Outlaws of Love

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"I will NOT tolerate such disrespect from someone, and that from a student like you.", he said with anger evident in his voice. "Well too fucking bad then, because an asshole like you deserves it.", I snarked back as his eyes lit up in amusement. I heard the class go dead silent at hearing the sound of my voice speaking that loudly for the first time. Was I going to regret this later? Maybe. But I didn't give a damn at this point, because he was irritating me like no one ever had before. "You should rethink your actions and apologize while I still give you the chance, Miss. Hart." "Apologize? For what? I'm not apologizing for being myself, and I'm definitely not apologizing to someone like you, so don't expect such things from me." "Seems like I've been too patient with you all this time, did no one ever teach you how to respect others? And I didn't know that being yourself meant being a reckless, disrespectful brat who probably has nothing to look forward to in the future. Get yourself together before you disappoint anyone else, because you've already disappointed me and it's been just a few day since you've gotten transferred here.", he said coldly, not knowing he hit a nerve. "Now stop being a distraction to everyone and get out of my classroom." "Fuck you, Mr. Moreau.", I spat coldly, throwing the vase from his desk onto the floor, hearing it shatter as I walked out.

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Ch. 1 - Hate Me

"Xia, come down here right this fucking instance!", I heard my mother shriek from the living room downstairs. I scoffed as I forced myself to get up from my bed and go down to face her endless screaming. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, because I knew what it meant if she screamed in that voice. Let's just get it over with Xia, I told myself.

"Yes, what is it?", I answered once I was in front of her, not meeting her eyes.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you.", she ordered sternly, so I complied. "Want to explain the phone call I just got from your school guidance counselor?"

Oh shit, what am I gonna say now?, I thought to myself. I looked behind her to see Blaine, my younger brother, snickering to himself at the sight of me getting yelled at again.

"I asked you a question, Xia!!", she shrieked. The sound of a slap reverberated throughout the room right after, making me grab my right cheek in pain, but I didn't flinch.

"What's with all the commotion in here, Isabella?", my dad asked her as he came to join where Blaine was standing.

"It's our lovely daughter again.", she said sarcastically, shooting me a glare.

"Yeah? What did that disrespectful brat do this time?"

"I just got a call from her school. They said that Xia started another fight with an innocent student in her school, and left the poor girl's face all bloody."

"It wasn't my fault, she's the one who-"

"Why can't you ever be a decent person, Xia?", my dad cut me off, with no hint of care in his tone. He didn't even ask me why I got into a fight again, or let me explain. "Or do you really enjoy embarrassing us that much? How many issues does this make for this school year so far? It's at least the tenth one within the last three months."

"Blaine, why don't you go out to hang out with your friends for a bit, hm? You've been working really hard lately, go give yourself a break.", my mother cooed at him with nothing but love in her voice.

"Really? Thanks mom!", he exclaimed before going to the front door, but I didn't miss the vexing smirk he threw my way as he left.

"It's almost like you're asking for it, Xia.", my dad sneered into my face as he yanked my hair back. "All you ever do is get into trouble and make us hate you more than we already do."

"You're honestly such a disappointment, it would've been better if you weren't a part of this family in the first place. Then you wouldn't be bringing so much shame to our family.", my mother added in before my dad harshly grabbed me by my arm and threw me onto the floor, kicking me in my torso and legs several times.

"Then why didn't you leave me while you still had the chance?", I said through a shaky breathe, really not wanting to let them see how much pain I was actually in. "It's not my fucking fault that you have a problem with literally everything I do."

"Excuse me? Who the hell said you could speak to us that way!?", my mom asked as she brought her foot to my rib cage, pressing the sharp heel of her shoe as hard as she could against my skin. I usually didn't make any sounds when they did things like this to me, but I couldn't help but to whimper out in pain. It felt like I was getting stabbed near my lungs, getting the air knocked out of me as I started crying quietly.

When they both felt that they had done enough for this time, they left me there, but not before saying something that made me tense up.

"Your school said that you're getting expelled because you refused to stop your shitty behavior even though they gave you many chances. Starting Monday, you'll have to go to the same high school as Blaine, and no one there better find out about what happens at home, or else you won't like the outcome.", my father threatened as he and my mother walked away.

After what seemed like forever, I managed to force myself to stand up and slowly limp my way upstairs. I stepped into my bathroom and carefully took off all my clothes, letting out a sad chuckle at the newly forming wounds on my torso and legs. But the worst one had to be the one given to me by my mother's heels, it looked like it was on the verge of bleeding.

Hopping into the shower, I hissed loudly as the hot water ran down my body, making my bruises sting. I didn't turn the water temperature down though. I wanted it to hurt more, I felt like I deserved it for being such a failure to everyone around me.

Once I got out, I put on some joggers and an oversized black hoodie before getting into bed, hoping that the bruises would disappear before Monday arrived.

It was Monday morning, and I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring throughout my bedroom. After using the bathroom, I got changed into black, ripped skinny jeans and a matching crop top, pairing the outfit with black combat boots and a bomber jacket. I used some concealer to cover up any bruises that were still lightly visible on the skin that wasn't covered by my clothes, and left my hair down. I didn't like showing my face that much and it was easy to cover a lot of it with my hair, hence why I always left it down.

"Don't even think about creating trouble in your new school, Xia.", my mom warned me, making me secretly roll my eyes as I followed Blaine outside.

Our driver drove off with both of us as I sighed while looking outside through the car window. Unlike my brother who had a shit ton of friends and was all about adventure or new experiences, I hated changes. I hated meeting or communicating with people, I hated being in crowded places, but I would never voice it.

The whole car ride was silent because I didn't like talking with Blaine, but seems like he wasn't too fond of the silence. I heard my stomach grumble, reminding me that I had skipped dinner last night and only had a glass of milk this morning. It was hurting, but did I care? Nope.

"I can't believe I have an ugly, anorexic bitch as my older sister.", Blaine said with disgust when he heard my stomach, laughing to himself right after finishing his sentence. "It's easier to just die."

On the inside, Blaine didn't really mean the last remark he made, but it was too late to take it back. Not that he'd take it back anyways.

But me on the other hand? It felt like a blow to my heart, because no matter how much time had passed, I never truly got used to hearing such things. Yeah I heard harsh things from him and everyone else around me all the time, but I didn't think he'd actually wish for my death one day.

I was known for being a rebel, I didn't take shit from anyone and didn't hesitate to physically hurt someone. But when it came to Blaine and our parents, I became weak, I let them step all over my heart and fuck me up in the head. Why do I do that? Even I don't have an answer, for it seems like I was always like this.

After about ten minutes of uncomfortable silence, we finally arrived to Gardenia High School, one of the most well known schools here in New Jersey. I was initially admitted to some other all girl's school because my parents didn't feel like I deserved to be in such a nice school with Blaine, but they had no choice anymore since I got expelled from the previous one.

Blaine got out and started walking ahead of me, clearly making it known that he had no intentions of helping me out on my first day here. I just sighed before walking inside and waiting in front of the front desk.

"And how may I help you?", the middle-aged lady in front of the computer questioned, eyeing me up and down in distaste, not liking the fact that I was dressed like some goth, problematic kid.

"New student.", I muttered, wanting to get things over with.

"Full name and grade?"

"Xia Hart, senior year."

"Oh...you don't happen to be related to Blaine Hart, do you?", she asked with doubt, making me clench my jaw and nod my head as a yes while I looked elsewhere.

"I didn't expect Blaine's older sister to look like....that.", she murmured to herself with a look of disapproval. Great, it's only been two minutes and I already have someone that doesn't like me.

"Look like what!?", I snapped, seeing her flinch at my sudden outburst.

"No need to get all fired up, Miss. Hart. It says here on the computer that you got expelled from your last school? Well I hope that none of that happens anymore from now on, we don't tolerate such behavior here in Gardenia.", she said before handing me my schedule. I muttered a thank you before walking outside of the office.

I took out my black face mask and covered the bottom half of my face with it, sighing as I started looking for my first classroom, trying to ignore the stares from the groups of people in the hallway, all of whom were dressed up in either bright or formal outfits. They were probably wondering who I was and why I looked so out of place with my clothing style, but since when did I ever give a fuck?

"Hey, you're the new chick. Xia, right?", I heard a guy ask from beside me as I kept walking forward.


Author's Note:

Hey guys!! I'm back, and I'm sorry that it took longer than I intended. I have had some things going on in my life and wasn't in the best condition both mentally and emotionally, so I couldn't get myself to start this new story. But I've missed you guys and I'm very excited for this book. I hope all of you will like it, because I already have so many ideas for this one. Like my last book (Beautiful Mess), I will be trying my best to upload new chapters every Sunday and Wednesday, but there may be days where I can't do it. Thank you and I love you! - Venus <3

P.S. - Xia is pronounced like if the X were the be a Z, so it's pronounced "Zee-uh"
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