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Guys this is the last chapter before the Epilogue. (Mature*) Enjoy!

Maya's POV

“Spill it now, Emily. Enough of fidgeting with your fingers.” I said, irritated. It's been a year since our unofficial and official wedding, with a bonus of another triplet. Yes, you heard me right. As soon as I recovered from my pregnancy, there was a small wedding arranged, where the preacher from Kenya has officially declared four of us husband and wife. After we returned from our honeymoon, the brothers surprised me by taking me to our new house, which they long planned and to call it a house would be underestimating it.

It's a 3 storey huge Mansion, with 10 bedrooms, excluding the nursury. A huge library, a very big music room, 2 swimming pools, a gym, open terrace and the Mension was surrounded with very large open space, which belongs solely to us. When my first triplets when exactly 3 months old, I found out that, I was expecting again, which was unavoidable. Somehow, inspite of taking precautions, I end up getting pregnant, which I'm sure is not the case. My husbands deliberately made me pregnant. Anyways, after my first scanning, I found out that, we are having triplets, again and they kind of popped up 3 months back. All boys, this time.

Aryan, Duke and Rihan Osborne. They are the small version of my husbands itself. Aryan reminds me of Xander, when I first met him. Duke is more like Roman, but he is a mama's boy and Rihan is 200% Greyson. Tia being the only daughter, among her 5 brothers, gets all the attention. Titus, Turner and Emily's son, Rick are inseparable. So, in other words, they are my world now.

But, like last time, my husbands have not jumped my bones yet, which is odd. I know, they want be bad, but are holding themselves back, waiting for my green signal. Trust me I'm real horny right now, but with my one years and three months kids around and my husbands busy with their work schedule, it's very different for all of us to get some alone time, like before. They are not pushing me, because they know how occupied I'm and get tired all the time.

“Maya, when was last time, you guys had your umm "quality time" together?” asked Emily. “Why do you ask?”I said, suspicious. “Well, don't you think, it's time for you guys to take out some time for each other, atleast once in a week?” her words were not fitting in the right place. Still I let her continue. Feeling my narrowed eyes on her, she spilled her beans. “Maya, I know my brothers. They love you like crazy and when you were not there, they lived a period of absolute abstinence, but you were lucky, no women tried to seduce them at that point of time...”

“Wait, wait, wait. Where is this conversation going? Come to the point Emily.” I gave her a stern look. She took a deep breath. “Ok, Nathan was telling me, Xander has appointment a new P.A.,who is constantly trying to seduce him, even if she is very well aware of the fact that, he is not single obviously. My temper raised to its peak. “Maya, calm down, ok. He's not into her but she need to learn her place. So, I think it's high time, you take action. Go into his office, and show them all, who's the boss.” she said, giving me a mischievous smile.

Yes, she is right. Even if I trust my husbands not to cheat on me, behind by back, I can't ignore the fact that, they are still desirable and then me being an antisocial is giving the other women an opportunity to claw their hands on them. “You are right. It's time for me to claim my possessions.” I heard her giving me praising words. I left my kids with Em, Rose and Sandra's care for a while and drived toward Xander's office, wearing something, I never thought I would wear. Thanks to Rose and Em.

It's a navy blue, knee length, off shoulder dress, which shows my clevage and curves nicely and has a slit on the left side, exposing my long milky thighs. I also chose to wear a pair of 3 inches black pincil heels, which makes my legs more "Sexy", according to Rose. As soon as I entered the building, I got the unavoidable attention from people around. They know who I am. Some were looking at me with envy and some with awe. Lot of people waved at me and some greeted me with respect. I reciprocated the same. I took the private lift, which takes me straight towards Xander's office.

As soon as I heard the ding sound, I took a deep breath and stepped out of it. This is it. The eyes bulging out and mouths hanging wide open were the signs that says, I look awesome. Thanks Rose. The people around were making it very obvious. As soon as I reached Xander's office door, I pushed it open without knocking. The sight infront of me, made my blood boil. There sitting on the chair was Xander, looking as hot as ever and a blond looming over him, with low cut dress and asking something seductively.

“So, do you want me to get a dress, for the gala tonight, sir? They said, you have to bring an ascot.” she said, biting her lips. Oh no. You did not just hit on my men. “Why would he take you, when I'm available?” I asked, extra sweetly. That bought both of their attentions. She just straighten up and her face was drained of colours, as if she has seen a ghost. I'm worst than that Missy. I walked towards her. “How dare you try to seduce my man? If I ever find you around him again, I would become the biggest nightmare of your life. Understand?

Now, get out here and summit your resignation in the HR office before leaving, or do you prefer a termination letter?” I asked with a smirk. “You can't terminate me, like that. I have signed a bond with the Osborne Corp.” she said, looking towards Xander. “Try me” I said, standing toe to toe with her. She huffed and ran out of the office, frustrated. Then I took my sweet time to check my dear husband out, and let him do the same.

He had an amused and proud look on his face. He didn't utter a single word nor I. I walked around the table slowly and seductively, without breaking the eye contact with him. When I was in his reach, without warning, he pulled me towards him.

Warning...Smut* Ahead

I'm now sitting sideways on his lap, exposing my leg to him. His eyes roamed around my body, taking every details. “What are you trying to do Mrs. Osborne?” he said, kissing my exposed shoulder. “Marking my territory and maybe, seducing you into fucking me hard. Why..Is it working, Mr. Osborne?” I said, trying to hide my amusement. He took a sharp breath and bite on my neck. “Yes, it is. Very much” he said, exploring my body, with both his hands. The real surprise will definitely bring him to the edge. He was slowly kissing on my neck area, giving me hickies and his hands creeping inside my dress, upwards. Suddenly, his hands stopped.

His eyes darkened and a sudden hunger and lust filled his eyes. “You are not wearing panties.” it was a statement. “Oops! I forgot...I guess” I said, trying to be innocent. He growled and lift me in his arms, only to lay me on his desk, speeding my legs wide. Before I could protest, he was devouring me, like there was no tomorrow. “You are an amazing woman Maya. I'm lucky to have you in my life.”he said, eating me out and his hands, reached my chest to pull my dress down, exposing the gloves. “Fucking perfect.” he said, playing with my tits.

I was so close to my Orgasms, when he stopped. I looked at him frustrated. “Patience, my love. I want you to cum with me.” he said, unbuckling his pants. He dragged his pants and shorts together in one go, exposing his hardon and pulled me towards the edge of the table. He hold my legs and made them rest on his back. Without warning, he entered me, reaching my halt. He didn't make any attempt to stop me from screaming. I'm sure the entire floor would have heard us. “Fuck” he cursed, gritting his teeth and started pounding into me hard and fast.

“You like it rough, don't you, my love?” he said, holding both my hands over my head and looking straight into my eyes. “Um hmn” I said, not able to phrase any word due to the pleasure, he was giving me right now. For a while, there was only flesh hitting flesh sound, inside the office room. “Im about to...” he cut me by kissing me hard. “Come with me princess.” and just like that, we both stilled and came undone. Our kissing has successfully muffeled our grunts and moans.

Without detaching from me, he carried me to his private washroom and made me sit on the toilet. After cleaning ourselves and looking presentable, we came out of the washroom, only to find my other two husbands, waiting on us. “Fuck, you look hot, babe.” said Grey, walking toward me and engulfing me into a tight hug and kissing the hell out of me. “Why thank you, Mr. Osborne.” I said, teasing him. “You look fully sated, my wife.” teased, Roman. Everyone chuckled,when my face turned red like a tomato.

“Yes, I'm for now. But, I would be fully satisfied, if I put my claims on you all, tonight, at the Gala. I think It's time, I fight my fears and come out, facing the world and stand where I actually belong. Beside my husband's. People need to know, that I am your one and only and you all are taken by me.” I said, determined. “Shit, I'm hard again.” said Xander, giving me a back hug, making his semi arousal poke into my covered ass. “Fuck Maya, you made my day today.” Rome said, coming and kissing me. I know, they wanted to show me off to the entire world, but my fear was getting the best of me. Not anymore.

“So, babe? Now that you finally decided to join us for the Gala, what are you going to wear?” asked Grey, curious. I give them a mischievous smile. “Umn..I might have something red to wear for today.” I said and laughed, when their eyes were wide with realization. “Really? You are going to wear that?” asked Rome, with hope. I nod my head. This dress was a gift from Rome, when he wanted me to wear it for a get together party with his friends. I didn't get a chance to wear it, because I was self conscious and we couldn't go to the party because Tia got sick.

“Yes, I'm and I would also accompany you all anywhere in the world, in anything you want me to wear, without any question. Not because, I suddenly feel territorial about you all but, I have realized that, I have nothing to fear, when you all are with me. I know, how much you want me to show off to this world. How much you crave to walk hand in hand, with me in public places. How much you dream about introducing me as your wife, among your circle. I know now.”

They all look so much relieved and happy. “Thank you so much Maya, for understanding.” said Roman, hugging me from the front. Grey joined us too, from the side. “You are riding with me next time, when I attend the race next, right?” said Grey, hopeful. “Definitely. Not just you, but with Roman too.”I said, pecking his lips, which he caught and turned it into a full on make out. After spending the lunch together, Rome me and Grey returned home to spend some time together with our kids, before we get ready for the Gala. Xander finished his work and came back at 6 in the evening.

I looked at my reflection for the 100th times now. What if people judge me? What if they think, I'm not fit for them. How would I compete to the women, who are faster and more experience than me. I didn't realize, I was walking in a daze, out of the room and down the stairs. When I was 5-6 steps remaining, I heard my men. “Holy shit. Are you even real, woman?” asked Rome, taking me in. “Touch for yourself and see.” I said smiling, finally standing in from of him.

“Is it fine, if we are a little late for the Gala? I'm kind of hungry.” said Grey, coming and standing flushed to my back. “You can eat something in the car.”I said, suggestively. He growled in my ears. “I'll for sure, because you're looking too yum right now.” he wishpered, biting my earlobe. “Grey, we are getting late. It's an one hour drive. Hold those thoughts for later, brother.” said Xander, entering the living room. He came and kissed my cheeks. “You look Breathtaking, love.” he said, taking a step back and looking at every inch of me. Then his eyes darkened, but it's gone, as it came.

He's holding back. It made me proud that, I have that affect on him. “Let's go before, I lose my mind.” said Xander, taking my hand and walking out with both Greyson and Rome following close behind. Both of them passing comments on how my ass looks fabulous and me, mouth watering. I giggled and got inside the car. We hired a driver and for today we ordered a Limo. Once inside, it was an acward silence for a while. Not able to resist the temptation anymore, Grey barked out. “I can't last the party, if I don't fuck you now.” and there was no humour in his voice.

I looked at the others and they have the same look in their eyes. “What are you waiting for then?” that's it. It did the job. Within seconds, all of their ties, shirts and pants were gone, neatly folded aside. “We don't want to tear it, now do we?” Said Roman, taking my dress down carefully. Once I was bare to them, with just my red lingerie and heels, Roman, pulled me on his lap straddling him. “Can you take us all together? We don't have time babe.” he said, seductively in my ears. I nod my head. We didn't need foreplay, because I'm dripping wet, with their intense gazes and let's just say, they're always ready for me.

“Shit we don't have condoms nor lube. How are we gonna do it?” said Grey, sextualy frustrated. I chuckled and pointed toward my clutch. Xander grabbed it and when opened, he smirked. “Our minx came prepared.” he said spanking my ass. I giggled. “Good” said, both Grey and Roman. Three condoms were passed among them. Roman fixed one on his cock and slammed into me in an urgency. “Fuck, you feel sooo good babe.” he said, fucking me in and out, slowly. He kissed me hard, when I moaned with pleasure. Xander came forward and asked me to take him in my mouth. I did just that without any second thought.

We three were going on it, when something cool hit my puckered hole. Roman stilled for a while. Grey inserted one, two and then three fingers, making it slick. After few stroke of his fingers, he replaced it with his cock. I moaned again because of the fullness. “Did I hurt you, babe?” asked Grey, halting in his action. “No, move now” I ordered. Then he kissed the back of my shoulder and both him and Rome moved simultaneously. Taking all my men together at once, was so erotic that I almost forgot, where we are and where we are heading to.

After 20 minutes of everyone rushing towards their climaxes, we finally let it go. Me, followed by Grey, then Xander and at last Roman. We stayed like this attached to each other for a few moments and catching our breaths, fully sated. After that, we came to our senses and cleaned up with wet tissue. Xander helped me dress up and Grey fixed my hair. Roman checked his and his brothers ties and finally after another 10 minutes I, Mrs. Osborne was ready to face the world, with my three loving husbands and when they stretched out their hands for me to take, I knew,

I was not alone in this. My men were my pillars. We belong together. And nothing, I mean nothing can come in-between us and our love, because, we were the missing puzzled pieces of each other.

We complete each other.


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