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Home sweet home

Blakes pov
Okay 60k thats not so bad, he comes and sits next to me , " what do you think?" I think about it for a second ...
"I love it darrius, ill take it" i get up and go get my labtop and phone so that i can transfer the funds "hold on there little one, i have one condition only one the person that did that to your neck isnt allowed on the property i mean it never" he says "well thats easy enough we broke up he trashed my apartment he WONT ever be apart of my life again" he nods in understanding "can i move in tonight?" I ask "ofcourse you can" i sit down dile the number to my bank and talk with my banker ask darrius for his routing number and ask the gentlemen to transfer the funds, while darrius is on the phone with someone about the house contract and deed. Once its done i run up to darrius and give him a huge hug out of excitement, he doesnt embrace me at first i caught him off gaurd, after a few seconds he wraps his arms around me he leans down kissed my hair "do you want a job little one?" He bteaths into my hair, I look uo at him in confusion "i own a casino, im in need of a floor manager, would y9u be interested?" Why is he doing these things for me? He must want something... does he pity me? Do i just look like i need help all the time? I realise im still in his arms, i awkwardly pull away and tell him "i don't know what to s-" "say yes darrius" he interrupts me i smile and say "yes darrius" he nods and mumbles something i think its "goodgirl" but walks to the door opends it for me, i grab my things and walk out the door, walking to the car i get in my new baby , i let him drive because i have no clue where i am. But i ask him when do i start he tells me tomorrow morning my hourly pay will be 27$ and i get paid every week on Saturday he tells me the code to my front gate ha my fucking gate IM A HOME OWNER , we get back to the diner and im positively glowing with excitement i sit down ready for mic to feed me yummy food when i hear darrius yelling from the back , i look at mic "no worries love bug" so i continue to eat but i hear him tell someone that they better find his packages and fast. Oh my they better find that shit hes not playing i think to myself with a giggle. He comes out he looks so angry i just stare at him when he looks over my way his features soften... wtf was that??... im noones soft spot... "little one go to the mall theres a furniture store, tell them the address and my name tell them i sent you okay are you listening?" I nod "good pick out what ever you want okay what ever you want got it" i shake my head okay i tell him "goodgirl no class tonight okay make your home yours and get some rest ive got to go handle some thing ill see you tomorrow" he looks to mic "ill see you at home pops"


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