My little flower

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The sweet scent of violet and vanilla filled my office room just as she passed by it, under my voice I growled "mate"

Romance / Fantasy
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The meeting


After running through the woods, I stopped by a nearby river. My fur was the whitest color, the purest color of green eyes filled only with emptiness.

After taking a break I transformed into my human form I drop my bag out of my mouth, slipped into some clothes. I wore a light teal dress that reached to my knees and hugged my figure really well, the sleeves were loose and long on my arms.

In my opinion didnt match my blue eyes and white hair. I started to walk back to my pack, for the mating/speed dating cemorny. I made it back to our cruel alpha kai who loved hurting females especially me because I was the only virgin unmated female.

As soon as I got to the castle of our alpha I noticed a different smell, "a unique smell, whose is it....smells so calming wait what am I thinking" I thought to myself. Walking pass alpha kai study and straight to the kitchen.

I made lunch for alpha kai and his company, I put it on a tray and brought it up to the study. I knocked, "I have brought you lunch alpha kai" I said doing the best to show obedience and not hate.

The smell hit me again as i walked in holding the tray of food. I saw alpha kai and another alpha he is tall, black hair, lightly tan skin, hazelnut eyes but damn he has the most calming scent I nearly dropped the tray.


"This smell is so sweet and refreshing who is it coming from" I thought to my self. A few moments later the same came back only this time I heard the sweet sounding voice of a young female, "I have brought your lunch alpha" showing only hate towards this alpha but is covering it up with obedience.

She was smaller than me but so cute, her blue eyes her snowy white hair. God all I wanted right now was to take her home with me. I saw her stumble and I cought her, "are you alight" I asked her.

She looked so afraid like I was going to hit her, "i...I'm sorry, I didnt look where i was going" she sound so frightened. I helped her up, the other alpha called her over by growing the poor thing was shaking in every step she took towards him.


I walked over to alpha kai, already knowing he was gonna hit me for looking like a fool in front of his guest. As I got in front of alpha kai I closed my eyes as soon as I saw him raise his hand to hit me.

But nothing happened, I opened one of my eyes only to see my alpha hand being held by his guest. Opening both of my eyes wide, "let me go let me go Kenij" alpha kai growled at Kenij.

"L..let h...him go a...alpha k...Kenij" I stuttered in fear he also will hurt me. He released my alpha and started walking towards me I closed my eyes and covered them with my hands.

No pain came my way but I didnt feel nothing I felt warm and his scent, "your scent is so calming" I said out aloud. I snapped my head up when he muffled, "cute" into my hair.


I watched as she went up to her alpha, I saw as she closed her eyes as he raised his hand. I raced over to him and held his hand preventing him from hurting her.

"why am I protecting her" I thought to myself, I looked over to her eyes now wide in shock, then I look back at alpha kai, "let me go let me go Kenij" he growled at me

I was about to snap back at him when I heard, "l...let h...him go a...alpha k...Kenij" her voice filled with fear. I released him and started walking to her, I watched as she covered her beautiful eyes with her hands.

I pulled her into a loving embrace and just held her after a little, "your scent is so calming" she said. I was happy, "cute" I muttered in her hair almost instantly she snapped her head up to look at me.

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