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CHAPTER 7 : Don't Mess With Us

Next Two chapters will be from the Brother's P.O.V

(Roman Osborne's p.o.v.)

I never understood why women take so much time to get ready.I have seen Mom, Emily and hell even my grandmother takes hours to get ready.

And even after spending years to get ready,they look the same. A total waste of time and money,if you ask me."How do I look?"asked Sofia.She turl around and gave me a seductive smile . Seriously,she spend so much time for this?I looked her up and down and told her the truth."You look as usual.Lets go we're already late."

I didn't even wait to see her expression.I turn around and started walking towards My Red Ferrari,which is also my 1st girlfriend.As soon as we reached it,I opened the door for the passenger seat and waited for her to get in.She stood there stubbornly, throwing a tantrum again because I failed to praise her "beauty".

" That's all you have to say?"she scoffed.Do you know I much time and pain I go through to keep you and your family impressed? Don't you see how much effort I'm putting here and for what?"she said folding her arms"For you to overlook it everytime. Do you even love me anymore Rome? Because,You don't even pay attention to me,if its not for the fact that were having sex."

I looked her way and realized,she was 100% correct.If it wasn't for the mind blowing sex we have,I don't feel a need to spend any quality time with her.She's still with me because mom likes her.Sofia is Aunt May's daughter, who's unfortunately, mom's best friend. And even if she wasn't,Sofia has never given me any reason to breakup with her.

"I'm not in a mood to fight right now Sofia.We are already late,so get in the damn car.We'll talk about it later.Ok?"I said trying to avoid the conversation."No,not until you tell me what's your deal." she said not letting it go.If she's willing to hear the truth,so be it."Fine" I said closing the door hard enough to make her flitch.I smirk internally.

"If you insist.You are a good fuck Sofia.That's all you are to me.I don't like whoring around like Gray, nor commit to someone like Xander.You are here, because mom likes you.And more importantly,you are here because,You haven't given me any reason to breakup with you...Yet.So don't mess with my mind and enjoy the previledges of being Roman Osborne's girlfriend,while it lasts."I warned her.

My words left her stunned and me relieved.I should have done it long back.I can't take her attitude anymore.So if she wants a breakup now,I don't have any problem with that.I'll let her decide for herself. She looked to a side,as if thinking wheathre to take my offer or not.Then a creepy smile spread on her face.What is she up to now?

"Fine, I'll take your offer but I have one condition"she said coming closer to me.I narrowed my eyes at her."I want it to be documented."she said."What do mean"I asked confused."I mean, I'm ready to be your girlfriend,or sex buddy, whatever you call it.But,you have to promise that,you would not pursue or bed any other women,unless we breakup officially.If you do so with or without my knowledge,In return you have to Marry me."She finished.

"Are you out of your fucking mind."I roared catching her shoulder in a tight grip.She shrugged my hands off her shoulder."Relax,you are not the only one who would be bound to this contract.It applies for me too. So if it's me, who's breaking the rules,you have every right to cancel the contract."She said with a smile,which pissed me even more.

She's very smart, I'll give her that,but she was also the biggest slut I have even known,she is very easy for any rich and good-looking guy to lure her.She doesn't know, Who's she messing with.She wants to play with fire, I'll show her fire."Fine I'll get the papers ready."Her face lot up."But",I put my finger up to continue,"nobody is supposed to know about this deal, specially,our mom's.

"Sure"she said excited and without waiting even for a second,she got inside the car.I opened the door for the driver seat and closed it behind me.I gave her my signature smirk and she looked at me like,she had won a lottery ticket.I'll let her be for now.In time, she'll regret messing with me.

My engine roared and we started driving toward my parents house,which was an hour drive from her house.We are having a family dinner today,but I guess,we are already late.I checked my phone,when we stopped at the signal.Missed calls and messages from my mother,sister and my brothers.I can't deal with my mom and Emily right now.So I dialed xander's number.

Xander is elder to all of us and, followed by me, Grayson then Emily."How long ?"was the short and to the point question by Xander."20 mins, max. It was Sofia."I answered looking her way with an amused look. Sofia looked like,she was about to literally piss her pants.

After witnessing the heated conversation between Xander and one of his old 'girlfriend' in the past,Sofia knows best not to piss him up.She gulped audibly,which made me smirk."Hmn,make it 10"he said."With pleasure"I said.Because Car race is not just a hobby for me,it's my life.I have been racing since I was 16.No one has beat me yet.Grayson likes racing too but he's into bikes.

A lot of people has challenged him,but no one could beat him,just like me.You see,we Brothers are of different nature.Im Organised and short tampered.Grayon is the laid back one and full of life.Where as Xander is the calm and collected one,just like dad. But there is one thing which is common.We love chalanges.

We never give up untill the deed is done and if we want something,we get it by hook or by crook.Me and my brothers are a force to recon.Those who know us well,never mess with us and those who doesn't.......Well then May god bless them.

As soon as I hit the gas,Sofia cried out

"What the hell Rome? Are you trying to get us killed?". ..I laughed."If you hate car race then you should not be with me babe."I said changing the gear.She shaked her head in disbelief."That is the only thing I don't like about you."she said."If you are so eager to die,do it when you are alone.I would prefer to live, thank you so much."she said folding her hands,looking pissed.

"I don't care if you hate it.Car and Race is my life and I'll never give it up for anything in the world...Got it"I said more pissed furious than her."Whatever"she muttered.Rest of the drive was quite which I'm really glad.

After exactly 10 mins,I parked the my car near my parents house.Everyone is already here.Sofia fixed her hair and face,before jumping out of the car and walking inside whiteout giving a second glance to my brothers and Nathen(Emily's husband)who ware smoking near the porch.Like we care.

Xander raised one of his eyebrow.when he saw me coming."dont ask,"I said when I saw all of their amused faces."We didn't"they say in union.Ok that was not creepy at all.After they done smoking,I mean Nathan and Grey.Xander doesn't some,nor drink.He just likes our company.we went inside where everyone was sited on the dining table waiting for us.

"Hey mom dad,Aunt May.Uncle Nick..... Desirée.Sorry you had to wait."I greeted them and apologized for the dalay.They returned the gesture by saying,it was fine and don't worry about it. I looked around the table.There still someone's missing.I exchanged looks with my brothers,and instantly knew,they were thinking the same.Before I ask, Gray was the one who spoke for me.

"Where's Rose?"She is mom's younger sister,our aunt and mom's only other sibling.We were practically raised by her and close to her more than mom."O she's out of the town again.Don't know when she'll be back."Mon said.When is she even in the town.Every time we talk, she's out of town.But monthly once,when we have this family dinner,she never fails to attend it.

"I think it must be something important,bcuz she has never missed the family time."dad said exactly what I was thinking."Nothing to offend,but I think after her breakup,few years back as Sandra,Me and Sophie were discussing today, She's keeping to just herself a lot.She doesn't want to mingle with any...Xander interrupt her mid sentence.

"Nobody's asking for your opinion, Desiree.What My Aunt does,it's her business.You have no right to judge or comment on her personal life."he said without losing his calm.I wanted to give him a hug or high five to show Desiree her place,but I know it would be inappropriate.Gray and I exchange a amused look.

Xander face was the usual.Blank. But this woman has a death wish ,I guess.She ignored the initial warning from my brother and started again."It is my business Xander.I wasn't criticizing her.I was just telling the fact.We have all showed her love,care and respect,time and time again.She's just taking our love and goodwill for granted."

"Shut up...Just shut up Desiree"

Xander's voice ecoed in the room.every one froze including Desirée."One more word.I dare you Desiree .Just one more word against my family....And you will be out of this house and our life,next moment.Just because you are engaged to me, doesn't give you the right to act all goddess as if you rule this entire world.Know your limits.."He warned which left no words for argument.

Althought everyone is masking their emotions right now.I can tell most off them are trembling with fear.God,mom Couldn't find someone better for us.They are good for nothing..

"Uncle Nick, I'm sorry for my outburst,but your daughter has to understand the family values, before becoming a part of this family.If she keeps this behavior, I'm afraid,I won't be able to marry her.She a disappointment to me."There were gasps around the table."No you are right Xander, I'll talk to her."Uncle Nick said glaring at Desiree.

"You better"said my brother.After a few moments of acward silence,the food was served and we started to have small talks,here and there to lift every one's mood.After dinner,the ladies went into a room to have there 'Girls talk'.Dad and uncle Nick were still sitting on the dining table..Emily and Nick left for the day,because she's a pediatrician and she has work to do.

At last it was just my brothers and me.We are siting in the living room.Even if our interest are different,we have a lot of things in,

We don't take shits from anyone.

We demand respect.Its a give and take.

We're dominant by nature.

We care and protect our love ones.

Nothing ,I mean nothing can come between us. Either we share it,or throw it away.We share a strong bond.Even if we are age apart,we act like triplets.We share the same emotions and same thought. We can read each other's like it's a telepathic mink link.

Our mind works the same.Hell there was a time when We use to share underwears.We never had a disagreement. There is no one born yet,who has the guts to make us bend on our knees. And we would like to keep it that way.

How wrong were we?....

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