Outlaws of Love

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Ch. 2 - Desert Rose

“And what about it?“, I said, looking over to meet his eyes. In front of me was a guy with fluffy black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He looked to be around 5′10” and was pretty skinny, but you could tell he worked out.

“Yo chill g, I was just asking. I heard Blaine talking with some of his other friends about how his sister got transferred to here since she couldn’t keep her hands to herself at her previous school. He told everyone to stay away from you saying you were nothing but trouble.“, he rambled on, not aware that he was annoying me.

“Exactly, so don’t try affiliating yourself with me.”

“Why not? You seem pretty cool to be honest, I like the whole badass concept.“, he said, eyes raking my entire form.

“Because babyboy...“, I started off as I jerked him down by the collar to meet my eyes. I pulled down my mask and felt his breath hitch at the close proximity since his lips were mere centimetres away from my own. “I’ll break your fucking bones, so I suggest you stay away.”

I let go of him and started walking away again as if nothing had just happened, looking for my first class, which was art. I walked inside and briskly introduced myself to the teacher before going to sit at one of the empty art spaces, next to the window in the back of the classroom.

Within two minutes, I heard a thud and immediately felt the presence of someone next to me. I turned and saw that it was the same dude from before, making me let out a tch sound and look to the front of the classroom. The teacher started doing attendance, letting me know that the name of the guy next to me was called Jay Miller.

“Another thing I must tell you guys is that we have a new student, Xia Hart. Xia, can you take off your mask and stand up to introduce yourself?“, the teacher, Mrs. Davis requested. Aish, not this shit first thing in the morning.

I stood up and pulled my mask down to just say, “Name's Xia, nice to meet you.“, before I sat back down again.

“Thanks for introducing yourself. Anyways class, today we are going to do quick freestyle pieces, so you can make whatever you want as long as it’s mostly done within forty minutes. But the one requirement is that you must have an explanation for your art piece, because I’ll be asking you about it.“, she instructed, making everyone hurry to find their art materials.

I just grabbed some Prismacolor colored pencils along with a piece of paper, sitting down and plugging my earbuds in to listen to some music. I actually really liked art since it was like a form of distraction, and it helped me relieve my stress.

I was thinking about what to make when I heard Desert Rose - By: Lolo Zouaï start playing in my ears, giving me inspiration.

I spent the next thirty-five minutes being in my own world, letting the colored pencils smoothly glide back and forth on the paper in front of me. I felt the stares Jay kept throwing me every now and then, but I ignored them all, not feeling bothered enough to start issues on my first day.

"Alright class, time's almost over, so now I'm going to walk around to ask each of you individually on the purpose of your art piece.", Mrs. Davis interrupted, but I was already done.

After seeing almost everyone's art piece, she reached me and her mouth gaped open at my drawing.

"My goodness Xia, I'm really impressed with you and you've only been here for one class. That's quite a beautiful drawing, mind explaining what it signifies?", she asked with a soft smile.

It was a drawing of a desert with black and blue skies with no stars, and in the center of the desert was a single red rose, standing alone with the moonlight illuminating it. I focused on making all of the colors very saturated, giving it a deeper feeling.

I was never really fond of having to explain myself or the things I did or made, but I didn't want another person to hate me already.

"The rose in the middle of a desert with dark skies is supposed to represent strength and resilience."

"Strength and resilience? How so?"

"The flower has the ability to live and grow in a habitat nothing else can. It gets no water and no sunlight, but it's still alive, showing that it can survive any bad times or situations.", I answered quietly, my eyes only on the drawing in front of me.

"And is that flower supposed to represent you?"

"That wasn't part of your initial question.", I spoke in a monotone voice. I think she could sense that I wasn't comfortable with sharing anything else about myself, so she just gently nodded her head before walking away.

I put away my art materials and sat back down, only to see that Jay's stare was still focused on me. What's his fucking deal?

"Tell your eyes to look elsewhere, it's irritating."

He turned away quickly, giving me a view of his ears which were tinted red, making me quietly scoff in amusement. The bell rang right after, so I got up and started looking for my next class.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, but I was slowly getting more and more bothered at the fact that I had to keep on introducing myself in every single class I went to. That's probably why my answers to the teachers asking me to introduce myself started getting progressively more rude.

None of the students walked up to me or asked to be friends, they only stared, probably due to the unapproachable aura I gave off. Not that I was complaining though, if anything, I wanted it to stay that way. I didn't want to talk with anyone, but Jay kept on bothering me in every class we had together, which added up to be five classes in total.

It was time for eighth period, the last class of the day, and I had chemistry. I walked in and like usual, sat at the back of the class near a window seat, with half my face covered.

Once the classroom was full, I was happy that Jay wasn't in this class, but felt my blood boil when I saw that Blaine was in this class. He was sitting with a bunch of girls at one of the lab tables, and I saw them all giggling as they each tried getting his attention to themselves. Why are they so desperate?

The class continued chatting with each other but abruptly went silent when they heard the footsteps of someone walking in, making me think it was probably Mr. Moreau, the chemistry professor.

"Seems like we have a new student, care to introduce yourself?", I heard a very deep, velvety voice speak, making me look up from my phone.

I felt my breathing when I locked eyes with the teacher in front of me. He looked to be maybe just a few years older than us, and I won't lie, he looked ravishing. He was very well built and had lightly tan skin, dark brown hair, and eyes the color of amber. I think he was at least 6'0" and he was wearing fitted black slacks with a crimson dress shirt.

"I asked you a question, miss.", he spoke, snapping me out of my thoughts. What the hell Xia, what were you even thinking about just now? And that about a teacher?

"Xia Hart, senior year. Got transferred here for beating people up all the time and causing too much of a ruckus.", I admitted coldly before sitting back down, seeing Blaine look disappointed in my answer from the other side of the room. Whatever, not like I gave a damn anyways.

"I didn't say you could sit back down.", he said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, and I didn't ask for your permission.", I retorted.

"Talking back to your teacher on the first day? Well let me tell you right now that that kind of behavior isn't accepted in my classroom, little miss feisty. I don't care about if the other teachers let you stay in your own little word or ignore them, but it won't slide with me. Also, keep that mask off of your face, it goes against the school dress code.", he ordered, making me angry. None of the other teachers seemed to care, so why does it matter to him so much?

"Yeah? Well look at me, do I look like I give a damn about what you like and don't like?"

"Behave, Miss. Hart.", he warned. "I don't tolerate disrespect."

"Xia, stop it!", I saw Blaine angrily mouth in my direction, making me sigh and roll my eyes, choosing to give in this time and not cause things to escalate.

"Why so silent now? Where did that attitude of yours go all of a sudden?", Mr. Moreau taunted, probably thinking that he actually intimidated me. Him? Intimidating me? God, what a fucking joke, there's no fucking way I'm staying silent to that.

"Don't provoke me, Mr. Moreau."

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