Outlaws of Love

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Ch. 9 - To Forgive

"I really had no idea that mom and dad have been doing that to you, nor did I ever realize that you were feeling this way all these years.", Blaine said with his head down in shame.

"Yeah, well now you know, what about it? Does you knowing change anything?"

"No, but it doesn't mean that I can't apologize."

"Just get straight to the point, Blaine. The doors will open in a few minutes."

"I just really wanted to say that I'm sorry. I truly am so fucking sorry for making things worse for you than they already were. And I'm so angry and disappointed that our parents are such bad people. I wish I somehow found out sooner so that maybe I could stop them from treating you like that."

"You mean your parents. They aren't my parents anymore, not that they ever were to begin with.", I said back. "Also, even if you somehow did get them to stop, it wouldn't change the fact that they have no feelings of love towards me whatsoever."

"Even so, at least you wouldn't have gotten injured so much, nor would you have scars all over your body at only eighteen years old."

"I don't think you realize this Blaine, but words hurt more than actions do. The scars mean nothing to me anymore, they stopped mattering years ago. They'll disappear eventually anyways, but what about the emotional pain? Do you think it'll just heal like my body? Besides, I got hit more times because of the stupid bullshit that came out of your mouth, rather than for things that I actually did."

"I'm sorry, Xia. I can say it hundreds of times over and it still won't be enough, but trust me when I say that I would've never lied or snitched about anything if I knew that it led to you experiencing physical pain later on. I know I'm in no place to be asking this of you, but will you forgive me? Give me a chance to make things better, please?"

I wasn't so immature as to not keep in mind that Blaine truly didn't know about any of this, so how could he have ever protected me in the first place?

"Okay, I forgive you.", I said quietly, my eyes void of any emotions as they looked into his.

"You do? Really?", he asked, his face lighting up.

"Yeah, I'm not as much of an asshole as everyone thinks I am. But just because I forgave you doesn't mean we can go back to playing as siblings, because we won't. There's no purpose in me giving you a chance to make things better, when there's nothing left to make better."

"Xia...", he whispered dejectedly, his voice shaking.

"I guess we part ways here, then.", I said, walking away from him and going inside to attend art class.

I went inside and sat down at my usual spot next to Jay, who was conversing with his friends nearby until he saw me.

"Hey Xia, what's up?", he asked, trying to engage in a conversation with me.

Let's not ignore him today too, Xia. You said you'd give him a chance.

"Nothing much, just in a shitty mood I guess.", I mumbled.

"Since when are you not though?", he joked lightheartedly, stopping when he saw the glare I gave him. "Okay okay, I'm sorry, that was a bad joke. Wanna tell me why you're in a shitty mood?"

"Wouldn't you be as well if you left behind your family and then had to tell your younger brother to disappear from your life, first thing this morning?"

"O-Oh, um..", he stuttered, wanting to know more but not wanting to seem like he was prying. "Well, are you okay at least?"

"Do I look like I'm okay?", I laughed, trying to mask the pain. "Anyways, let's just move on from this topic please."

"Yeah of course.", he agreed, patting my shoulder as comfort.

I felt a stare on me, so I turned my head to see where it came from, only to see a petite blond girl staring at the both of us from a couple feet away. But when she saw my eyes land on hers, she immediately turned back around, and I saw her ears go red.

"Hmm, that's weird.", I thought to myself.

"Good morning class!", Mrs. Davis's voice suddenly chirped. "Today, I have something new I want to try with this class. Essentially, I'm going to be assigning you guys each with different materials and props, and I want you guys to make an art piece out of them."

I thought that sounded intriguing, but not for long.

"There has to be a catch though, right?", Jay interrupted.

"Correct. This will be a partner assignment and I will be choosing who works together.", she answered, making me and the rest of the class groan in protest. "Oh come on, don't look so annoyed guys. It'll be fun!!"

She looked at the list in her hand and announced who would be working with who, and to my surprise I was assigned with the same girl who was staring and me and Jay earlier.

She heard her name and then got up from her seat, before taking hesitant steps towards me, her eyes on the floor the whole time.

As she was walking, I took the time to look at her properly. She had short, blond hair, full pink lips, light blue eyes, and looked to be maybe an inch or two shorter than me. Either way, there was no lying that she was really pretty, but she seemed like a very shy person.

"Hey, you're Livie, right?", Jay questioned from beside me once she reached my desk.

"Y-You know my name?", she gasped timidly.
"Of course, your name is always on the school board for your good grades in all of your classes. Plus, you're my classmate, why wouldn't I know your name?"

"O-Oh...well um t-thank you I guess.", she said in a quivering voice, watching as Jay walked away to go sit with his partner.

"Where do y-you want me to sit?", she asked, directed towards me.

"You can sit in Jay's seat.", I told her, before remembering something. "By the way..."


"Why were you staring at me from your seat earlier?", I questioned, noticing how her demeanor turn more nervous than before.

God damn it Xia, why'd you have to be so straightforward with her? She already seemed terrified enough as it is.

"U-Uh, I just...never mind."

"No it's okay, you can tell me.", I urged, my tone a lot softer than just now.

"I just thought you were r-really pretty and w-was thinking about talking to you. B-But I know you don't want to talk with anyone, so I-I didn't say anything."

I smiled softly at her, even if she couldn't see it, because I found the way she talked really endearing.

"You think I'm pretty? But you can't even see my entire face. And have you seen what I'm wearing right now, compared to everyone else? There's no color in my life, and I'd rather not taint you too."

"B-But that's what made me want to talk with you in the first place. You're different from everyone else in this school, and it makes you stand out a lot, whether you n-notice or not. And your eyes are enough for me to think you're pretty; eyes show more than the face does. "

"Maybe so, but I'd rather not taint another person's life with my darkness.", I admitted while looking at the props and materials Mrs. Davis dropped off at both of our desks.

"Everyone has dark moments in their life, but you never know what'll happen if you decide to share it with someone else. M-Maybe they can help you find the light that you need. Happiness isn't the only thing that should be shared, y-you know?"

I stared at her for a few moments, not knowing how to respond. She seems a lot more mature and nice than I thought she would be.

"Xia Hart, senior year.", I said, extending my hand towards her.

"Livie Mitchell, junior year.", she smiled shyly, taking my hand and shaking it. "D-Does that mean we can be friends?"

"I'm not positive that it'll work out since I can be a handful, but we can surely try.", I said in a soft tone, seeing her eyes lit up as a reaction.

The rest of the day soon passed by, and I was back in Cyrus's car with him.

The second I closed the car door and he started the engine, I opened the window and pulled down my mask, letting the fresh air flood my nostrils. I smiled at the feeling of the wind blowing my hair away from my face when he was driving, but went back to my poker face when I saw that Cyrus was staring at me.

"It's rude to stare, you know?"

"Not my fault that it's so rare to see you actually smiling. Of course I was gonna stare.", he said cockily, my eyes squinting at him before I let out a short but quiet and breathy laugh.

Soon we arrived to the apartment complex, and we were both walking side my side, my eyes lingering on his face every couple of seconds.

"And who's staring at who now?", he questioned with a smirk.

"I wasn't staring at you, you aren't that attractive.", I muttered, looking away from him. This resulted in him letting out a loud laugh, which was music to my ears.

Did I just think that about his laugh?

"Xia.", he called once his laughter died down a bit.


"You shouldn't wear a mask or use your hair to cover your face all the time, they hide your beauty.", he said casually, ruffling my hair before walking ahead of me, leaving me unintentionally flustered.

"Oh no, this isn't good.", I thought to myself, feeling my face heat up as my heart rate increased along with it.

"I shouldn't be getting so effected by his words."


Author's Note:

What kind of person do you guys think Livie is? And why do you think she was really staring at Xia for? How about Jay, what are your thoughts about him so far? - Venus <3
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