Outlaws of Love

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Ch. 6 - Their Bloodline

“W-What? Why the fuck would I take off my clothes in front of you?“, I asked in confusion and fear.

“I won’t repeat myself.", he said sternly, his eyes boring into mine.

“But you can’t see, I don’t want you to.“, I murmured, my voice giving away how vulnerable I felt at the moment.

His gaze softened a little bit when he saw how my behavior changed drastically compared to usual, so he let my hands go and took a few steps back. I thought he would give in to my words and leave, but he stood firmly at his spot.

"I'm waiting, Xia."

"But why do you want me to take off my hoodie?"

"I have a feeling you know exactly why.", he deadpanned.

I sighed and closed my eyes before I brought down the zipper and let the hoodie slide off my body, hearing him slightly gasp at the sight of my bruised arms and upper chest.

"Lift your shirt up.", he commanded, making my eyes widen in response. "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to you if that's what you're worried about."

I hesitantly lifted up my shirt and kept my eyes on anything that wasn't Mr. Moreau, not wanting to see the pity in his eyes or hear him laugh at my pathetic state.

"Xia, look at me.", he cooed, surprising me because I've never heard him sound that gentle towards me. I turned my head to face him, my lips parting in surprise when I realized that his face was now right in front of mine again.

"Who did this to you?", he asked me, anger radiating off of him.

"That shouldn't concern you.", I replied, trying to sound as cold as I could while pulling my shirt back down to cover the bandages on my midriff.

"Yes it should, and you'll give me a damn answer before I go and find out by myself."

"Aren't you a teacher? Why are you cursing?", I questioned.

"Don't try to change the subject. Now tell me, who fucking did this to you?"

"What difference will me telling you make? What are you gonna do after finding out, make fun of me for being so weak?"

"Is that really the kind of person you think I am? A person who would knowingly laugh at someone else's pain or hardships?"

"How am I supposed to be sure that you wouldn't? You're acting like you've treated me with utmost respect ever since I got transferred here. Yet in reality, you've done nothing but use your words to hurt me even more than I already am.", I confessed, knowing I'd hate myself later for being so honest in front of him.

"That's because I didn't know the reason behind your actions, and I'm sorry for that. I should've tried understanding where you were coming from and not harshly judge you like everyone else did.", he apologized, his tone genuine.

"Wow, that's a first.", I chuckled sadly, feeling tears start to brim my eyes.

"What is?"

"Someone apologizing to me, that usually never happens.", I clarified, making him nod in understanding.

"Well I'm just doing what needs to done. Also, I'm obligated to go finish teaching the class. But once everyone leaves, I'm going to come back here and you're going to explain everything to me. Stay here and don't go anywhere else.", he ordered before walking away.

I sat down on the bottom step of the staircase that was to the right of the doors, curling my knees to my chest as I stared outside. Within half an hour, the school was mostly emptied out and Mr. Moreau came back and sat down next to me, making sure there was a bit of space in between us out of respect for my current state.

"Listen Xia, I want you to tell me who hurt you this badly.", he urged once again. "I promise to not create a big commotion about it within school, but I need to know so that I can help you. I'll even call your parents too to let them know, so that they can press charges against whoever did this to you."

"Call my parents?", I scoffed through my tears. "Why would they press charges against themselves?"

"Wait wait wait....so you mean to say that they're the ones who did this to you?"


"What the fuck, how can a parent ever do this to their own flesh and blood? Do they do this to Blaine too, or is it just you?"

"No, like you said, how can parents do that to their own flesh and blood? Blaine doesn't have to go through anything of the sort, nor is he aware of the fact that I am."

"But that doesn't make sense. They can't do it to him, but they can do it to you? What kind of bullshit is that?"

"Have any of you guys ever questioned why Blaine and I look so different? Why he has fair skin with blond hair, but I have brown skin and black hair?"

Mr. Moreau stayed silent, waiting for me to continue so that his suspicions could be confirmed.

"Blaine and I aren't even real siblings, we aren't blood related."

"So you're adopted? Then that makes me even more angry because if parents adopt someone, they should make sure that the child never feels like they don't belong. Or else they aren't worthy enough to adopt a child in the first place."

"It used to be like that in the beginning I'm pretty sure, at least that's what I think based off of pictures and stories other people from my childhood have told me. My mother and father both adopted me when I was a year old, because they really wanted to have a child but it wasn't working out for the both of them, and the doctor told them to not get their hopes up for it either. They supposedly were really happy when they brought me home for the first time, and always showered me in love and attention. I was the apple of their eye for the next one and a half years."

"But then what happened that made them change so much?"

"Blaine was born.", I answered with a broken voice, smiling sadly. "He came into their lives like a miracle child, one that they didn't expect to ever have. They were ecstatic throughout the whole nine months and even after he was born. He became the light of their lives...their only real child. As time went by, they started slowly neglecting me, until the neglect just turned into abuse once I got older and entered high school. I mean nothing to them anymore, they make sure to remind me that every day."

"Why doesn't Blaine ever say anything about it to them? Shouldn't he try to ever defend or protect you? I would expect that from him since he seems to really care about you."

"It's all fake, he's pretending to show concern for me because he cares about his and our family's reputation. You think he actually gives a shit about me? No, he wishes I was never a part of the family just like our parents do. In fact, he's the reason I get hurt so badly a lot of the times, just like what happened last night. He doesn't know that they hurt me this severely, which is probably why he tries getting me in trouble so often, even if he has to lie to do so. He hates me just as much as they do.", I whimpered out the last part, looking away so that Mr. Moreau wouldn't see my tears or the broken look plastered on my face.

I felt his hand engulf my own as he gently pushed my head into his shoulder and wrapped his other arm around my shoulder, caressing it comfortingly.

"I'm so sorry that any of this is happening to you, Xia. You shouldn't be having to go through any of this, and I can't believe you've been so good at hiding it too. You must be in so much pain right now, both physically and mentally, let it all out sweetheart.", he said in a soft voice, making the dam finally break as I started heavily sobbing.

"T-Thank you for listening to me, Mr. Moreau. That's the first time anyone was ever willing to listen to me.", I croaked out.

"I wish I had noticed or asked days sooner.", he admitted. "You're not a disappointment or a brat, I take that all back. You're just a girl who needs love and care in her life, a girl who needs someone there to hold her whenever things get hard."

Mr. Moreau let me cry to my hearts content, neither of us talking for the next half an hour as I wet his shirt with my tears, but he didn't mind it.

"I promise that I'll get you out of there and protect you, Xia."


Author's Note:

What do you guys think of Mr. Moreau so far? How about Xia? It honestly hurt a lot to write this chapter because Xia reminds me of myself, probably because I always incorporate a small part of me into each of my female leads. I guess it helps me to convey the emotions into words in a way that the readers can understand/get a better insight or understanding. - Venus

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