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Not so innocent after all

Blakes pov
Waking up im honestly shook, what the fuck man!! Sitting up i realise im soaking wet with arousal.. I need to shower i push the dream along with the naughty thought of that big ogre to the back of my head and shower. I come out and dry off i decide to do my makeup , my hair and put on a short black dress its tight around my breasts but loose around my waist. I spray on some cottoncandy perfume, look at myself in the mirror, the bruises are nearly gone ..My eyes have a perfectly shaped wing , i put on some mascara to finish the look.. my hair is in a straight bob a few curls here and there, i pop on a beanie and my vans grab my bag im going to go to the diner to eat . Its about 8 am so the streets are pretty bare few people up and about , i really love this place. I get to the diner, walking in i find my usual seat mic is almost giddy to see me "how are you this morning kid" he says. "Im okay mic , how are you??" I answer. He thinks about it for a second "eh same shit just a diffrent day, no work today?" I tell him what happend with work , and my apartment. I tell him im looking for a house to move into and his face lights up, i look at him in confusion " i have the perfect place for you , 3 bedroom two baths open floor plan" he wiggles his eyebrows, " hmm whats the catch mic" i say and he laughs "oh nothing big its darrius's old place, im sure he wouldn't- before he can finish darrius in all his glory walks out with my plate of food that i didnt even know he was cooking and says "i wouldnt mind doing what now?" Mic tells him your old place its up for rent yeah? Darrius nods , mic tells him whats going on but i stop him "mic im not looking to rent i want to buy its okay ill keep looking" i say. Darrius shakes his head "no little one its yours you can just pay rent untill that adds up to the price of the place, its nice you'll love it" he says, my eyebrows furrow, he thinks im broke hmphhh he thinks im weak and broke this guy has some fucking nerve, i push my half eaten plate away and stand to my feet "listen i dont know what you think i am but im no charity case, i could buy this diner, the casino i worked at and the gym you own . Thanks but no thanks" i look to mic hes standing proud looking at me amused "as always thank you mic YOU'VE been great" I turn my heel and walk out of the diner, i grab a house finder paper as the door opends i dont look up , i know its darrius. " listen im sorry i didnt know you were wealthy , you dont really act or look the part" he says. I send him a glare and continue to read the listing close by, he snatches the paper from me with a growl , he backs me against the wall and gets face to face with me "you know little one i just apologized and your being a pain in the ass, so heres what we're going to do im going to show you the house and you can tell me if you'd like it" I nod with a look of distaste "only for full price" i say he looks back at me and smirks but nods in aggreement. "Ive got some business to take care of meet back here in three hours got it" he says the dominance in his tone makes me nod "i have to go buy a car anyways" he looks at me with question "what kind of car?" He asks "a miny cooper" i answer. he looks suprised at my choice "thats a good choice, those cars are dope, have to let me drive it one day" its my turn to be surprised i wasnt expecting him to like my choice, but i simply nod and start walking to the car lot its about a ten minute walk when i arrive i get curious looks , girls disapprove of me obviously. they shoot me dirty looks but i ignore the silly girls and a man approaches me " hey there what can i help you with?" He says to me "im looking for a car, well a mini cooper to be exact" I say "payments or buy outright ?" "I want to buy it" he hums in approval as we walk through the parking lot we come across some that are super feminine, thats not an issue for me but its just not my style. Then we come to one that emerald green and black, black rims and lining the interior is a sleek black . I fall inlove "thats the one" I practically yell he opends the door for me to get in i run my fingers over the steering wheel , i jump out squealing in excitement i hug him hes surprised but chuckles "okay lets get your paperwork started so you can have quality time with your new baby" i squeal again clapping my hands.
Two hours later , and 30,000 dollars later i get the keys to my new 2019 mini cooper "thank you so much, you guys have been a breath of fresh air" i tell the man "no no it was my pleasure i hope it drives great for you" he says i start her up with a push of a button and drive out of the parking lot it takes me no time at all before im pulling into mics parking lot, him and darrius come out to greet me. Mic hugs me and whispers "im so proud of you love bug, youre absolutely glowing" thanks mic, i look over and see darrius inspecting the car , he looks as if he appoves. He looks up and says "are you happy little one?" I nod "good get in im driving" mic tells us to come back he will make us lunch we say our byes and darrius starts her up and speeds out of the parking lot i quickly put on my seatbelt a little nervous now "if you hurt my baby ill beat you to death" I warn him!! he eyes me amused we're driving through neighborhoods i dont know down streets that i dont know , rich neighborhoods. I look at the scenery in aww we dont say much . But its not uncomfortable. We pull up to a large gate and he punches in a code it opends we drive down the longesh driveway and a house comes to view it has a wrap around porch, green vines covering the sides of the building im in aw . Im stunned he stops the car i quickly exit the car "oh my god darrius this is beautiful" I tell him he nods in aggreement and says "i know, this was my little peice of heaven, but i wanted something bigger so i had a house built about 30 acres that way" he points to the back of the house "oh okay" we walk inside and everything is gorgeous the walls are a light green color with dark green trim , we walk to the kitchen it has a L shaped bar with all new appliances, the countertop are all dark green marble the cabinets the same light green color but coated with black swirls. Im instantly inlove but i dont show it i continue to the bathrooms they are just as beautiful as the rest but grey tile floors with a darker grey sink the shower is a walk in black tiles cover the wall and a grey tub that could fit two maybe three people , i walk to the first bedroom its connected to the bathroom it has grey walls with black marble tiles along the bottom and its big i keep walking theres a giant walk in closet, i walk out to the bay window seat look to the back yard its beautiful big and open "how much" i ask "66,000"
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