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New beginnings

I get my lunch, start eating but i look up at mic and ask him "whats he so mad about?" He looks and shakes his head "dont you worry your pretty little head love bug" he says hmmm they're hiding things okay okay. I finish up my lunch and tell mic im going to the mall, i climb into my baby and start her up . I drive about 10 minutes to the mall , when i arrive i find parking, slim pickings honestly so i have to park in the parking garage. Walking in i feel relief wash over me , im a fucking home owner !!! I continue in i see so many luxury stores with beautiful clothing . I finally come to a furniture store its so extravagant, i walk in looking at all of the beautiful peices. A young girl walks up to me , shes tall and slim she has blonde straight hair her body is almost like a model. Everything i thrive to not be . She doesnt look pleased with my presence , uhm can i help you ma'am ? Yeah uh darr- before i can say anymore her eyes dart behind me and she smiles bright . "I sent her, i need you to give her what ever she needs okay couches beds, kitchen appliances, a desk , barstools , outside furniture, you name it whatever she desires she gets got it!" The girl is shocked and so am i , i look at him in disbelief he looks down at me and smiles a slyly. I shake my head and start walking around the store i find a couch it leather wrap around and a lazy boy ment for gaming in whichis ideal for me , i find a amazing mahogany desk. The blonde goddess is writing down everything as im picking i find some really cute barstools that have dark green seats to match the rest of the kitchen also a nice dining room table. Im a bit overwhelmed i havnt had this much luxury before. When i get to the bedroom sets i sink down into the four post bed its gun metal , and crome i absolutely gorgeous i add that and the matching bedroom set with black satin comforter set. Darrius looks pleased with the items ive picked he humms in approval. After finding a bunch of other things i need for the spare bedrooms and rest of the house, the blond girl that i now know as sarah tells me everything will be delivered within the next hour, i thank her as we walk out he asks if i need anything else . Mhm i do i need clothes and shoes actually i need a whole fucking wardrobe i tell him . Giddy i grab his hand and run to Macy's. I dont care what anyone says any girl loves to shop! I go in grabbing cute dresses all ofcourse dark colors , dark reds and greens , blacks . Some that will hug my frame some that are loose. I head to the guys section grabbing some 3x mens section , darrius eyes me, pfftt oh hush you big ogre i like oversized shirts to walk around in i say to him . "What a sight that would be" he mumbles , my mind goes into a frenzy was that flirting? Does he want to see me like that? Does he even look at me like that? What the fuck just happend? . A blush covers my cheeks , he chuckles "little one i dont ever think ive seen you flustered" he whispers in my ear , chill bumps cover my neck fuckkkkk i walk over to the jeans find some that i like then to the shoes i grab 4 pairs of vans, checkered, simple black ones , a rainbow pair and some hightops , moving past those i see a pair of wedges that i lovee they are black with a trap going around the ankle yum these are deliciously cuteee. Then i grab some slides with cute little rhinestones on them. I pay after arguing with this big man beast this guy cant pay for everything!! Walking out i see a cute lingerie store my smile is hard to hide i tell darrius to wait outside , he ofcourse wants to fight me on that also. But i put my foot down so he reluctantly waits outside . I walk inside and i am innn heaven i grab sets that are black and lacey some solid colors some thong sets and bralettes , a woman walks up to me and asks if i need any help , i lean in close to her and ask do you uhmm have any toys? Her eyes light up with a wide grin she grabs my hand and pulls me to a small room in the back naughty things line the walls. Im in awwee. She asks me anything in particular i just simply say something i can use for myself she nods in understanding , grabs a small box it says my little bullet. Perfect!! We head to the check out i pay and thank her for the help she smiles and tells me to come back soon. I walk out very happy darrius seems impatient "anything else little one" ? He asks. I tell him one more place but ask him if he knows any place to get a gun he looks at me surprise written on his face. I just shake my head and say listen i need a gun okay preferably a shot gun i know how to shoot dont worry darrius... "listen little one ive got just what you need ill bring it over after work tomorrow" okay is all i say. Im way too happy to argue we're walking when we pass a electronic store i stop and walk in i need to get a new labtop and phone also a ps4 i already have a couple of flatscreens from the furniture store so when i get matching phone and computer im overwhelmed with joy he walks up to me with the ps4 in hand surprisingly he knew the games i wanted im so beyond happy i pay, and head to the car. I cant fit eveything in my car so he follows me back to my house ha my fucking housee. I punch in the code to the gate and the delivery guys are already here waiting for me moving things in placing items where darrius instructs them to. Im too busy in my closet to notice that hes now leaning in the doorway watching me , hang shirts and dressed , folding pants , putting them away along with my shoes i look over my shoulder and finally see him he smiles i blush and smile back "little one a little birdie told me that youre a stoner is that true?" " That fucker mic is the little birdie im going to bea-" darrius pulls out a about a half ounce of pot and im almost drooling "will you smoke with me little one?"

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