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A simple girl, In a messed up sittuation Shes wants everything that would be in a romance novel. But she has nothing of the sort. Will a new goal in life make her find the one? Or will she be devastated by the past. This is blakes story

Romance / Erotica
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Same ole

Blakes pov:

Ive been with my boyfriend since junior year, im now 21 and darek lives with me in a two bedroom apartment. Its not much but i worked my ass off to have my own things. Although i love darek, he doesnt help me with the bills or anything for that matter. My family disowned me after highschool because he moved in with me , but i feel like if its that easy to walk out on me then fuck them... Its not like we have sex, i wont have sex untill im married thats what ive always believed so im sticking to it!!

Coming home from a 16 hour shift at a casino close by, im about to open my door when i hear cheers and laughter coming from inside, i smell the stinch of weed believe it or not i loved that smell but now it just reminds me of the burden i have to carry. I unlock and open the door and walk to the living room i see darek sitting on the floor playing video games with a blonde girl wearing next to nothing in a neon green dress sitting behind him with her freshly manicured fingers in his hair whispering thing in his ear. I look around his four friends passing a blunt around as they're lounging around with pretty much the same slutty girls next to them some kissing and fondling each other. Some girls are sitting on their laps with lust filled eyes. Fucking whores!!!

I drop my keys in a bowl in the hallway they make a loud noise everyone looks at me, dareks eyes go wide "hey babe, the guys came by brought some pot" he tries to pass me the burning blunt, but rage fills me bc the girl behind him simply smiles. "Im going to say this once and only once i want everyone that doesnt live here to get the fuck out of my apartment by the time im out of the shower" i say. The blonde skank speaks up " darek are you seriously going to let her kick us out of your apartment"? I turn back around looking straight at darek "darek here doesnt pay a dime for this place infact this is all he doessit around and do fucking nothing with his piece of shit friends and they're trail of whores"! The girls gasp and his friends say thing along the lines of " bro why are you with that bitch"?

I turn and walk to the bathroom exhausted from work , all around done with the whole sittuation. I just wanted to come home smoke and maybe cuddle but thats all shit now! I turn on the water and step in the tiny shower ready to wash todays work from my body. When the door swings open and darek walks in angry , he grabs me by my throat pushes my naked body against the wall he gets eye level with me and says " if you ever disrespect in front of guests again then baby i will hurt you" i roll my eyes he tightens his grip i cant breath now i cant even gasp for air " im going to leave now for the night so that you dont make me do something you'll regret" he lets me go and i grip the sink so i dont fall as he walks out slamming both the bathroom and front door. Id like to say that this wasnt like him, but thats him. He wasnt always like this but he loves me right?

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