Outlaws of Love

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Ch. 14 - Far Apart

"God damn it, Xia. Don't hate me for this later.", he said before smashing his lips onto mine, inevitably taking my breathe away.

Our mouths fervently molded together, the feeling of his warm tongue against mine intoxicating me. I whimpered and grabbed at his shirt, trying to get him to pull it off.

"Not so fast babygirl.", he said, moving his lips down to my jaw and then my collarbones.

I felt him harshly sucking on my skin, leaving bruises in hues of pink and purple.

"Mmmm...everyone will see Cyrus, stop."

"That's exactly what I want, I want people to know you're taken. Especially that Jay guy."

He put his knee in between my legs and pressed harshly against my clit, eliciting a yelp from me. I quickly covered my mouth with my hand, not wanting other people to hear.

Cyrus detached his lips from my skin and focused on taking off my pants and underwear. I shivered at the feeling of the cold breeze hitting my small bundle of nerves, making me pulling Cyrus closer in search of warmth.

"Don't worry babygirl, I'll warm you right up.", he laughed before bringing his hand up and putting two of his fingers on my lips. "Now suck."

I immediately took his fingers in my mouth, slowly and seductively sucking on them while making sure not to break eye contact.

"Fuck, you look so hot greedily sucking on my fingers like that.", he said in a low voice.

When he felt that his fingers were wet enough from my mouth, he pulled them out and brought them down to my womanhood, pushing one of them inside. I gasped at the sudden intrusion and tilted my head back, my eyes fluttering closed on their own accord.

When he felt like I was wet enough, he put in a second digit, which soon turned into three. I felt him curl them inside, hitting my sweet spot.

"Aahh oh my god!!", I moaned, biting my bottom lip right after in an effort to contain my moans.

After only a few short moments, I could tell I was close to cumming, and I wasn't the only one who noticed.

"Hold it in, you're not cumming yet."

"B-But I can't....ah, please Cyrus! Let me cum!"

"I said no didn't I, babygirl? You really wanna disobey me?", he questioned, his voice full of authority, making me shake my head rapidly as a no. "Look at you, such a pretty mess for me, and I've barely even started."

"If you want to cum..", he trailed off, fastening his pace on purpose to make it harder for me. "You're going to tell me what's your relationship with Jay."

"He's just...mmhh...my f-friend.", I said truthfully between my moans.

"Oh? Is that so? Then why were you two so touchy and flirty with each other today?"

I didn't want to confess the truth so I didn't answer, instead focusing on the aching sensation between my legs as I started grinding down on his fingers by myself. But that didn't last long because Cyrus forcefully slapped the side of my thigh before using the same hand to stop my hips from moving against his fingers.

"Stop fucking moving.", he growled. "You either answer me, or you don't cum and just let me have my way with torturing that precious little pussy of yours."

"Ahh...fine! I told him to do it.", I confessed, my eyes still closed in embarrassment.

"Reason being?", he asked, his fingers stilling inside of me, causing me to let out a whine.

"I...I wanted to make you jealous."

"Yeah? So you decided to flirt with another guy in front of me? Wrong move baby."

"But you let those two bitches get all up on you the entire day. You didn't push them away either."

"Oh, what's this, is my little Xia possibly jealous?", he asked me as he started to move his fingers again.

"Mmm, yes but it seems like I'm the only one who was."

"You sure about that? I felt like repeatedly punching that boy in the face when I saw him flirting with you."

"Just let me fucking cum already!!", I moaned out desperately, hearing him chuckle darkly in response.

"As you wish babygirl."

He started roughly thrusting his fingers into my pussy and when he felt me clench around him, he pulled his fingers out and started rubbing my clit at a fast pace. At that, my orgasm went rushing through my body, giving me an euphoric feeling as I muffled my moans by biting on Cyrus's shoulder.

My legs started shaking and I thought Cyrus was going to stop, but instead, he held my waist to stabilize me and his fingers continued rubbing at my swollen clit as I desperately tried pushing them away.

"Aahhh, too sensitive...please!"

"What was that baby? But you said you wanted to cum right? Don't tell me you thought I'd stop at just one?", he taunted teasingly, admiring my flushed face as I kept my eyes shut tightly. "I'll stop only after you cum again."

"Mmph but I can't..."

"You can, and you will."

"Why don't you just...ah..fuck me already?"

"I don't think you deserve that just yet sweetheart. Besides, you can barely even handle my fingers, what makes you think that you can handle my dick?"

I didn't know how to answer the question so I just let him continue have his way with me. I saw black spots dancing around in front of my eye, the familiar knot in my lower stomach threatening to erupt again.

"Cyrus, I'm gonna cum again.", I warned after a short while, feeling his fingers move even faster than before. "A-Ah fuck!"

This orgasm was even more intense than the first one, and I felt my eyes start watering as a result of the immense pleasure.

When I finally calmed down, I opened my eyes to see Cyrus looking at me with a satisfied expression. I was going to say something but the words got stuck in my throat when I saw Cyrus take the fingers coated in my slick, and put them in his mouth, licking it all off.

"Mmm, you taste so good babygirl. I should've done this earlier."

I slapped his chest before hiding my face in it, hearing him laugh in amusement.

After staying like that for a few more seconds, Cyrus cleaned me up and let me put my pants back on before anyone actually noticed what had just happened.

"What are you gonna do about that?", I questioned, referring to his hard-on. "Are you really sure you don't need me to do anything?"

"Don't worry about that, it'll go away on its own after a while.", he said. "I need to go sleep now since I have to wake up earlier than you guys, and you should go sleep as well."

"Okay, goodnight then.", I smiled shyly.

"Goodnight babygirl, and remember...I better not see you flirting with Jay again. I won't be this nice next time."

I nodded my head as a yes and walked back to my tent, going inside and laying down on my side of it.

I felt Livie, who was in the sleeping bag next to me, start stirring and turn around to face me. I stilled in the fear and embarrassment thinking that she might’ve actually heard me a little while ago.

“Xia, you’re still awake? Where were you?“, she asked groggily.

“O-Oh, I couldn’t sleep so I was just walking around our area.“, I said, sighing in relief.

“Is it the insomnia issues you mentioned once a while back?”


“Oh, well you should still try getting some sleep or else you’ll have a hard time when we’re out and about again tomorrow.”

I hummed in agreement and turned facing away from her, closing my eyes in hopes that I’d be able to fall asleep.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to since my heart was still racing from replaying the memories of what happened between me and Cyrus just now, but I was wrong. Surprisingly, I guess thinking about him relaxed my mind, because sleep overtook me shortly after, the smile never leaving my face.

The next two days went by pretty well and it was finally our last day of the trip. But ever since the first day, Jay started behaving unusually, and I had no idea why. He looked bothered by something, and I wanted to ask him what it was, but at the same time I didn’t want to seem nosy so I left it be for now.

We were currently all getting ready to go for another walk in the forest, but supposedly the plans were different this time.

“Today you guys won’t be following me like you did the first day, but instead you will be going on a walk on your own with only one other person from the group. Your objective today is to find your own inspiration from something outside, and create either a painting or a sketch based off of it. You and your partner can use the same scenery, but the art work cannot look the same. Take a picture of the scenery or object you got inspired by, because you’ll need to show your art teacher when you get back.“, Cyrus explained to all of us.

I decided to go with Livie, Jay went with Alex, and of course those two other girls were together.

We were walking quietly until we both stopped thirty minutes later, getting mesmerized by the view in front of us.

“Wow...“, Livie whispered in awe.

“I know right.“, I said back.

There were three small waterfalls, all starting at different heights, the light blue water pouring down into a pond, and there were numerous dark green trees surrounding the area. I closed my eyes and wallowed in the pleasant sound of the water gently pouring down from the top.

A feeling of tranquility surrounded me, and that was enough for me to know that this was what I was going to base my painting off of. I told Livie, and she agreed that she was also going to use this as inspiration.

We spent the next seven hours in silence, only talking every once in a while, and focused on our art. I decided to go for a watercolor painting, and Livie opted for a colored pencil sketch.

After we were finished and satisfied with our finalized pieces, I stood up and walked closer to the where the waterfalls were, remembering to stretch my muscles in the process, which were aching from being in the same position for such a long time.

We slowly but surely walked back to our specific campsite, and saw that the two girls were already back, but Jay and Alex weren’t.

“I wonder where the boys are.“, I mentioned to Livie. “They don’t seem to be back yet.”

“Yeah me too, it’s already seven and the sun is gonna set soon.”

We worried over nothing though because they were back just ten minutes later, looking visibly exhausted.

“Since the last two people are back, we can finally prepare and eat dinner now.“, Cyrus told us, making my stomach involuntary grumble. “I’ll get the fire ready.”

After eating, everyone stayed around the campfire for a bit longer to just chit chat with each other, and it took everything in me to not snap at Lily and Molly who were way too close to Cyrus.

I knew that Cyrus couldn’t just rudely push them away since he was a teacher, but I was slowly getting angry that he wouldn’t at least tell them to stop.

I glared at him, and he took notice, a look of understanding taking over his face as he mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ to me.

The next time one of them tried touching him, he gave them a stern and cold look, gently prying her hand away.

“I’d appreciate it if you ladies learned to maintain your distance and respect my personal space. Know your limits, we don’t want you two getting into trouble when we get back, now do we?”

I smirked to myself, feeling satisfied at what he said, even more so when I heard the two girls scoff and look away in humiliation.

It was time to clean up everything and get ready for bed, so Jay and I volunteered to do it this time, watching the rest go back to their tents, including Cyrus.

We finished up and I was about to go, but Jay held me back, saying he wanted to tell me something.

“I know there might not be any point in telling you this, but I still want to do it.”

“Okay?? And what is it that you look so nervous to tell me?”

“I...I like you, Xia.”

“Well yeah of course, we’re friends. I like you too.”

“No Xia, not like that. I like you as in I want you to be my girlfriend.”

“What...?“, I whispered, not fully comprehending what he was telling me.

“I’ve liked you ever since the first day I saw you, I just didn’t know when or how to tell you, so I didn’t let it show.”

“But Jay...you know that I don’t see you like that.“, I said in a soothing tone, really not wanting to hurt his feelings. “I see you as a best friend, nothing more than that. Besides, you know that I’ve had a thing going on with Mr. Moreau.”

“I know.“, he chuckled sadly. “But it doesn’t hurt to try right?”

“I’m sorry, Jay. I really don’t want to break your heart or ruin what we have, but I can’t accept these feelings of yours.”

“That’s okay, Xia. As long as you’re happy, I’ll manage.”

Neither of us said anything after that, and I just awkwardly stood there, not knowing whether I should stay or go.

“I-I think I should head to bed n-“, I began, but got cut off by Jay.

“I know you’re probably going to hate me after this, but fuck it.“, he said, coming closer and placing his lips on mine.

I was shocked and wanted to push him away but before I could, I heard a soft voice talk from a few feet away.

“So it was true...”

I pushed Jay away and glared at him before turning around to face Livie.

“Livie, I didn’t know you were standing there.”

“I knew it.“, she whimpered, her voice trembling.

“No Livie, it’s not what you think.“, I tried reassuring her, but it didn’t work.

“It’s okay, I already saw it coming. You don’t need to come up with any excuses. It's not either one of your faults anyways, if anything it's my own fault.”

I felt a pang in my chest when I saw tears falling down those innocent blue eyes of hers as she walked away and went back inside the tent.

“I’m so confused, what is going on? Why does Livie look so upset for? And why are you trying so hard to explain yourself to her about us?“, Jay asked me with furrowed eyebrows.

“You really don’t get it, do you? Do you really have no clue as to why she reacted that way?”

He shook his head as a no and now looked even more perplexed than before.

“But she was so obvious about it this whole time.”

“I still don’t get what you’re trying to say.”

“Jay, Livie fucking likes you. And we both just shattered her heart and probably broke her trust too because she might think we were together but hid it from her on purpose.“, I explained to him before turning my heels and going back to the tent.

I laid down in my sleeping bag and faced Livie, hating the sound of her quiet sobs.

“Liv...at least let me explain.”

“No, don’t. I know what I saw. Please leave me alone for now, I'll be okay.“, she whimpered.

“Okay, if that’s what you want. But only for now because we need to talk about this eventually.”

It feels like sleep didn’t want to come to either one of us that night. My back was facing her and she didn’t stop crying until much much later, when she finally got exhausted and fell asleep with tear stains on her rosy cheeks.

I felt so bad for her, but what was I supposed to do? I didn’t see any of it coming, and she didn’t let me explain either. My mind was clouded with numerous thoughts and it kept me from being able to sleep the entire night.

When it was dawn and everyone started waking up, I forced myself out of the sleeping bag and went outside to meet everyone.

We ate breakfast and then started packing up all of our things since today was the day we were going home, but the tension never left the air between me, Jay, and Livie.

Livie’s eyes were red and swollen, and I’m sure anyone that saw could tell she was crying.

“Why the hell do your eyes look like that?“, Molly asked her in a bitchy tone.

“Please leave me alone.“, she murmured, her voice hoarse.

“Awww, and why would I do that? You look like such a crybaby, is that why you’re always alone in school?”

The second she finished saying that to her, Livie’s chin started quivering and she looked like she was ready to cry again, and that’s when I decided to step in.

“Who the fuck said that she’s always alone?“, I asked, my voice ice cold.

Molly looked nervous when she saw me come up to her, probably because she’s already heard the vile rumors that go around school about me.

“Aw, why so quiet? Cat got your tongue?“, I sneered, waiting for her to say something but she remained silent. “That’s what I fucking thought. Now stay the hell away from my friend, and go to that other barbie looking bitch ass friend of yours.”

After she left, I turned to Livie, who just looked at me with sad eyes.

“Thank you.“, she said, walking away right after.

As I was finishing packing up, I felt a stare and looked at the direction it came from, seeing that it was Jay. We made eye contact, but I ignored him, looked away, and went on with doing my own thing.

We all got back onto the coach bus and joined the students from the other groups that were already seated. But this time me, Jay, and Livie, all sat far away from each other, the three of us silent the whole ride.

This was the first time that the three of us were technically together, but were so far apart at the same time.


Author’s Note:

What do you think might happen next with the three of them after this?

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