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CHAPTER 5 : A Perfact Plan

Ben's P.O.V:

She wound be safe here Ben,trust me.The person on the other side said.I don't know,if I can trust the fact that Maya would be safe without me for that long,but I trust her.I know that she will protect her with her life."Fine, I'am sending, her.Make sure no one....And I mean no one, knows about this."I told her in a warning tone. Ben,I'm not a kid ok? I know how fu*ked up this situation is.If you don't trust me,why did you call me? She was right,I called her because she is the only person, I'll turn up to when it's a life and death situation.

I signed audibly."I'm sorry"I apologized.And I really mean it."I'm just...I can't lose her too."I told her in a shaking voice."She's the only reason, I'm still alive.If something happens to her, I'll never forgive myself."I said with tears almost escaping my eyes. Ben I can hear her taking a sharp breath.

When will you stop blaming yourself for everything? she asked. She's the only one that knows everything about by past. She's the one,who was always there as a moral support for me, someone I can lean on when tired. A tear escape my eyes when I closed them while recalling my mistakes.

"I don't know...I don't... know..May be never.I'll take this pain and guilt to my grave."I told her truthfully."I'll never be able to forgive myself for throwing my only child in an orphanage for 10years,unprotected,unloved and clueless of who she was.Hell she doesn't even know her father,me, is still alive.How will I ever reveal the truth to her?How would I ever answer her obvious questions,when she finds out the truth?How..How will I face her when she would hate me for what I have done to her.How?"

There was complete silence for a few seconds.I can clearly hear dog barking on the other side.

Look Ben,I still believe,that was for her best,to keep her safe.You didn't completely abandoned her.You were always watching her, keeping and eye on her every time.I was mostly there keeping a tab on her.always.even if you didn't asked me for it.

She was sad and alone...yes, but it was better than leaving her with someone,you don't trust.You should be at ease with the fact that,she doesn't remember you from earlier.If you would have kept her with you for a year or two before leaving her after,her situation would have been devastating.Have you thought about that?

How would you have felt,if she was adopted like any other children and send somewhere,you could not find? She took a breath after she was done.I realised she was right.I could never live knowing that she would address someone else as her father when I'm still alive."You are right.I was just too overwelmed with the current situation,I guess.I got carried away a bit."I confessed.

Hmn..It's alright,I understand.What the plan then? She asked finally changing the subject.

"First,I'll ask her to pack few of her thing,which are important and while she's at school, I'll arrange a car and set the GPS to your address. A new phone as she would be leaving her old one with me.They might track her with it and a fake I'd to not get caught.That would also help her to travel with you tomorrow night.Then I'll pick her up from school and brief her the situation at hand.Once she's out of danger,I give you a call."I told her the plan.

Sound good to me. Alight be careful and call me if there is any change of plan ok? "Will do"I said before we end the call with our goodbyes.

Time to put the plan in action.I should go pick her up.I took the car keys and walked out of the door.I start the engine after sending a quick message that, I'll be picking her up near the maingate.I can't take a risk letting her drive by herself to school these two days,knowing very well that, someone is always watching her. She is too innocent to notice the prying eyes on her.Then suddenly a thought appeared in my mind.

What if Leo has placed someone at school to keep an eye on her?There's a possibility right? I have to warn her.She's not safe.And the fact that tomorrow is her last day at school,he would definitely think of something to get to her.Now that he revealed his intention to me,he has no fear and would try to do things without fail...

I was about to park near the school,when my phone bussed...Maya.A small smile spread on my lips as I took the call."Hey princess,How was it?"I asked."Good.You know me,it was a piece of cake."I can clearly imagine the smug look on her face,right now,which she got it from her mother.I shaked my head and laughed a little."I know cup cake.Come out now,I'm taking you shopping for your Birthday Present."I said without telling her the real reason,why.

"Really",she squeal a little."Ok I'm on my way".she said,then stopped."One min uncle",she was talking to I waited.Who's she talking to?Sounds like a boy. I sighed.I know she is not easy and won't let any boy flirt with her,but the father inside me,would always be worried about her.Dont know who that lucky so of a bitch is,who's destined for her.But I thing, for sure,he has to go through me,to get to her and it won't be easy,let me tell you.A knowing smirk played on my face and I chuckled audibly.

"Uncle,what is it.? "She asked"Nothing.Are you here yet? I can't see you? "I asked changing the subject."Uncle Ben,....Umn.. One of my reading partner in class,is asking me if I would.... may be join him for a trip....he and his very close friends,are planning to go, day after tomorrow?Its near the lake For 2 days."she asked.

"Do you want to go?"I asked her back."Umn... not sure,but he is different from the others and I may not see him here after, because we'll go our own way..So I was thinking...Why not.?"she explained.

But I have a feeling, what if this is the person send by Leo,to keep an eye on her?But if I say no,then he would be elert.And I don't want that.I want it to work the way we plan.I can brief her later. For now,let him believe that,I have taken the bait."Sure why not.Tell him to send me the details and I mean every details.When do you start,where do you stay,and your return timings.Got it?" I said without raising any suspicion.

If my suspensions are correct,then Leo would leave her alone atlease for 2 more days,which will give me enough time to work on my plan.By the time the realisation hits him,she would be far away from and sound.

After a minute or so,my princess got into the car and we drove away towards the town while mentally preparing myself to tell her the plan."Uncle what about my car ?"she asked."Don't worry about it.Will pick it up while returning".I answered."So what do you want for your Birthday Princess ?"

"...... Ummmm...I have everything thing.You have provided me with everything Uncle Ben.I don't want anything."she said scooting near me and hugging my right hand lovingly.I kissed her forehead, returning the same love."You may not want anything,but you may need something.Hmn how about a new phone,or laptop,you have been using it for the last four years"? I asked.

"No don't need a new Laptop.The old one's working fine and I use my phone,only to call you,or when you call me.If I change the screen guard and pouch,it's as good as new.I hardly use it any ways."she said.

I would admit that she was right.She doesn't have any friends to chat,nor has any social media account,so the phone she uses are for making and receiving calls only."Okay but I want to get you a new one.This looks ugly."I gestured towards her phone and made a face,to which she laughed.

"Alright,but you have to choose it,I have no Idea about electronic at all."she said."Fine,leave it to me......But the main reason I bought you out today is because,I have something to tell you,and you would need fresh air,after hearing me out."Her face fall.

"What is it that you want to talk about?Is everything alright.?"she asked with a concern dripped voice.I shook my head as no and her eyebrows furrowed . I took her to her favorite park and When I parked the car and looked her way, something crossed her eyes,some emotion I couldn't read, but It was gone as soon as it came.I brushed it away anyways.

"Why are we here?,"she asked."We are here because it's a public place and someone would think twice, before harming us."I said opening the car door and guestring her to follow me and she did."Harm us.Who? What are You talking about?"

By now we are inside the park and although it's not crowded, its safe from prying eyes and ears.Who knows.Leo might have put some bug inside the house,when we are not home."People,there are people from my past,who I was a very bad terms with and now they want to get back at me,by targeting you." I said,very impressed by my statement to answer her question without revealing the actual reason.

"Are they from some kind of gang or something..?"She asked confused."Yes"a simple answer.They want me to sign something official for there illegal activities,which is against the rule. So now that they know,I won't do it for them,they are targeting you to blackmail me."I searched her face for any kind of disbelief,but was satisfied by the concern face,which means,she believed me.Which is good.Now comes the hard part.

"They are keeping an eye on you."Her eyes widened like a size of sausser.She was about to look around,when I stopped her."Don't look back.someone is watching us. Relax.I have a plan.Nobody would know.Untill the problem is resolved,I want you to go to one of my friends,who I talked earlier this morning and stay there untill I say it's safe to come back."I said.

"What about you?"she asked taking my hands with her."Don't worry about me.They will not harm me physically.They only want to use my weakness against me.So you being gone,they would not have any option to come forward and fight or lay back and let it go.. Either way they would be behind the bars in no time."I gave her a reassuring smile,which calm her a little.

"So how am I going out of here,without anyone noticing? "She asked curious.I told her what I had in mind.That took a while,but finally I convinced her to pack her bag tonight and leave tomorrow after school.She kept quite for a while with her head down and unconsciously playing with my fingers,which she was holding for a long time.

"Pumpkin,what's going in that pretty little head of yours?"I flicked her head,bringing her back to the real world."How long do you thing it would take?"she asked."I don't know sweet heart ,but I'll try my best to bring you back as soon as the matter is settled.Ok?"I smiled at her and she returned it.I pulled her closer to me and let her head rest on my shoulder.

We sat there for a while then we head back home bcuz she didn't want to go anywhere else.I know what she is going through right now but,I can't tell her the entire truth,not yet."Uncle Ban, how much do you trust this ..... friend of yours?" she asked acwardly,not meeting my eyes.

I know she has trust issues.So I made it very clear for her."How much do you trust me princess?"She slowly looked at me and smiled.We didn't exchange any more words.

A smirk crept on my face.

I will do anything to see the reaction on her face,when she meets My friend.

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