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His world


I walk out of the diner and get in my car, I'm so fucking furious i cant see straight! How am i supposed to focus on other things that i actually like if these dumb fucks that work for me can't do their jobs. I speed out of the parking lot and drive tward the warehouse, I'm about to shoot someone !!!
I pull up get out slamming the door, walking inside i see brody hes punching one of the what i assume to be idiots that lost track of the packages ( what packages you ask.. packages of dope and guns) yes im a proud leader of the Gonzales snakes (mafia gang) what the fuck is going on i say to brody he doesnt stop hitting the kid he just speaks inbetween hits this...idiot...lost...the...shipment..
He tells me as he drops his body to the ground brody stands tall and tells me that the kid was attacked from behind by some known rivals the southside vipers .. i let out a gowl and tell brody to load up we're going to settle this shit he grabs his 45 and carving knife with a smile covering his face. See brody here collects sculpts. I on the other hand like to chop the heads off my victim's and paint murals with their blood so i grab my desert eagle and throwing knives, brody always keeps a machete in the truck. We head out getting in brodys truck , he rips out of the drive way. He turns to me and asks you like her dont you? I simply answer the buisness needs a queen he nods in agreement and says yeah i like her i think she will be perfect, she has a tight litt- i stop him, not right now brody. The girl clouds my head enough so stfu and get you head in the fucking game. He chuckles and shakes his head. Hes right tho shes perfect in everyway she will be a amazing queen so feisty , smart mouth, good fucking head on her shoulders ive never seen anything like it, like her could she except me though for the monster i am? Befor i ccan dwell on it to much brody slows the truch to a creep , parking a good two blocks away so we have the sneak attack advantage. We both exit the truck, we swiftly stride to the opening of the piece of shit building the motherfuckers call home. The doors are unlocked ,goddamn amateurs.
We walk in quietly, we hear foot steps and hide behind a wall before i know it the guy comes to view but brody is too quick he covers dudes mouth and stabs him between the shoulder and neck. Brody stabs deeper untill theres no movement at all . We continue up the stairs we stop at a cracked door and peek in these fouls are celebrating nakes girls with lines of coke on there asses bent over infront of the bastards and bottles in their hands they cheer and do a line fucking idiots dont even realise what kind of pain they are about to feel..
Theres 9 of them none on gaurd so this should be quick and painless. We ready ourselves then we burst through the doors and our bullets start flying striicking 3 dudes between the eyebrows brody jumps down to their level and attacks with his knife to another guy as im running down i throw three knives sticking two guys they drop to the ground as the other put one of the sluts in the way of my aim . He tosses the girl and i rush him snapping his neck. That leaves two the guys standing in front of none other then Darek the slimball junkie Morales i ask the fool why do you protect such scum? When he looks to darek brody throws his knife, it catches dude through the mouth and nose. He falls to the ground. I walk slowly to darek.. i place my hands on both sides the chair hes sitting in and look him straight in the eyes .. i calmly say , " you think you can steal from me and get away with it?" P-please dont kill me man , i didnt know it was your shit... i slap his face his face gently im not going to kill you man i look to brody, he hands over the machete with one swift chop i chop dareks hand off , he screams in agony i put pressure on his wound so he doesnt die and wrap it up . Brodys colleting our belongings . I kneel infront of darek and say, now i want you to take this back to your bitch ass father and tell him i said hi okay i shove his dismembered hand into his chest he looks at me wide eyed and passes out . I stand , pleased with our work. Now its time to get back to my father and winning the girl of my dreams over..


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