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Hello Readers

From now on you'll find different P.O.V's.

(Ben Sullivanas p.o.v)

I have been very busy Since last month, working my ass off. My Boss is a good man, with a lovely family. He and me are on very good terms. Sometimes we go out to have drinks together and share are achievements and failure. I love my work, no doubt but, who doesn't like a little break. I have a lot going on in my mind right now. First of all I guess, I have to make some arranments, as I promised my princess that I'll spend time with her on her Birthday, which is next week.

But I want to surprise her by taking her to her favorite spot because, come on, you don't turn 18 every year right? Time just flew away. My little Angel is all grown up and ready to spread her wings. I'll be heartbroken when she leaves for college but, let's face it, it was bound to happen. I'll miss her.

So, I want to spend this next few months to the fullest with her, the best I can. I don't want any regrets. That's why, I spoke to Mr.Thomson (my boss) to let me handle some work from home, so that Me and my pumpkin can spend some long, awaited Uncle-niece time together which he approved without a second thought. I am really glad for that.

Four years back, we use to go camping a lot but, after she went to high school and I got my promotion, it was very hard to make time for her. But not anymore. I have all planned, how we are going to spend our remaining time together, before she leaves to college. Her finals are going on. And hopefully, I would be able to finish my closing documentations before her B'day.

Alright let's do it...I was about to go back to my desk after my lunch break, when I received a call from a private number. Without wasting time I clicked the answer button. "Hello" I greated. My friend. Long time...No see. He chuckled. My heart raced. I know that voice. I can recognise him from anywhere. But I still pretended as if I don't recall him. Why is he calling after so many years?

"I'm sorry, who's calling?" I asked. Oh come on, you forgot your partner in crime? You wound me Benny, you wound me. He replied with a fake gasp. I can't pretend any more because, he knows, there are only 2 people who used to call me with that pet name. My brother and the devil himself.

"Leo?...yes..It's been long." I took a deep breath and release it with a sigh. "I don't want to know, how you found my number. What do you want?" I said with a bore tone. Why? I can't call a friend bcuz I was missing him? he chuckled. A Reunion with my old acquaintances. Everyone is coming. You see I have send you an invitation. You might receive it today.

As soon as he said that, there was a knock on my office door and one of my Jr.Put a red envelope on my desk and left. You would find the details of the party and venue all in it. You and your Family are invited. And before you give me any excuses, I know you are free because it's a special day for you, right? I will be expecting you and your neice, what's her name again..ah..Maya. He took her name as if the sound of her name gives him his Salvation.

I'am having a bad feeling about this. Something is telling me to avoid him at any cost. "She won't be coming with me." I cut his though absurdly. Oh.. why not? I was so looking forward to meet her. He said. "She has some plans with her friends. She won't be available." I gave him an excuse.

I don't want him anywhere near her. He started laughing suddenly, like it was very funny to hear, what ever I said. Benny Benny Benny...You are sooo.. funny. Do you think, you can hide her from me? Than suddenly his voice changed from friendly to something, manacing.

Do you think, I don't know anything about you or her? He asked in a low voice. I have been watching her for last 7 years...7 fu*king years. He roared on the phone. Do you know Sullivan, how difficult it was to see her and not able to touch her? Hmn. He asked.

"You fu*ker,You will keep your hand to yourself, or else...

"sshh.sshh..sshh. He cut me. Don't interrupt me while I'am speaking. So, Hmn..Where was I? Yes, I saw her 1st, when she was sitting in a park alone by herself. She looked like an Angel. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was looking sooo beautiful in that light blue frock, I couldn't stop myself from approaching her. I almost cried out seeing such a perfect creation of God.

You know right Benny, how people react when I stand in front of their eyes? They piss in their pants but, not my Angel. When I stood in from of her, she raised her head and looked into my eyes. Oh those beautiful eyes. I can spend my eternity looking at them. There was no fear in them, just curiousity. (sighed) and when she spoke for the fist time, I was a goner.

I wanted to take her with me but, it was not the right time. So, I patiently waited for the right time to claim her. Do you know how difficult it was watching her grow into a beautiful woman she is now, without being a part of it?

"Enough!!" I spat. "I'm warning you Leonardo. If you come near her, talk to her, see her or even think of her, you will loose all your senses, the next moment. I am a changed man for her but, I never forgot how to fight. You do not forget that. Stay away from her. If you ever try to talk to her or even take her name again, I'll rip that tongue out of that fu*king mouth of yours. Understand?" I warned him before I disconnected the call.

I spaced my office. I have to do something but, what? Suddenly, my phone buzzed. My blood boiled seeing that message.

You can't hide her from me.

I'll have her anyways. She is mine.

I am furious right now. I need to go home to think. May be make some calls. I'll protact her at any cost, even if I have to send her away from me, never to see her again. A pain shoot through my heart imagining her face, when I have to send her away.

How am I going to explain her everything? How is she going to react, when I tell her that, I might not be able to see her ever again? Will she understand, If I explain? What kind of danger she is in?

"Sh*t..Sh**t!" I cursed loudly. My office door opened and there stood my boss with a worried expression on his face. "Are you alright Sullivan?" he asked with voice full of concern. Even if we are close, I can't reveal my dark past to my Boss.

"Umn..Mr.Thomson. Is it alright, if I take the rest of the day off? I kind of have an emergency?" I tried to sound a little professional. He sighed. "Sure, no problem. Report me tomorrow morning." He said. I thanked him, taking my coat and bag. "I'll make sure to send you the reports before the 1-1 meeting tomorrow." I promised while, walking towards the door.

"Don't worry about it. We can skip it till after lunch tomorrow." he said waving his hand, dismissing me. I thank him again and ran out of the office towards my car.

It was a tense drive. I have to think fast. That Motherfu*ker has something big planned and I don't want to take risk. I have a feeling it is something to do with Maya's birthday. "Think Ben. Think think."

I have to find a way to send her out of the town,without Leo's knowledge. I'm damn sure his men are watching her like hawk. I have to think something unpredictable. As soon as I reach home, I rushed inside and took a look at the watch. I still have an hour before Maya comes home. Let's make the calls before she comes back.

"Don't worry Princess, I'll not let any harm come your way. I lost my brother to that monster, I'll not lose you too. I promised your Mother, I'll keep you away from any harm and this is me, keeping my promise. I'll fight for you till my last breath.

Because that what fathers do.

You are my daughter and any ba*tard that messes with you, I'll make sure he regrets the day he was born."

Dun..Dun..Dun..Dun.. Didn't expact that right? From here onwards the chapters are going to be exciting.

Keep up...Happy reading..

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