The spy who owned her.

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A ruthless American spy named Dimitri meets his biggest challenge yet, while on a mission. A woman named Oksana. She will test him, while he tries to break her of her old ways.

Romance / Erotica
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Dimitri Vasilyev was a rugged and unnerving man. He had worked as a spy for the government of Russia (FSB) until he got captured by the United States of America, while on an assignment. The US government decided to use his skills to their advantage, during an interrogation with him, he passed a polygraph about his intentions in the US, even though the government knew why he was there, already. Dimitri had almost convinced a guard to let him go through the power persuasion until the lead interrogator walked in and offered him an ultimatum, defect from Russia, and work for the U.S. or be shipped to a CIA black site, which is a prison that “doesn’t exist”. At the end of the day, the only thing that mattered to Dimitri was self-preservation. He didn’t owe anything to anyone one government. The only reason he worked for the Russians was so he could have a license to kill. He was a sick and demented man. He had a need to cause pain and fear unto people who he deemed worthy of his time and skill. Mostly he enjoyed killing other murderers, traitors, thieves, or anyone else who betrayed him. He was cold and non-forgiving when it came to people, as they’ve made him the way he is. They broke him and showed what true human nature is like. He refused to get attached to people or trust anyone. Sometimes he would think that he was missing out and should find a woman to keep for himself, but even that was too big of a risk. He would continue to live his life in solitary and do the one thing he was great at. Killing.

Oksana Smirnoffa was a shy and timid woman. She'd always been the person to make everyone else happy, even if it didn't make her happy. She worked at her family's small Cafe alongside her sister. Oksana had wanted to go to college and travel but her family had already chosen her path for her. She had no voice and no courage to stand up to anyone. It was always easier to go with the stream then to fight the current. All she really wanted in life was to find a man who loved her and listened to what she wanted. She'd been saving herself for a love with passion and untamable love. At 24 years old, she knew she was running out of time and was giving up hope on ever having a happy and exciting life. Maybe she was meant to always be serving everyone else.

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