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Maya's POV

I don't know how long I was asleep, but a small cry woke me up from my slumber. God my eyes are so heavy. I can't even open it. After a lot of struggling, I finally opened it to a dim light in the room but it looks dark outside, when I peeped through the window. “Ssshhh... Don't wake your brothers, buttercup.” It's Grey. I turned my head slowly to my left to find my men sitting together, with our babies in their arms each.

“I think she is hungry.” I said. That bought all of their attentions. They smiled at me and walked up towards me. Both my boys are sound asleep in Xander and Roman's arms. But my baby girl was wide awake in Grey's arms. “How are you feeling babe?” asked Rome. “Tired, but let me feed her.”I said, gesturing Grey to pass me the baby. Xander and Rome helped me sit up and Grey passed me the baby. As soon as I started unbottoning my top, Xander and Roman took both a sit beside me to give my back support and Grey sat near my legs to watch me feeding her.

After a few minutes of feeding Grey said. “I don't know, who looks more beautiful? You feeding our baby, or she with her tiny hands latching to your chest.” he smiled. “Both” said Xander, kissing my forehead. I leaned into his kiss and tried to read his expression. After few moments he said “Marry Us, Maya?” with teary eyes. “We can't wait anymore. We want you to be ours forever.” he said, joining our foreheads together.

“Yes Maya. ” said Roman.

“We wanted to marry you before they were born, but now that you are still under bed rest, we can arrange a simple wedding as soon as you feel better?” he finished. “Its not that I didn't give a thought about it, but how's that gonna work?...I mean,” I asked. “Here, they may not except our marriage, babe, but there are few countries, who do except Polymorous weddings.” said Grey, making small circles on my leg. I watched my babies and then each of them. “What are you thinking babe? Don't you want to marry us?” asked Grey, expectedly.

“I do, but here I have to be legally married to just one of you and...then what? What about the other two?” I asked. “Maya, you don't worry about it. We have discussed it already. You may be legally married to one of us here, but among us, in our hearts, we are all your husband's and you, our wife. So just say yes, so we can book tickets and do arrangements for our wedding. You have no idea, what we went through these few months.” said Xander, hugging me sideways. I smiled at all of them and nod my head. “Yes!” I said, almost crying. Rome sighed in relief and started kissing all over my face. I giggled, which made him laugh.

Grey was next. He just took my face and kissed me straight on my lips. The kiss was slow and passionate. When he pulled back, Xander kissed me and when his kiss started to become a little sloppy, our new bundle of joys asked for our attentions. I passed the baby to Grey and took both my boys to feed. I looked at both men on my side. “Umm... Can you guys help me...pull by boobs out?” I asked, shyly. Roman smirked and exchanged looks with Xander. “With pleasure” said both of them, with humour on their faces.

“Aren't we enjoying this too much?” I said, glaring at both of them. “Very much.” said Xander, laughing. Finally, both my baby boys latched on my breast and calmed down. “Have you thought of any names for them?” asked Xander, playing with the baby's hair. “I actually thought to name them both Titus and Turner. I had no idea, our baby girl will make a secret appearance.” I chuckled. They followed. “I like the first names. Let's think of a middle name.” Suggested Roman. We all nod.

“Turner Emerson Osborne. Do you like it?” said Xander. All of us tried the name and just like that my blue eyed, second born was named. “My turn.” said Roman. “Titus Aurelian Osborne.” he said, kissing our first born. We all smiled and did the same. “What about our princess? Have you thought of a name?” asked Grey. “We can name her Tia, which also starts with T, like our boys?” I suggested. They all looked at her adorable face, who was now fast asleep, tugged in her dad's arm. “Tia sounds perfect for our little Angel.” said Rome. “Exactly” Said the others. “So Grey, would you like to suggest a middle name for her?” asked Xander.

Grey took his time and when her name was uttered, we all fell in love with the name. “Tia Ashleigh Osborne” We all tried her name. It sounds like, the name was just made for her. Tia stir in Grey's arms, when we all kissed her head, lovingly. The babies were taken from me, burped well and laid inside the curb my their dads. After that Xander handed me a plate of food, that Silvia kept for me. After food I felt drowsy again and I asked someone to hold me while sleeping, because I missed them all. Greyson jumped from his chair saying, he wanted to cuddle with me. They groaned, when Grey smirked and took the right side of my bed and spooned me.

“I missed you” he mummers, kissing my shoulder. I turned and kiss his nose, to which he pecked mine. “I missed you too. ” I said. After sometimes, we both slept, snuggled to each other. When next I opened my eyes, I took a double take. The room was full with people. Rose, Dad, Emily, Nathan, George, Sandra and I was still spooned by someone, but not Grey. Grey was sitting opposite to the bed, sipping a cup of... Coffee? and Xander talking to a boy, who looks familiar. Then I guess, I'm cuddling with Rome. “You awake babe?” wishpered Roman, in my years. I nodded and turned to look into his eyes.

For a moment I forgot that the room was full. “God, I missed holding you close like this.”he said, caressing my cheek. I closed my eyes, when he leaned to kiss. When our lips met, I opened mine to let him in. Before our kiss could get heated, we heard a throt clearing. We parted acwardly. “Pumpkin?” I couldn't look into his eyes. Rome got up and helped me sit. I still don't have courage to meet his eyes. It was wrong of me to push him away. So, I'm ready to take his wrath.

“How are you baby girl?” dad asked, holding my face with both his hands. I couldn't say a word, just let my tears flow. He cried out too, hugging me tight and rocking us back and forth. “Im not angry sweety. I'm just hurt that, you didn't reach out to me.” he said, reading my mind. “Im s..sorry dad.” I said, crying harder. He pulled back and wiped my face. Don't cry, it's over now. Let's all forget about what happened in the past ok? I'm just happy that you and my grandchildren are safe. That's all that matters. Right Rose? ” he said.

“Absolutely. We were so worried about you, that no one actually had a sound sleep since you were gone, trust me.” she said, coming and hugging me too. I smiled at her. “So, now that our grand babies are here, and Maya is out of danger, how about we take them home and prepare for the wedding?” said Sandra, clapping her hands. George too looked at Dad and the brothers expectedly. “Once, the doc give her go ahead, we can leave.” said Xander. “By the way Maya, do you recognize him?” asked Xander, placing both his hands on the boy's shoulder, standing beside him.

He was smiling from ears to ears. Where have I seen him? I tried to recall, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. “Um...Any clue” I asked. “I hate gummy worms.” he said, with a disgusted face. My mouth was hitting the floor now, when I realized who he was. “E..Evan?” I asked. He nodded his head, laughing. “O my god.” I said, covering my mouth with both my hands. I raised both my hands to him to come closer. Xander pushed him towards me, smiling. As soon as he was in my reach, we hugged each other. “Where did you guys find him?” I asked, nobody in particular.

“His adoptive parents are my close friends and Phillips is his real father.” said dad. “Wow, such a small world.” I said, parting from the hug. “Evan, I'm so sorry. How much I regretted letting go of your hands that day, you have no idea.” I stated my long pending apologies. He simply shook his head. “No sis, you did the right thing. They are the best parents, anyone can ever ask for. Not that, I blame my biological father. He had his own problems, letting me go. But you, my dear friend, did nothing wrong. So, stop beating yourself over things, you can't control okay?” he asked, smiling.

“God, he's so cute. Cuter than Grey too. ” I said, teasing my boyfriend. “Not a chance babe. Uh un. Nada.” Grey said, with a jealous face. The entire room burst into fits of laughter. The rest of the day went very fast. Gransparents meeting their grandkids, Uncles introducing themselves to their neice and nephews. Friends getting together. Rick, Emily's 2 months son was also placed in a curb. It was big family reunion. Everyone was happy. The doctor gave us a go ahead to travel after a week.

Everyone had busy schedule, so excluding the brothers and me, everyone left. They promised to arrange a welcome party for us, upon our arrival, a week later. Soon the night arrived and after dinner and making the babies sleep, Silvia arranged a huge bed for all four of us to sleep together, “Saying we need it.” I can't thank her enough. She also helped me take a much needed hot shower and left the room. When I was about to climb the bed, I saw my men walking inside the room, with just a towel each, hanging dangeriously low on their hips.

“What in the name of God! Are you guys trying to give me a heart attack or you simply enjoy tormenting me?” I spat, openly checking them out. They all smirked and took away their towels, to change into shorts. I can't help but watch their every move, untill they climbed the bed with me. “Did you like the show, love?” Said, Xander, lying behind me and pulling me into his chest. I didn't struggle but let his heat engulfed me. “Ofcorse, I did.” I said, making them all chuckle. “It's all yours princess.” said Rome, lying infront of me, taking my hands and placing it on his hard abs.

“Don't tease her Rome. She is already sexually frustrated. Right babe?” said Grey, taking the place behind Rome. I nodded my head, taking Xander's arm and keeping it under my cheek. He snuggled more into my hair and kissed my head. Rome simply ignored Grey and scooted closer to me. “You guys sleep, I'll watch the babies for next 2 hours, then I'll wake one if you.” said Grey, kissing my forehead and laid back on the pillow.

“Goodnight Grey. Wake me up if they don't stop crying. We may have to change the diapers, ok?” I said, kissing the inside of his hand. He said a simple ok, smiling. I looked into Rome's eyes next and I know what he is about to say. “I love you.” he said, looking deep into my eyes. I pulled his face closer and kissed him. “I love you too.” I said, plcing one of my hands, on his waist, to have some kind of closeness. He read my mind and slept flushed to me, sandwiching me between him and Xander. I smiled when both of them kissed me at the same time, together. Xander my cheek and Rome my forehead.

“Good night babe”

“Goodnight love”

“Goodnight boys.” I said, finally giving into my sleep. This was the best sleep, since I was far gone from them. I want to forget about the time, I spent without them. But it's like a nightmare, you would never overcome. “Please don't send me away from you guys again. I won't be able to take it.”I said, my eyes still closed. I can feel their gazes on me, but I don't want to open it and find the pain, within them. Xander pulled me more closer to his chest, if it's even possible. “Never again” they all said together. I smiled, and finally, took a nap before I had to get up again to feed the babies.

So, guys just want to bring it to your notice that, there are few spelling errors in last few chapters. I tried editing it, but it's a long process, so I'm leaving it for now, as it is. After the story comes to an end. I'll go ahead and edit the entire story.

Thanks for reading. 💕

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