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CHAPTER 6 : Its Hard To Say Goodbye

After we reached home that evening,as planned I packed my bag,and also packed few things that uncle asked me to.Then he ordered my favorite pizza for dinner.We sat peacefully in front of T.V to enjoy a random movie while eating our food.We end of watching “Marley and Me”.I cried a lot in the end when the dog died.But that was just a cover up.

I just want to cry my heart out because of this entire situation we are in. First my parents,Then the abusing in the orphanage,And then Ron with his big secret.I wasn't even over the fact that some old fart is behind me,and on top that, My dearest Uncle has to overwhelm me with this Mafia crap.

“Don't you have to prepare for the last exam?”Uncle Ben asked me stroking my hands which was on his stomach, while kissing my head which was resting on his shoulder.“Its just Maths”I said.He knows even if I don't prepare,maths was never a big deal for me.“Ok genius”He chuckled.

“Have you packed everything you need?”he asked again.“Hmn”was my simple answer.He sighed audibly.and then pushed me more into a sitting position to look into my eyes while talking.“Something is bothering you.wanna share?...You know you can tell me anything right ?”he said with a frawn on his face.

“Are you angry that I won't be there with you for your birthday?”I shake my head as no and lower my head because I don't want to meet his eyes.If I do, he'll find out , I'm hiding something. Should I tell him? Then immediately decided not to.He already has a lot on his plate.Lets not overwhelm him.But if I don't say something to cover it,he would soon realise.So I lied.

“I had lots of plan for the summer with you.”It's was not a complete lie but I was not ready to tell him the entire truth yet.He pulled me into a hug when my eyes started watering.“I'm sorry princess.I keep breaking my promises.But once all this is over, I'll make it up to you.”he said playing with my hair.

“Your safety is more important than anything to me right now.Trust me if it wasn't for that bastard,I would never miss your Birthday for anything in the world.”he said rocking me back and forth.“I'm gonna miss you”I said.“Me too sweet heart me too”he said with a sigh.

After sometime we decided to go to bed,as we both know we have a big day tomorrow.I asked him,if I can sleep with him today.And he happily excepted.I played with his shirt while My head rested on his chest.There was something,I always wanted to confess to my uncle.And I thing this the right time to say it.

“Uncle Ban?” I called.“Yes princess?”he answered like he was talking to a toddler.“I wish you were my Father.”I confessed.His hand froze,which was stroking my hair.Then he said something,that bought a small smile on my face.

“I always wish that you could call me dad instead of uncle.You calling me Uncle makes me feel old.”he chuckled.“Just kidding,It doesn't matter what you call me, you... You'll always be my princess.”he said pinching the tip of my nose.“Get some rest sweety.Goodnight”he said kissing my hair again.“Goodnight”I said before closing my eyes.

Next when I woke up,it was to the sound of the alarm.I sat on the bed and then realized it was uncle's room.Streaching my body,I got up and went to my bedroom to freshun up.After half an hour,I came down with my bag .

I heard uncle speaking to someone on the phone while making breakfast.When he saw me coming,his face lit up with a big smile and gestured me to sit on the dining table, before placing the toast and egg in front of me.He stroked my head lovingly and placed another plate in front of him.I started eating without wating for him because he was still on call.He started eating too while still on call.

After breakfast,I waited for him to be done with the call so that he could drop me to school.After a minute or so,he was finally done with it.“Sorry about that.It took quite a long time.”“It ok”I said.Then we got in the car together and drove towards the school.He brief me again with the plan,to make sure I don't have any doubts.

“So as soon as you reach there,use this phone to msg me.Don't call unless I say so.You can use my friend's phone to call me.ok? Any questions?”he asked searching my eyes.“All clear Sir”I said with a mock salute.We said our good byes and I headed inside to the exam hall.

After exam,I said my goodbyes to my teachers and few people who genuinely like me.I didn't find Sam though.Where was he.But I'm glad he's not here because he's the last person I want to meet now. I got a msg from uncle saying,he was here.I walked normally as if nothing happened.As soon as I saw his car,I walked toward it and climbed it without wasting any time.

As planned,uncle stopped the car near a clearing which is where the other car was parked.“Everything you need is in the's the new phone...Give me the old one here and..........”.He was looking ahead avoiding my eyes.his hand were clutching the wheels tight,while repeating the same instructions again.

Suddenly he stopped and looked my way,when I put my hand on his shoulder.“I'll be fine.”I said with a reassuring smile.He nod his head saying ok.“Alright,come here,give your old man a hug.”he said opening his arms for me.I hugged him tite.“call me every day”I ordered.“everyday”he repeated.

“Take care of your health.I mean it.”I warned him.“You too”he said,nodding his head.He kissed my head and his kiss lingered there for sometime,as if he doesn't want to let me go.“go” he said.“Be safe”he said pushing me toward the car door gently.I opened it and then step out.I waved at him One last time before turning around and walking towards the other car.

He watched me till I get inside and started the engine.I looked his way and this time he had a big smile on his face, which I returned with a sad one.He made a face,which make me laugh all of a sudden.He send me flying kiss and mouthed 'go now'.I nod my head and taking a deep breath,went ahead towards my destination.I prayed to whoever was listening,that the plan should work because,it is very hard to say goodbye.

After almost 2hours of driving,I reached my destination.Parking my car,I checked the address if it was correct.Then I got out of the car, double checking the area, making sure no one's out there.It was a small single storey house,surrounded by trees.Actually I think, I'm on the backside of the house.And the door infront of me is actually the back door.

After dwelling a lot, whether to knock or not,I finally decided to take a risk and knocked. I waited for a few seconds before the door opened.I was socked to see the person on the door.Am I at the right address?“Yes you are” The person standing at the door said.Did I say that out loud?My mouth was opening and closing like a fish.

“Close your mouth and come inside,if you don't want to catch a fly.”She said.“han...Ya...Um... I'll get my things.”I said fumbling with my words.She chuckled and said.“come on,let me help you with those”.she said helping me taking one of my bags.I said a small thank you and after locking the car,we went inside.

I was still in shock while she was talking as if we are two friends,who have lots to catchup after a long vaccation.She showed me my room,said She'll fix something for me to eat while I freshun up. I said a small thanks again and closed the bedroom door. I took a quick shower and changed into a short and tank top,while still thinking about Her.Why did Uncle not tell me it was her?Or he wanted to see my shock face..Yes that would be the case.

After combing my hair into a braid,which took another ten minutes,I came out of the room towards the kitchen.As soon as she saw me,she said.“I made pasta,hope you like it.”she smiled and I returned the gesture.“Thank you, anything is fine.I'm not a picky person.”I said while sitting on the chair and started eating the food she made.“Its good”I complemented her.She waved it like it was nothing.

For another hour,we spoke about nothing and everything.This was first, I'm having such a long and open conversation with someone,other than my Uncle.She seems nice.I don't know why their relationship didn't work out.(I hope you figure out who she is)

“Umn..Rose..Thank you so much for helping us.”I thought it's the least I can say.. “Don't thank me yet.We still have to cross the city tonight.Untill we reach the safe house,it's too early to celebrate.”she said.I think she is right.We can only hope to reach the safe house without any trouble.

After talking for a while,we finally decided to sleep for a few hours.Our flight was at 3 in the morning,so that means,we have to start around 1:30,which means,I have to set an alarms for 1am.Althogh, there was a fear,for the unknown future,One can only hope for best.right? Sending a quick gudnight to uncle and setting the alarm,I finally close my eyes.

I'm goona miss uncle.I hope to see him soon.

Next chapter is all about the Osborn brothers.... Don't Miss...😘

FYI....(Elizabeth Hurley as Rose.)

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