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Maya's POV

Deep breath, deep breath. In and out. In and out. You can do it, Maya. This is what, you have been preparing yourself for last 4 years. Don't give up now. Relax. I said to my self. I have landed here in new maxico, five minutes back and as soon as I put my phone in service mode, I got a message from some unknown number.

We are at the entrance to pick you up. Volvo black, 1.

Call once you get this message.

- Xander

I didn't want to see them and want to see them at the same time. Dwelling on whether or not to call them, I decided to reply to his message.

Reached. At the entrance. Grey skirt, pink top, black jacket.

Let's see their reaction. There is reason, I didn't let anyone, even my mom see me for last 4 years. Because, I wanted to see the million dollars face reaction, specially, my brothers.

I saw a black Volvo, pulling infront me and the three idiots coming out of it. I felt like laughing, catching my stomach, when I saw their reaction to my transformation. Trust me, it took everything in me to keep my blank face at bay. There face look hilarious. They were not the only one who were openly gawking at me? I was, may be over dressed or something, because most of them were tuning back multiple times to check me out, or it could be my so called famous step brother's, whose mouth were hitting the floor and they are just not aware of the fact that, those eyes were filled with desires, that no brother should have for his sister...well, step sister. Whatever.

I ignored there lust filled gaze and stepped closer. “I'm taking the short gun.” I said, leaving them dumfounded with my luggage behind, for them to load it. After, they came out of their shock state, all of them got into the car. Xander was driving. It was an acward silence for a while, untill, some one tried to clear their throat. “I heard, you were pursuing human psychology. Are you trying a carrier with it?” it was Xander. I turned his way and gave him a curt nod. “Yeah” I'm not blind. I know they are trying to make a conversation with me, but I don't want a repeat of last time, so I asked back. “How's Emily?” This time, it was Roman who choosed to answer.

“She's back now and very excited to meet you, actually.” he said, laughing lightly. I looked back and gave him a small smile, knowing very well how it affects the boys in my town. I saw him gulp, then I turned my head away to stop myself from laughing. Payback time, bitches. Let's see how they escape my charms this time. But I have to be careful and not fall for their charms instead. God, 4 years can do wonders to people. They had become 10 times hotter than what they use to be. Focus Maya, Focus.

4 years back...

Xander Osborne POV

“Xander! Rome! They are here.” Grey said, excited. Me and Roman left the chess game and Walked towards the door. “Who is that?” asked Rome. There was a girl following Emilia, might be her daughter. “She's cute” we all mumbled together, then looked at each other and blushed. She was a little on the fat side, but not ugly. Far from it. Actually she was beautiful. She has long, natural wavy black hair, pale skin with a tiny blush and eyes... “God, look at those eyes? They are so big and brown, like a doe.” I cleared my throat, thinking it would clear my mind. Am I lusting on my soon - to - be sister.

“You are not alone in this brother. Let's go and meet our new family members.” said Rome, pulling our hands towards the door.

While I was talking to Emilia, I could feel her eyes on me. I gulped because, I was kind of, nurvous right now. I didn't want her to hate me, if she looks at my lust filled eyes. What is she doing to me? I wanted to run away hiding my face right now but, it would be rude. So, I gathered all my courage and welcomed her too. She was avoiding our gaze and blushing. She's the cutest thing. Her face reminds me of the anime characters, where their eyes are extra large with strawberry shaped face and cute cherry lips.

When I saw carefully, I noticed, there was a small black beauty spot under her full lips. Fuck Xander, control yourself. She's your sister. She's your sister. She's your sister. I kept repeating in my head, to keep reminding me that, I shouldn't cross my limits.

I found my brothers in the same dilemma. Whether or not to except the fact that, she is off limits. Dad is gonna burry us alive, if he find out about our intentions. God, please help us. We all tried very hard to avoid her this two days. When Emily, my sister came and asked about her, we told her, that she is in her room and we would be out for some work. The actual reson was, we want to maintain as much distance as we can from her and talk to her, only if it's necessary.

Like today, my friend, his girlfriend and her best friend, with whom, Rome is messing around, are coming and I can't say no to them, even if I don't like their company because, her father is my dad's close friend. Dad and Emilia would be back tomorrow and before that they wanted a night stay at our place, because 'it's been long' she says. I know, why she wants to stay. She wants to jump Rome's bones. Shit. Maya. I don't want them to meet her. Not because, we are ashamed of her or anything but, the two bitches are very sharp tounged and I don't want them to notice the Look we give her, when she's around.

For her own good ofcource. So, building all the courage and putting a blank face, I went to her. She was reading a book in the library, with a knee length dress, with her long hair braided, laying on her right shoulder. My god, she looks so pure and innocent, just like an angle. But I can't even smile at her, because then I would be inviting my own doom closer. So, I did the only thing that came to my mind, I pushed her away. So far that there is no way, she would ever come back to me. I insulted her, Rome laughed at her and Grey mocked her infront of everyone. Great. Now she'll hate us for life, right?

Very good. We did the right thing. We can't let our feeling get the best of our senses. This is for the best. Fuck, why then it hurts like bitch?

Present time( 4 years later)

Roman Osborne's POV

“Roman? Son. Who is going to pick Maya? Xander said, he has to attend a meeting and not sure if he could make it on time.” asked dad, stepping into the living room. Oh shit. She's coming back. Why me though? I can't face her. “Umn..Grey and I would go, together.” I looked at Grey, who in return eyed me as if I had asked for one of his kidneys. “Great. Don't be late. The flight is on time. See you guys at lunch.” he said, patting my shoulder and walking away.

As soon as he was out of the year shot, Grey pounched on me. “Why are you dragging me into this? I'm not going with you.” he said, taping his legs. “Im not facing her wrath alone, you idiot. We are in this together, remember?” I said, dragging him toward the door. “In that cage, call Xander too. I don't believe, he has any meeting today. He's just trying to avoid her, like us.” he said, giving me a creepy smile. I sighed and called Xander. After a lot of argument and cursing, he finally agreed to come with us to the airport, to receive Maya.

The ride to the airport was silent. Everyone in their own thought. I still remember the day, she came home, for the first time. I fell and fell hard for her innocence. The way she blushed, when we looked at her. Those plum lips, so inviting, when she smiled at me for the first time. Her face used to lit up, when she watched my retelecating car race on TV. We could have handled it in better way, but in panick, we all fucked up. Those eyes, I still can't forget those tears filled eyes, when I laughed at her.

How humiliated she would have felt, when I laughed at Grey's comment. I actually didn't laugh at her. Due to habit, I laughed at Grey's joke. Later I realized, we had guests. But then, it was too late. I still remember how dad bought the house down after their return and not finding Maya at home. But what sooke us to the core was, when we found Emilia crying silently, when she thought, no one was watching. We brothers promised to ourselves that no matter what, we would apologize to her and bring Maya back, it never happened. We tried calling her, but she was never available.

Nobody except my brothers and Maya knew, what happened between us. It was us, who drove her away not Emilia. She thinks, Maya left because, she neglected her. And I was too coward to admit my mistakes. But, there is one thing which is still bugging us. Why didn't Maya complained about us. Why nobody, knows even her dad, about that incident. It's still unsettling. But, whatever it may be, this time, we are talking it out and I'll apologies for my past behaviour, closing this matter, once and for all.

I hope she forgives us.

Greyson Osborne POV

Four years. 4 fucking years. That is how long, I have punished myself for the mistakes I have done. I constantly tried to drink, smoke, fuck around and do stupid things to forget her, but like a nightmare, a beautiful nightmare, she never left my thoughts. Maya. That name has touched me every single day, since she left. I have fallen in love with her, and I'm not ashamed to admit it to myself but the outside world? Damn, I can screem to the entire world, if I had to, but will she accept my heart. Not a chance. Last time, what I did or said to her, would have scarred her for life. No matter what I do, she would always hate me. That is why, I don't even wanna try to open my heart to her.

Because I can take her kicks but not her rejection.

As soon as we reached the airport, Xander send her a message, saying we're here to pick her up. “Do you guys think, she would forgive us?” I asked my brothers. They both sighed. “I have no idea, but I'm prepared for what ever she give me. We have to make everything clear, before we reach home. Atleast, we have to do it for Emilia. She's beating herself over it for last 4 years, whereas, it was our fault, Maya left.” said Roman. I don't know if I can do it, but if my brothers are ready to make things clear, I'll try not to be a stuck-up ass.

“She's here.” said Xander, making all of us anxious. “Fuck, where is she?” I asked, looking for her in the small crowd. “There” pointed Xander. “No fucking way!” said Roman, looking at someone. When I saw, what they were pointing at, my eyes bulged out if my socket. “What the hell? It can't be her, right brother.” then I heard Xander saying something under his breath, along the line. ‘Doom, here I come.’ He's right. We are all doomed. I'm sure, this is how god is punishing us by sending her back like an atom bomb, a sexy bum. Fuck she looks hot.

We all jumped out of the car to welcome her, but she just ignored us and took the short gun, not even bothering to see, how much her beauty was getting attention. After she got inside the car, we saw few boys, trying to get a picture of her, secretly. A sudden rage filled my body. All of us growled at them. I didn't realize, my brothers got that possessive about her, all of a sudden. Or it was since she left, I have no idea.

After trying several times to get her attention, I gave up. “Maya? Can we talk about what happened, 4 years back, please? We want to make something clear, before we reach home.” I could see, my brothers are looking at her aspactedly as well. “What is there to talk?” she said, in a bore tone. “A lot. See Maya, I don't want you to believe us but, just hear us out, ok? And then it's up to you, if you want to forgive us or punch.”said Roman, trying very hard to control his emotions.

“Fine. Talk then. Say what you have to say.” finally turning to us, so that she's facing all three of us. Xander pulled out his phone and changed the mode. “I would suggest, you put your phone in a flight mode, because we have lot to talk, and we don't want any interrupting.” said Xander in a commanding tone. She frawned but did what he asked to. “Where to begin? Fine, the day it all started.” said Xander. “Dad, called and informed us that, your mom agreed to marry him and you guys were coming down, here. We were thrilled to get another sister, Emily went crazy to finally have another girl in the family.” he paused

“Everything was great, untill you showed up at our door and things...changed. We couldn't disgust the fact that, you were about to become our sister.” he looked away. “Why?”she asked, curious. Xander looked at us for help. Roman opened his mouth. “Because, we developed a different kind of feeling for you, and it was not an affection someone shows for their siblings, it was pure lust. We wanted you in a different way, which us wrong, very wrong but, we couldn't stop ourselves from falling in love with you and tried to avoid you, to get rid of those feelings.” he said, lowering his head.

She looked shocked but not for long. “And you are saying, that was the reason, you guys treat me like shit.” she asked hurt. “No Maya, it's not true. We noticed, you were attracted to us in some way and we thought it would be a best to send you away, in order to fight our temptation, so we intentionally, used hurt words so that, you would hate us and leave. But, after you left, we realized that, something was broken inside us. We were missing a part of our life. We know it's wrong to think of you in that way but, I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with you.” I confessed.

“There I said it. Now it's up to you, to forgive us or....”I didn't even finish my word and she started crying. Shit. Xander and Roman looked at me panicked. “I'm sorry Maya. Did I say something, you didn't like?” she didn't answer just shook her hear in denial. “Then what's the matter?” asked Xander, worried. “You assholes. I'm never going to forgive you all. Do you know, what kind of hell, I went through this four years? No, you have no Idea. I starved myself, I worked out more and eat less, just because someone called me a fat cow.” I flitched at her words.

“I tored every picture I ever made or took of yours because, it reminds me of how you guys humiliated me infront of everyone. I never called my mom, because I didn't want to accidentally hear your voices. I was dragged here four years back, without even asking if I wanted to come or not and than when I found a little hope in you guys to help me adjust here, you didn't even let me warmup to you, why? Because you are all a bunch of cowards and hypocrites.

You just broke my heart, because yours were not brave enough to except it's true feelings for me? Shame on you all! You said you love me? But I have never seen anyone who likes to make their love ones cry. Do you know how much have I cried. So much, that twice, my dad had to admit me in hospital for panick attacks. And you guys expact me to forgive you. Not in a thousands years.” she said, wiping her tears.

“I hate you all and nothing in this entire world can change my opinion on you.”

To be continued...

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