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Before you go ahead with this chapter, I would like to thank each and everyone who has taken an effort to read my story. Let me tell you, It's really amazing as an author to see how many people read my stories and vote. I really appreciate your patience to read it to the end.

This may be the end for Maya's journey to find love, but I'm too emotionally attached to the characters, as it is my first book, and I'm not letting go of them so soon. So, I have decided to write a sequel to this book, with the next generation of Osborne kids. And I would love you all to join me in Aurora's journey to find Love.

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Maya's POV

3 Years Later...

“Maya? They would be fine. Just go! It's your day. Spend time with each other. We will take care of them. I'm sure they would survive for 2 days without you all. Go now!!” Dad said, pushing us all out of the main door. “Alright, alright, I'm going. Love you kids. Mamma's gonna miss you all.” I said, blowing kisses to my six children, who are now standing together with Dad, Rose, Erik, Sandra and George.

“Use protection!!!” yelled Rose.

“O my god, Rose. Stop embarrassing them in from of their kids, atleast.” scold Sandra. “No, she is right. Six is more than enough for them to handle.” said dad. My husbands tried not to blush with that comments. “Dad?” I said, glaring at him and took the short gun, when Roman opened it for me. We said our goodbyes and hit the road to spend our wedding anniversary together.

“Finally. I thought, you are never going to leave the house.” Said Grey, kissing the back of my head. Roman was driving and Xander was sitting with Grey in the back seat. “I'm just worried about Duke, Grey. You know how cranky he gets, when I'm not there, when he gets up. Thank god, at least dad is here. He will make him go to bed.” I said, taking a deep breath. “So, where are we going? Don't tell me it's a surprise.” I asked Xander, through the rear mirror. They chuckled.

“No, it's not, my love. We are going to the Cabin. You wanted to go there for a while now, so we thought, why not.” they laughed, when my face lit up. “Thank you. I just love that place. I think, we should settle down there, once our kids grow up.” I said, looking at Roman. “Sounds great, babe.” he said, eyes on the road. “They are just growing up too fast, for my liking. In no time they would start dating and soon they would find someone to settle down too.” I said, smiling at the thought.

The car was silent for a while, when I checked on them, they were in their own thoughts. “What got you thinking?” I asked, no one in particular. Xander sighed. “You know babe, in our family, women have always lived a very happy life, but when it comes to men, even though, they have everything in their lives, their love lives are full of tragedies.” said Rome, sadly. “Why would you say that?” I asked worried.

“What he meant was, it's hard to find true love in life. We kind of were lucky to find you. But let's say our great grandfather, his father, our grand father, and dad, has never found their true love and whoever they married, they couldn't connect with them.” said Xander. “Dad once told me that, he has burned the personal diary of our grandfather, because he was sure, it would make us hopeless.” said Grey.

“What was written in the diary?”I asked, curious. “Somthing like, Wealth wise, our family was always blessed, but when it came to mental peace and matter related to hearts, the men of our family were always hopeless and unlucky.” Said Xander, with a frawn. “It's not with us thought. So chill. And I'm sure, if it comes to that in future, we would always be there to guide our kids. Right?”I tried to cheer them up.

I saw all of their expressions changing from gloomy to a cheerful one. I sighed in relief. “Well if our boys are lucky enough to get an angel, just like their mama, I'm sure they would be set for the rest of their lives.” joked Grey. “True” said the other two. Then all of our heads turned to each other, as if the same thing has crossed our minds. “What if?” we said together. “Oh no. Don't tell me, you guys were thinking the same.” I said, biting my nails. They all chuckled.

“Actually, yes. We we're thinking the same.” said Rome. “Since childhood, we kind of shared everything. Let it be toys, food, bed or clothes. We're born in different time, but always acted like triplets and never had any kind of conflicts with thoughts or choices. You know it. So, learning to share things since childhood might lead our boys to choose the same girl in the future. Just a hunch.” said Xander, smiling.

I looked at them and then turned towards the road ahead. “What if it happens the other way?”I thought aloud. “What you mean, Maya?” Xander asked. “Nothing, just a thought. Even though, they like to share things, I have noticed that, Aryan is a little possessive about his things. He doesn't like to share, if he finds something first. Turner, gets easily bored of things. Titus gets upset,when he is not asked first. Duke is very shy and Rihan is just like Grey. He might just burn the entire house, if his favorite female doesn't give him any attention.” I said.

They all burst out laughing. The kids are alike and different at the same time. The only thing that keeps them together most of time is our Angel, Tia. “Dont worry babe. In future, if the situation persist just like us, then we all will find a solution together, to help our kids. Let's hope, they find different women and not fight for just one.” said Xander, smiling at me.

“Let's hope” I said, smiling back. After another few hours of drive, we reached the cabin. “Cabin, my love, here I come.” I said, jumping out of the car and dashing toward the door. “Careful babe, don't trip and fall.” said Roman, chuckling. Roman and Xander followed me with the bags and Grey picked me up bridal style when he was close. I yelped and then giggled when he started kissing my nape.

“I'm gonna ravish you, once we're inside. Don't bother wearing clothes, because we don't want to waste time in opening it.”Wishpered Grey, in my ears. “As you wish, Mr. Osborne.” I said, kissing his jaws sensually. He groaned and carried me Inside. As promised, after lunch, they ravished my body. Not that I was complaining. I think they planned it well. I kind of had a doubt, when they were secretly, putting some stuff inside the bag. I let it go then, because I knew, they won't hurt me or do anything, I don't like. I trust them.

(Explicit language and Smut scene.)

When I was settings the bed to retire for the night, two pair of hands came from both sides and stopped me from doing my job. “Xander is waiting in the basement for us. Come.” said Rome, throwing me on his shoulder and walking away. Grey was following close behind. The look in his eyes, bulge in his pants and the death grip Roman has on me shows that, we are not going to bed anytime soon tonight. As soon as we reached the basement, my breath hitched.

The entire basement was filled with dim lights and only few things are visible, like a huge bed, a table, a chair, and a lots of thing on the table, like handcuffs, cable ties, vibrater, and things, I have no idea about. “Afraid?” asked Xander, when he saw, I was looking around, clueless. “No, just curious.” I smiled. He came closer and now I can see him clearly. He was wearing a low hanging jeans, which was showing the outline of his cock and ass.

“I don't know, what to aspect?” I asked, nurvous. “I'll tell you, come.” he said, taking me through the things. “Remember Maya, we'll not hurt you in anyway. There would be limits and safe words. Even if we want you to be a submissive for us tonight, giving us all the control, we would never cross a limit, you don't want us to. So, are you willing to do this?” he asked, hopeful. Roman and Grey were getting impatient too. I know I can trust them, so I said the only thing, that came in my mind.

“I'm and my safe word would be chocolate.” we all chuckled and then immediately, they changed into Dom mode. “Strip, and go bend over the chair.” said Rome, taking his clothes off. I did the same and bend over the chair, exposing my wetness to them. “Fuck, she's already dripping. Wants me to go balls deep inside her.” said Grey, pussing two fingers inside my channel. “God, she tastes good. When can I fuck her Xander?” asked Grey, licking his fingers clean.

“Soon brother, soon. Go around front and let her taste you for now. No one is allowed to come.” he ordered, playing with my tits. “Rome get the buttplug and vibrater.” he said. Grey stood in front me, with his dick in hand, touching my lips with it. “Open up for him, Maya. Give him a blowjob, while you give hands to Rome and me.” said Xander, lubricating the buttplug. I took Grey in my mouth and moaned when, the plug was pushed inside my ass slowly. Once it was in, someone also pushed a dildo shaped vibrater in my vagina.

I couldn't see, who it was because, Grey was holding my head in place and slowly fucking my mouth. I was so close to cum, when Roman said. “You are not allowed to cum yet, babe. Remember? If you let it go, you will get punished.” he said, playing with my clit. And Xander with my nipples. How could someone hold their realese, when three god like men are giving you pleasure at the same time. Soon the vibrater was taken out of my pussy. I groaned in protest, because I was so close to cumming.

They all chuckled and Grey pulled out of my mouth and kissed me hungrily. “I'm cumming, deep inside you wet pussy today babe. Not in you sweet little mouth.” he said, moving away and Roman taking his place. “Grey is gonna eat you, while Xander takes your ass and you would give me head. Don't you dare cum, babe.” said, Roman, smirking and putting his cock inside my mouth, slowly fucking it. Xander took the buttplug out and slammed into me in one go.

I swear, I almost came with that force. Grey crawled under me and lifted one of my legs, placing it on the table and started licking my pussy, like a man on mission. God, If they don't stop now, I'm gonna cum. But they know my body, more than me and just when I was about to give up, all of them stopped. “Fuck” I cursed for the first time. “If you guys don't give me a release right now, I'm gonna take that dildo and vibrater with me and fuck myself to my peek.” I said, glaring at them.

Grey and Roman laughed but Xander only chuckled and slammed into me hard again. “Shit”I moaned. “You are not allowed to speak, cum or pleasure yourself, until we say so, love. Understand?” he said, slowly moving in and out of my ass, making it a pleasurable pain. “Say it” he asked. “Yes...Sir” I said, much to my liking. “Good girl. Now that, it's your first time disobeying us, I'll let it go. Also, we would reward you by letting you cum, for now. Ok?” he said, kissing my back.

“Rome and Grey would take you together in you sweet pussy, while I'm still taking your ass. You will only take us, like a good submissive you are, with out any question, Ready? Say in words.” he said. “Yes sir” I said, preparing myself for the three "monsters". Xander pulled out of me and carried me towards the bed, where both Grey and Roman are already waiting in a position, ready to take me.

They ware laying on the bed, opposite to each other and Xander placed me over their waiting cock in a way, that my ass was in the air, for him to take and for the other too to push into me, straight. I bit my lips and closed my eyes, when both Rome and Grey invaded me, slowly. When they pushed into me to the halt, Xander pushed from behind me. I screamed with pleasure and pain, with the fullness of three cocks at once.

They slowly but, simultaneously, moved in and out of me. When Roman and Grey would pull out, Xander would go in and vise versa. This went on for quite a long time. I came multiple of times during this process, and after cumming for the 5th time, I stopped counting. It was quite strange, that they haven't cum yet, not even once. But, I have lost my counts. After 2 hours of having their ways with me and taking me in different positions, together and individually, they finally came together.

I don't even remember, they cleaning me up and taking me out of the basement. When I woke up next morning, it was to a hard chest, flushed behind my back and a hard back to my front. Grey and Rome. Xander was nowhere in sight. When I finally detached myself from my two husbands and got out of bed to find the third one, he came into the room, with a big plate of food, juices and coffee pot. When he saw me, he placed the plate on the coffee table and came towards me with a smile.

“Good morning and happy Anniversary, my love.” he said engulfing me in a hug and kissing my lips, before I could greet him too. I smiled and wished him between the kissing, because he was reluctant to let me go. “Ha..ppy... to..You too.” I giggled when he started trailing kisses from my lips to my jaws and toward my nape. “Handover my wife to me, this instant, brother. I need her, like right, right now.” said Roman, with a groggily voice.

When Xander let me go, I crawled back to Roman. He didn't even open his eyes and motioned me to get on his top. When I did, he caught my head and kissed me slowly but passionately. No, words exchanged.

“I love you too.”I said, looking into his eyes and reading his mind. He smiled and changed our position, making me fall on my back. “I love you” and lucky for him, I wasn't wearing any panties. I gasp when he slipped into me slowly. “Happy anniversary, my sweet little wife.” he said, slowing moving inside me. I giggled. “Why thank you, O kind sir.” I teased him. He groaned and increased his pace. While we are silently enjoying ourselves, I could see my other two husbands watching us with envy.

“You can join us.” I said, with hooded eyes. Grey moved a little closer beside me and Xander stood to my right. I took both of their hardons and started stroking it back and forth, with the same rythem, Roman was moving. After sometimes, Roman changed my position again, making me ride him. Grey pushed the blanket aside and came behind me. He caught something Xander throwed at him and without wasting any time, pushed two fingers inside me with ease.

I'm sure, he used lubricant. Then he replaced his fingers with his hard cock and matched Roman's speed in fucking me. Meanwhile I pulled Xander on the bed to take him in my mouth. All of us groaned and moaned with pleasure at the same time. After few minutes into it. Roman cam hard, followed by me, then Grey and Xander at the same time. I leaked him clear and all of us had a satisfactory look on our faces. I fell into Roman's arms, with Grey trailing kisses on my nape and back. “Happy anniversary, babe.” he said, finally taking my lips.

I wished him the same opening my mouth for him to kiss it properly. After coming out of our ride, we had breakfast and took a "long" shower together. I spend the entire day snuggled in their arms. We confessed our deepest thoughts for each other and promised a life with each other, no matter what the circumstances are and supporting each other, by holding their hands,

Till Death Do Us Part.

This is just the beginning...not

☆☆ The End ☆☆

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