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Feisty 1.5

Walking up the stairs my feet feel like they're weighted, the adrenaline has warn off and im starting to feel the weight of today. I kicked ass today i smile to myself, i unlock the door and my smile quickly fades as i look around my tiny apartment , theres broken glass everywhere. The tv and ps4 is gone , i walk further in and set my things down i look at the kitchen counter "fucking whore" is carved in the counter top i laugh to myself. Its funny bc of my lack of sleep and because i havnt slept with anyone so its pretty comical that he chose these words. I sigh i have to call out tomorrow so that i can look for a house i cant let this happen again . I pick up my phone and dial my bosses number he picks up the second ring i tell him what happend , that perverted bastard tells me that if i dont bring my pretty ass into work tomorrow n9t to bather coming back, so i tell him to fuck off and hang the phone up.. i dont need that job it was a choice , i was really good at it though. But my grandfather left me an inheritance i received it when i graduated, also another reason my mother hates me . Because when i was born she wasnt daddies little girl i replaced her, he was my rock my everything the only one that didnt treat me like a little girl . When he died 6 years ago apart of me died with him but he left me a video message along with his fortune. I wipe the tears from my eyes and start putting everything back in order after im satisfied i grab my food and head to the bathroom i draw my steaming bath dropping an oatmeal soothing bath bomb in the water. After its fully dissolved i slip my clothes off and slide down in the water, i grab my tacos and start eating , yumm.. after i get my fill , i grab my robe and push myself out of the water ,slide on my robe. My skin is so soft and smooth . I discard my trash and head to my closet i slide on some lacey boyshorts and a oversized tshirt and climb in my bed. I lay there for a bit thinking about all the things i need to do tomorrow eventually sleep takes over me.. but i dream... i dream of darrius

Darrius is on his knees, im laying on my bed my legs over his shoulders he looks up at me with dark lust filled eyes, he dips his head down i feel his hot breath against my folds before his tongue attacks my sensitive area. I grip the sheets and moan loud as he expertly licks and sucks my nub my legs start shaking as i feel a sensation build inside me he looks uo at me "you're so wet for me" i groan out pleaseeee darri- im cut off when he inserts a finger in me he growls. He starts slowly pushing inside me then he thrusts faster and faster before i grib his shoulders and yell out for him not to stop panting and a shaking mess i come undone around his fingers. He takes his fingers out of me and licks my juices off of them, and says "mmm you taste exquisite little one"

Then i wake up !! Fuck fuck fuck blake what is wrong with youu



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