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Maya's POV

Sometimes, we judge people too soon and sometimes, we fail to judge at all. What is important though? Appreciating the people, who are straight forward and who's words sometimes hurts or hate those, who sometimes hurt you, because it's for your best. Why life is so complicated? Why didn't my mom, think twice before leaving dad? Why didn't dad stop her from leaving thought? Why my mom has to jump into another marriage so soon and why I had to meet them?

If my Mom would have waited for some more, I would have at least guessed, how the brothers felt about me. But, would it have changed anything? My mom still would have married George and they would have still be my step brothers, sooner or later. What would have changed? Oh yes, maybe, as they said earlier, they would have lost their control and their true feelings would have bought fort. It would have been better, I guess.

I sighed for the 10th time now. “Can you guys take me home, please?” I asked, frustrated. Oh yes, we are still not home because, let me quote."We are not coward. We did what the situation demanded at that time." They apologized. They hugged me, Grey even bend on his knees to ask for my forgiveness. Isn't this what, I wanted. Bringing them on their knees. Then why am I not happy. What else do I want? I want something, they can't give me. Love. They might have feeling for me, deep in their hearts, which they all just confessed, but they won't be able to show it publicly.

I might be ok with it for now, but when it's time for them to settle down and take a wife, what then. We all have to go different ways. I might try to engage myself in job and find a boyfriend, but whenever, it's time to visit my mom, every feeling, that we all would be suppressing, whold come back full force. “What do you guys want from me?” I asked them, because I can't take it anymore. “We want you.” well, that's not what I was expacting.

I looked at them clueless. “In what way?” I asked. “In every way. What ever way, you choose or are comfortable with.” said Roman. “If you want us in a romantic way, you have us all. If you want us as a friend, we would always be there but, we can't be your brothers, Maya. That role, we are incapable to play.” he said, bending forward in his seats. “You guys are crazy. This would be a big scandal, if my name was taken with you all, together. Are you trying to trash your family reputation?” I asked them.

“Are you afraid of criticism?” asked Xander, looking straight into my eyes. There was this fire in his eyes, that says, he gives a damn, what people thinks. “Yes, I do.” I said. “I do care what people say. I'm still part of this society. I can't go against it. People like you, you may not care about your reputation, but girls like me, from a middle class family, yes I do care. And I'm sorry, if I sound a little hypocrite for you right now, but it's the fact. I can't be with you guys. ” I said with a finality.

They all looked dead into my eyes and then at each other's making some kind of secret conversation. Their eyes were talking, daring each other to do or say something. “Let me ask you just one question, Maya. What are you more afraid of. Being part of a polymorous relationship or being called a Mistress for your step brother's?” asked Xander, folding his arms over his chest. His question made me think. Do I really want to be in that kind of relationship, when all four of us can lead a life without any commotion or am I just afraid of the future.

“Being called names” I answered, honestly. They were still looking at me. What answer were they expacting from me. “Fine. Let's go home.” said Xander and put his seat belt on. The other too followed his lead. Then he hit the gas. The rest of the drive was silent. What happened? I was expacting for the outburst or some kind of comment, but nothing. “That's it? You are not going to ask anything else?” I said, looking at Xander, but his eyes were on the road. “What else is there to ask, Maya. You made it very clear that you are afraid of the society. Being part of the social norms is very important for you. Why the hell did you fell in love with us then!” asked Xander, furious.

“I didn't think ok. I was so naïve. I just had a crush on you guys but when that crush converted into love, I had no clue. I knew very well that we don't have a future, but like you, I too couldn't help but fell in love with you all. What you want me to do now. Sue myself?” I yelled back, helpless. Suddenly, the break was hit and before I realize what was happening, I was on Xander's lap, straddling him. What the hell. But he doesn't look furious. He is smirking, like he won a bet. “What?” I asked confused.

“You said, you fell in love with us.” oh shit, I didn't mean to slip. “How..You tricked me...” My curse never left my mouth because someone decided to close my mouth with his. Holy moly. Xander Is kissing me. I mean, I'm getting kissed by The Xander Osborne. My..My..step..Wait. I pushed him away. “How could you just kiss me like that? It was my first kiss. Take it back.” He laughed and slammed his lips on me again. And this time, he didn't let go, untill I relaxed and let him take control of the kiss.

After a full make out session, he placed his forehead to mine. “We just live once, Maya. Live it the way, you want it. Fuck society. They always find one or the another reason to Criticize. Once they find something new, they would forget you and move on. So, don't dwell so much over something like that. Listen to your heart. Do what it says. Tell me Maya, what does your heart really wants?” he says, taking one of my hands and placing it over my heart. “You can hide it from us, but you can't hide it from yourselve. Don't lie to yourself, Love.”

What do I want? It's clear, but is it easy to have it? What would I lose? Mom would scold me. Give me lectures. Dad would be disappointed in me, but he'll understand. I looked into his eyes. “You” I confessed. “I'm hopelessly in love with you all. I don't know what future has stored for us, but I feel incomplete without you all. Am I really in love? Am I wrong?” I asked them. This time it was Roman, who pulled me out of Xander's arms and hugged me flushed to his chest. “No Maya, feeling love towards someone is never wrong. Don't ever think about it again. If it was just an infatuation then, it would have vanished long back.” he said, stroking my hair.

“It would not have hurt like bitch, staying away from you. There was not even a single day, when we didn't miss you, or beat ourselves for the things we did to you. We wanted you the same way, you wanted us babe. I'm gonna fight the entire world, to keep you with me. I love you so much.” said Roman, lifting my chin with two fingers and then leaned forward to kiss me. I waited for his lips to touch mine and when it did, I closed my eyes and let my self lose in his touch. His kiss started gentle, but soon turn intense. “Now I feel left out.”

We all chuckled, when Grey pouted. “I was the one who confessed my love to her first. So, it should be me, she should be kissing first, not you two.” he said, glaring at two of his brothers. “It's true. So, that is why, I would initiate a kiss with you, as you can see, the last were initiated by your brothers.” I said, pulling him toward me and placed my lips on him. He stiffened for a second, but then dragged me towards him, to continue the make out session. “God I love her.” he said, between kisses. We all laughed and then I sat in between Roman and Grey for the rest of the journey home.

Our love is considered taboo in this society but, Xander is right. We live once. Let's live to tell the story, rather than becoming one.

The End.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed the shots from Maya's stepbrothers.

See you next week with my new book.

Take care . Stay home. Stay safe.💕

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