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After my shower, i get dressed i order some pizza and sit down on the couch , turning on the tv as background noise because i honestly cant stop thinking about what just happend. I cant keep letting someone who says they love me put their hands on me. This wasnt the first time , im actually surprised that he didnt do more . Ive become numb to it i dont even flinch anymore. I need to get my shit together i cant keep letting him do this to me. I pic up my phone and start looking up gyms, not just any gym tho some with self defense classes. I find one its in a mma gym two miles away i start watching videos , muscular girls kicking bags , and tossing guys around like they are rag dolls. I get so absorbed in these videos that i jump when theres a knock at the door. I get up and walk to the door, open it up and theres a kid that cant be over 16 standimg there holding what smells like a delicious pie.

Taking the pizza and tip him thanks sending him a smirk, he was staring at my tits the whole time. I go back to the couch setting the box next to me not really worried about a plate i continue to look at these fighting videos , im completely obsessed. I sign up for some night classes bc i work during the day. After i get my fill in pizza i put my left overs in the fridge and head to bed... "Things will change bc im going to make that shit happen" this is the last thing i think before sleep takes over me.

The next morning i wake up to a arm over me i sigh and roll out of bed, i walk to the bathroom brush my teeth, wash my face, i brush the sleep tangles out of my hair and look down to my neck and there a hand print bruise around my neck. I sigh and tie my hair in a loose bun , walkimg to my closet i get dressed in some loose fitting jeans and a led zeppelin crop top i grab a pair of gym shorts from the drawer and thro them in a bag for my class tonight. I have the day off today so im going to go adventure some trails untill my class. Im already wearing a sports bra so when im all set i walk out into my bedroom and darek is sitting at the foot of the bed with the same look on his face that he always has after he puts his hands on me. I dont even skip a beat i walk past him into the kitchen he follows "baby im so sorry i didnt mean to hurt you, you just make me so angry you know how much shit talk the guys put me through...? im sorry ill never so it again" I turn around and he looks at my neck and tries to touch me i smack his hand away and get face to face with him " you will not put your hands on me again im leaving "i say .. " wait baby please we need to talk about this dont fucking walk out that door"!! He screams .. i dont even turn i just say " dont be here when i get back pack your shit and get the fuck out" i walk down the hall and i hear him smashing things whatever i dont really have anything that cant be replaced with 10 bucks. I walk about 15 mins to an opening of a trail . I start down this trail and come up to a large opening with dozens of diffrent flowerd and weeds i lay a blanket down that i brought with an lay down just looking at the sky like i have no worries like all of my problems are all gone. I lay for a couple of hours i hear my stomach growl , deciding that i need to get up and go get some food i grab up my things and walk back to the trail. I get to the main street and walk down to a near by diner that i love so much , i walk up open the door sit down at the same booth i alway sit at and the own Mickey walks up "what can i get you love bug?" "Eh the usual mic" i say

Which is a bacon classic chicken sandwich with extra tomato and cheese sticks . And a Gatorade...Fucking yumm

About 10 minutes later i get my food and give mic a loving look "thank you so much you're obviously the best person ever" i tell him. he makes pfftt noise and says "no love bug i just adore you so ill forever make you the best food" i blush and take my first bite of my chicken mmmm noises comes from me i look at him with approval, he eyes flicker down to my bruised neck his face contorts into anger "we WILL talk about this as man walks in covered in sweat , its running down his large muscular arms and down his lean stomach he lifts his shirt to wipe it from his forehead and im fucking lost in his abs i look up and his eyes are on me with a smirk plastered on his face my cheeks redden and i look down at my plate . mic laughs at me and i stick my tongue out at him. The man walks around the counter and hugs mic and says " whats up pops been busy today?" I never knew mic had a son ...I look closer at him hes got dark unruly hair green eyes his jaw line is perfectly carved and his ears are gauged not to big, hes got tattoos covering his legs and what looks like bat wings covering his back. I come back to reality and they are still talking about buisness and packages arriving soon. Mic turns to me and walks over with the guy and i tense up mic introduces us his name is darrius.. i continue to look down at my not usually this way but fuck ive never seen a man so gorgeous and dominance radiates from him. I say "hey" he chuckles and says "its okay to look at me little one " i look up at him and i notice some scars one on his eyebrow one on his bottom lip , his eyes dart down to my neck and he reaches out to touch the bruise and i flinch away he goes to say something but i studder out " hh-hey mic thanks for the food i gotta run i dont wanna be late for this class" i put down two 20s and go to the bathroom to change i take off the oversized jeans and crop top slide on my gym shorts and head out the door giving mic one last wave i put my ear bugs in and start jogging i turn the corner and run into what feels like a fucking wall, darrius is standing there im about to say something but he quickly says "who did this to you i want you to tell me his name now little one"


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