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Blakes POV:

Im staring up at him in shock, why would he give a shit about me? Much less some bruises... he doesnt know me , why would he care who did this to me? I'm nobody!! The only person here thats ever given a shit was mic... ohhh MIC i snap out of my brain and compose myself. I look up at him again "Listen its not a big deal I've got this handled" i try to maneuver around him but he grabs my hand, chills run up my arm to his touch and i snatch my hand away "listen you big ogre im fine, ive got a class to get to" i jog past him putting my ear buds back in my ears and head to my class. When i finally get there i walk in and theres sweaty bodies everywhere male and female grunting and moans of pain, slaps from kicks, ouuu i really think im going to like this.. i quickly sign in and get a locker key i put my things up and the lady at reception calls over my instructor he really big like really big hes like 6'4 250 lbs of pure muscle his name is brody hes also very attractive but just not my type. Girls gather around on the mat in front of brody they're all gawking at him he simply ignores there looks...he starts off by saying "hello ladies im here to teach you all how to take down a male my size" hes pacing in front of the mat now "if youve been pushed around by a lover or just some random guy tries to attack you i going to teach you how to stand toe toe with that pos and then expertly escape without being harmed, ahh yess here comes the boss hes going to be helping out today" i turn to see who hes talking about and to my suprise its darrius... fml why fucking me.. girls giggle and whisper to each other , ouus and awwwss over this giant hunk of man meat now in nothing but basket ball shorts that hang dangerously low on his hips. Fuck fuck fuck blakes brain stfu.. his feet are bandaged with black tape he takes large strides to brody they fist pump and both turn to us, i keep my head down. Compared to these other girls my short small frame isnt noticable .and so i thought.. They move is around the mat circling it with them in the middle darrius's eyes fall on me and i look down he whispers something to brody i cant make out. One by one they start taking girls in the middle teaching them and all of us technics to prevent a potential threat. Maneuvers to get out of the arms of danger , knees to the dick , knees to the face , headbutts to the nose, everyone has gone and im getting anxiety when brody calls me up to the middle. Brody tells me that hes going to attack me i nod and before i know it brody lunges forward and wraps his big hand around my neck i yelp not because it hurt but bc of shock darrius ste this up on purpose, darrius comes from behind me and says against my ear "grab his wrist with your left hand" i do it . " now twist your body inward" his hands go to my hips a chill runs up my spin "bring your right elbow down to his inner elbow hard do it now blake" i do as im told and broke grunts in pain but tries to attack again "blake his throat is open punch him in the throat" he balls up my fist and i punch brody in the Adams apple. Broke grips his neck falling to one knee groaning in pain " you dick you didnt say this feisty little thing was going to come full force" i jump up and down clapping im so hyped darrius looks down at me with pride glowing in his eyes " she is a quick learner huh" he chuckles out he turns to the ladies and tells them that we're dome for the night. I walk to brody and help him up to his feet "thanks for being my punching bag" i say with a grin, he looks down at me with a wide smile "no worries spider monkey, next time we'll be doing more physical things should be fun" and he walks away to darrius. I go to my locker to get my bag and get ready for my jog back home. Searching through playlists on my phone darrius walks up to me "you listen and act quickly little one i have a feeling im going to enjoy turning you into a weapon little one" he says. I look up hes very serious, " uhm thanks i think ill stay in this class it was definitely empowering and fucking fun" i say with a giggle. "Such a foul mouth coming from a small person" he says. I look at the time its 9 pm " hey i have to run i have to stop by the store and get some things and go home get some sleep i have work tomorrow, tomorrow night right?" He nods and i head out the doors slipknot blaring through my earbuds as i jog down the side walk weeving around people walking . although its getting late this place doesnt sleep. In nevada peoples nights and days are swapped and the city is wide awake. I jog up to a grocery close to my apartment, walking inside i grab some things i need back home and head to the check out . Im going to grab some tacos from a food truck outside that i love so much. As i walk to the truck i have this weird feeling that someone is watching me i look around find that noone is looking at me i brush it off and blame my nerves . I order and get my food, crossing the street to my apartment.walking u

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