thinking all along, that you are having two boys, where as the two big brothers were hiding their baby sister behind them all this time. And now our Angel is fighting with her brothers to let her come out." she laughed.

Then another contraction hit me and it was deadly. I screemed, with pain. "Its time Maya. Take deep breath and when I say push, just push. Also when you feel the contraction, push harder." she kept instructing me and I did exactly as she said. Rome and Grey were by my side, encouraging me and saying they love me. Xander, two helper and Silvia were helping the doctor delivering the babies. After struggling for 15 more minutes, a small cry was heard. I took a deep breath.

"And thats our big boy. One down two to go." said the doctor. All of them smiled looking at our first born. The doctor asked Xander to cut the cord and then the baby was placed on by chest. It has brown hair and Grey eyes, just like Roman. I kissed his forehead and placed it on Rome's hand for him and Grey to hold him. They were so stunned, that no words were uttered. The baby were given back to the helpers to clean. Grey took Xander's place to cut the second cord. The contraction hit again.

"Push Maya." Said Xander, near my ears. "You can do it babe. Come on." said Roman, kissing my forehead. Three more push and my second son was delivered. His cry was pounder than my first. Grey cut the cord and then he was placed in my hands to have a look. "Ssh, I said. He had very dark curly hair just like Xander, with bright blue eyes. "Whoa! Look at those eyes." said Grey, which made all of us laugh. "He really have very bright blue eyes." I said.

"They all hum in agreement. The baby was taken from me immediately, because the last contraction hit me. Two more push and the loudest, height pitch cry filled the room. "Ok. Ok.. you brothers made you wait for long, is that why you are upset. It's ok sweety, you are free now. Let's meet your mommy and daddies." said Rubi, making all of us laugh. "Roman cut the cord this time and took my princess, in his hands. She quiet down immediately. "Ok? What was all that about?" asked Xander, taking the baby from Rome and placing it on my chest. She looked at me with her doe like eyes but the grey blue colour and dimples says otherwise.

"Now we know, why she seeks so much attention."said Xander, making all of us laugh. "That means, she is daddy's girl, right baby?" Grey said with a baby like tone and our princess caught hold of his thumb looking at all of her daddies. "Im gonna spoil her rotten." said Grey, kissing her fingers. "Alright. If you guys would just give her to me, I'll clean her up and give her back to you." said Silvia, smiling. They did, give her back but with half heartedly and watched their every move like hawk. "Maya, I have stitched you up. Don't try to move much. You may not feel the pain now due to the affect of injection but later, you might feel the stretch."

I eyes were dropping now. "Sleep Maya. You strained yourself a lot todat. We'll look after the babies." said Xander, kissing the inside of my hands. Grey kissed my cheeks. "Thanks for giving us such precious gifts Maya. I don't think, we can ever repay you." he said stroking my hair. "I love you, all and I'm so sorry, I didn't trust you all. Will you ever forgive me?" I asked, with watery eyes. "Dont cry Maya. It's a the happiest day of our life. We were never upset at you. If anything, you should forgive us to let you go. If we knew, sending you away will lead to this extend, we would have never send you away." said Roman, making circle on my stomach. I sighed.

"I'll forgive you all, if you let me tie you all to the bed, and have my way with you."I said, with a miscevious smile. "Hell yeah!" said Grey. Roman smirked. "I'll think about it, if I get to have my way with you after that." said Xander nipping my earlobe. Dr. Rubi, Chuckled. "No sexual activities for at least 6 weeks or untill she gets a go ahead from any doc. And after that, with protection or her chances of getting pregnant again are high." she said. "We'll keep that in mind doc. 6 weeks you said?" asked Roman, biting his lips. I sighed, when they high five among themselves.

"Rubi, can you please suggest any kind of contraception for at least 3 years. I don't trust these guys." I heard a lot of 'Come on Maya, don't do that. 'No babe, why are you doing this?' and 'We will be at our best behavior.' I know these are all fake promises. Within no time, they will make me pregnant again. Not that I'm complaining. After seeing my 3 Angel's faces, and getting the loves of my life back, I don't wish for anything else. This is what a woman always wish for. Not money. Nor Fame. Just love.

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