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Guys! As promised, the bonus chapters. This is no way related to the actual story. You would find the characters and their names, but with a different plot, that is.

Without further delay... Enjoy!!



“What you mean you can't come baby?”my mom asked frustrated. “I missed you, cupcake. You said, you wanted some space, but it's been four years.”she debated. I want to see you. Did you dad tell you, why you can't avoid this event?”my mom always wanted to be a fashion designer and by some miracle, her collection are getting sponsored and she wants me to attend it.

“Yeah yeah... Congratulations.” I said, in a bored tone. “Maya I'm serious. Your exams are over and I want you to spend your vacation here with me. You can't deny, because Ben has already booked a ticket for you two days from now.”she said, and I can imagine her smirking face from here. “What!”I yelled, in disbelief. “Mom, you guys can't do this to me. First your devorce, then dad going out of the country. You getting remarried. And now this.”I huffed frustrated.

“Mom I have a life here. I love it here. If you so much of missed me, why haven't you come to see me in last four years? Let me guess, you were busy with your new husband and new family. Right? For god sakes, stop controlling my life for once, because I'm not fourteen anymore!”I disconnected the call before she says anything else.

I didn't want to yell at her but, the rage I have been suppressing for four years, has come to its limits. Nobody knows about it, except my so called 3 step brothers and me.


“Oye fatty...What are you doing in this section of clothing? Go for MAX.” teased Mia, my classmate from school. The others who came along with her burst out laughing, which bought the other customers attention towards me. Ashamed of the disgusting looks, I was getting, I ran out of the section and out of the store immediately.

I couldn't control the tears, that threaten to come out of my eyes,which makes my big brown eyes even bigger. I walked faster towards my house and as soon as I saw my house entrance, I burst Inside without knocking and regret immediately, for not doing so. My mom and a man were eating each other's faces, like there is no tomorrow.

“Mom!” I yelled, bringing them out of their shameless act. “Who is he?” I asked furious. They both looked embarrassed for a moment and then my mom started. “George this is Maya, my daughter and Baby, meet George, my...fiancé.” her statement was a dagger to my chest. I was speechless. It was just last month, mom had her devorce and now she is ready for another husband? WTF?

“Pumpkin say something.”both of them were looking at me expectedly. “Does dad knows about this?” I asked. “Yes I told him last week and he's ok with it, trust me.” she said, trying to sooth me before her big announcement. “Umm sweety, George and me...we decided to get married this... Sunday.” she said, finally. I didn't like the sudden changes in my life, but what can I say? It's their decision. I just nod my head and headed towards my room, not waiting to take her happy face or her hug.

I just throwed myself on my bed and let my tears fall freely. Why is my life so pathetic. No one wants my opinion. Not dad, nor mom. Friends...Like I have any. I went to bed with an empty stomach that day. Not long after, I woke up from the sound of my mom talking loudly to few people. I got up groggily and opened my bedroom door to check, only to find the entire house empty.

“Mom, what's going on?”I asked blinking my eyes. She looked upstairs at me and gave a toothy smile. “Oh sweety, you're up?”comeon freshun up and start packing your thing. Help me fast. They would move things in just two hours.” she said. “To where?” I asked clueless. She smirked. “New Mexico” she said. “And why is that?” I'm still confused. “Because honey, George and his family lives in New Mexico and they requested us to keep the wedding there.”

Fuck my life. Will my parents ever give me a choice or even ask what I want? Frustrated, I went inside my room and started packing things. After exactly two hours, George came to pick us both in his Volvo and took us to his guest house, where we would be spending tonight and tomorrow morning, we start for New Mexico. As planned, we took the flight early morning at 5 and reached our destination around 9 in the morning.

As soon as we reached George place, my mouth hit the floor, looking at the big Mansion he has. He must be loaded. Well at least my mom is happy. So happy that, she literally forgot that I'm there. She kept blabbering about how beautiful this place was and how big his house is and bla bla. I jumped out of the car and started following both of them... Because I don't have a choice. Then suddenly three figures welcomed my mom with open arms.

“Welcome home dad. Welcome Emilia. I'm Xander.”said a boy,who was too handsome for his own good. Square face, dark hairs and blue eyes...Wow. Then my eyes fell on the next boy. O. M. G. He is the one who won the international car race last month. What's his name again. “Hi I'm Roman and this is our younger brother, Greyson.” The third boy was definitely a model. I have seen his face somewhere on a magazine's cover face. Who are they?

Suddendly, their attention turned toward me and my breath hitched. “And you must be Maya, right?”said the one with blue eyes. Xander. I nod my head absentmindedly. They exchanged a look with each other and looked me up and down with the same judgemental eyes. I avert my eyes from theirs because I felt self conscious all of a sudden. “Anyways, come inside. You guys can freshun up and then we can discuss the details of the wedding planning over the lunch.” said Xander, moving from the door, to let us in.

I was trying very hard to look somewhere else but, they are too handsome to ignore. After a servent showed us our room, I went inside to take a bath and came out after 15 minutes to meet the other for lunch. I wasn't hungry but just excited to see my step brothers. O god, I'm having a crush on my step brothers. This is not good. What would mom say, if she finds out? Nonononono.

This is wrong. So wrong. Maya. Maya. Control. I tried to keep my feelings under control and Walked out of the room, only to bump into something or someone. I looked up and found Roman. “Omg. Roman Osborne. I'm a big fan of yours. I watch all your races. I didn't know my mom was getting married to your dad... Wow” I said, in one breath. “Calm down kid. Great...thanks.” he said, with an attitude and walked away. I should be angry but my lips curved into a big smile and followed him like a lost puppy.

As soon as we reached the dining table, I saw my mom, George and the two other hotties are already waiting for us. I took a seat opposite to Greyson. He didn't even look my way. Or maybe ignoring. Why wouldn't he? He's a celebrity. Actually all of them are. I'm sure Xander also do something big, like his brothers but I can't be so sure.

“So, Emelia...”started Xander, but my mom cut him mid sentence. “Call me Lia please.” she said with a smile. Xander nod his head happily. “So Lia, my aunt Rose will be here today evening and she will take you where ever you want to go. As the wedding is day after tomorrow, the guest will be piling up from tomorrow afternoon. I hope you're ok with that.” he said smiling.

God he is so polite. “Thank you so much son, for taking care of everything in such a little time. I'm sure, Lia is greatful too.” said George, patting Xander's shoulder. I felt eyes on me. When I turned, I found Greyson looking straight at me with an expression that says...Disgusting? What did I do to him? I felt like crying, all of a sudden. I looked at others and saw that nobody was paying me any attention. Why am I here again? George still has to talk to me, other than “hi Maya”.

I started eating the food which was served by the servents already. They all look happy. Like a... family. All of sudden, I felt like an outsider. Even my mom was praising the brothers, like she's their mother, not mine. I gulped the water and stood up, which bought everyone's attention. “I'm full” I said, making my way towards my given room. But not before hearing Greyson muttering. ‘Fat ass’. Trust me it hurt like hell. I know I shouldn't think much about it, but somehow, I felt, that their opinion matters to me. I don't know why.

The next day went in a rush. My mom and George were nowhere to be found. Neither the brothers. Guest started piling up and I locked myself in the room, not wanting to face the judgmental looks. I didn't want to meet anyone, not that anyone asked for me. I felt that, I made a big mistake coming here. I should have gone with Dad, when he asked me. After the wedding, that is what I'm going to do.

I don't know,when I doze off. But suddenly I woke up when my stomach started growling. I didn't have anything today after breakfast. And I'm sure its after midnight because, there is no commotion outside. I got up from the bed and checked the time,which says 2 am. I decided to go to the kitchen and fill my system with something, lite. I walked slowly to the kitchen, making sure not to wake anyone up.

I opened the fridge and found it stuffed with a lot of food, but I choosed to take an apple and a glass of milk. When I started chewing the apple, I felt tears flowing out of my eyes. I know my mom is busy but, is she so busy to not even check on me once and see if I ate anything. “Why are you crying?” said someone from behind me. I saw it's a girl around my age, but may be elder than me. “Nothing. Just hungry.” she wasn't looking at me with those judgemental eyes.

“I didn't see you in the morning. I'm Emily, by the way.” she said taking a seat beside me. “Maya”I said. She nod her head smiling. “So,we are step sisters, basically. But if you want, we could be friends.”she said offering me her hands. I smiled and shaked her hand. “Wait. Did you say sisters? That means...” I trailed. “Yes I'm the only sister to my three big brothers.”she said smiling.

I don't care if she is their sister. What matters is that, she wanted to be my friend and I'm not missing this opportunity to lose my only friend. “Do you not live with them?”I asked curious. “No, I live with aunt Rose, after she moved away three years back for her work. I visit my family during holidays. After graduation, I'll come back for good.”she said smiling. After chatting for another half an hour, we said our Goodnights and went to our respective rooms. She is nice. I almost forgot the pain I was in earlier...Almost.

The next day everyone was busy. The wedding was at 10, followed by lunch and then mom and George were flying away to Las Vegas for their 'honeymoon'. And how did I know about this. Emily was kind enough to inform me. Not my mother. Just as it was planned, the wedding went by...Well,what can I comment on my own mom's wedding. I was neither happy nor sad.

The Osborne brothers, on the other hand were very happy...Wow. After wedding, they took several pictures. Lucky for me, my mom didn't forget me this time. We took few pictures together and few alone. But when it was time for a family photo, the brothers gave me a look, as if I was unnecessary. Except Emily. She hold my hand all the time and didn't let it go. I was glad.

After the lunch, my mom and George left for their honeymoon, leaving me with a warning. ‘behave, while I'm not here’. Seriously mom? What does she take me as? Soon the guests left too, leaving the brothers, Emily and Aunt Rose to be with us untill they are back. I was just counting days, because as soon as my mother is here, I want to go back. I can't stay here with her new 'family',who hates me for no particular reason. Like yesterday, I was wondering around the house in search of the library and found Roman pinning a girl to the wall and kissing the hell out of her.

I was so socked, that I couldn't move. When he found me standing there, his reaction was, “get lost you fat cow”which made the girl giggle and then they left me standing there stunned. I don't know what hurt more. He calling me 'fat cow' or he kissing another girl. I have imagined myself kissing them a few times, so that kind of hurt you know. I don't have any opinion on Xander yet, because he never talks to anyone, unless it's important.

“I'm having some guest at home. Try not to come out of you room. If you need any snacks, take it with you, got it?” Xander said, bringing me out of my thoughts. I think, I spoke too soon. Xander called me unwanted and fat at the same time. “What is wrong with you all?” I yelled at him. He turned around furious. “Sorry?” he asked, with his jaw clicked, because I talked back, I guess.

“Why are you all treating me, like I'm some outsider?”I asked him. “Aren't you?”he said with a smirk. “Your mom is part of our family, not you. And to answer your question, what is our problem with you? It's you. Because, you never tried to be a part of this family, so you're welcome to get out when ever you want. Nobody asked you to stay here.” he said, walking away. “I hate you all.”I yelled at his retreating figure. “The feeling is mutual.” he said, not even bothering to turn back.

I cried to bed that day. My mom was returning tomorrow, so I packed my bags, ready to walk away as soon as she comes back. I already called and informed my dad about my arrival, which he was very happy with. I'm glad. Emily knocked at my door during dinner time, but I pretended to be asleep and she left. I don't want to speak or meet anyone right now. Then I heard yelling and shouting downstairs. I wanted to stay back, not bothering, but my curiousity took the best of me.

I unlocked my door and walked slowly, toward the argument. It was Emily who was yelling at someone. “You really said that to her? How could you Xander? That poor thing. She's already depressed of her parents divorce and her Mom getting remarried and moving. New family, new place and all. She needs time to adjust. I wasn't expecting it from you atleast.” thanks Emily. “I don't regret saying anything. She's a brat and that is how I'll treat her. If she wants a place in this house, she will follow the rules and live the way I want.” what rule? Who the hell he thinks, he is?

Enough is enough. I decided to show up. Good thing Emily left before I came into the picture. “I'm not following any rules made by you and I'm not a brat either. If you guys have any problem with me, I'll leave, because I didn't even want to come here in the first place.” I said folding my hands. “Good because, I don't think, we can feed a cow like you for years to come.”said Greyson, making all the people around to room laugh out loud. Shit! I didn't realize, there are other here too. Roman just fell from the chair, clutching his tummy.

Not able to take the humiliation anymore, I ran back to my room and took my bags. I called a cab and walked out of house,with a promise to get my revenge on the Osborne brothers.

To be continued...

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