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Fleur Goodwin is a shy 16 years old ballerina she is very kind and smiley she loves helping people but when she helped a man on a Alleyways turn her life into a living hell she has to learn to love the obsess beast or her families life is a sake because that man is Lucius Mancini and he will break hell to have her. Lucius Mancini never wanted love he lives to kill and for a good fuck he never seen good in a woman when he got injured one night and young and naive Fleur come stumbling on his dark world he doesn't care what he is thrusting her into all he wanted is her and he would make sure he gets her even if it means inflicting some pain on her.

Romance / Drama
Bbsam Fxgene
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Chapter 1

_Lucius Mancini

"Ah fuck faster." Ugh this wore she could've let me enjoy this but no she has to keep moving to bother me.

After a hour of fucking her i cum on her stomach. I don't like wearing a condom I never make any mistake into getting nun of these whores.

"Why are you still here I have been done with you for minutes now." I look at her angrily she gulp and left.

Lucius Mancini is what they my family call me but for a lot of people I'm a devil I'm not sweet I'm not compassion I'm terrible I'm evil I love blood Like to feel it on my knuckles anybody who dare to disrespect me before you done with your sentence I make sure you are 6 feet under.

I'm 28 years old I have a family a mother and a father and a sister I have no girlfriend nothing and I don't want it I cannot have any weakness nothing I prefer having a good fuck from some whore because what could I want from a girl beside a good fuck.

My phone ring snapping me out of my thoughts I look at the caller it's my lovely mother. "Yes mama." I say. "Lucius baby when are you coming back home you have been in Russia for a long time hon I miss you." She says I roll my eyes typical mom always trying to know what I'm up to. "Yes mother I remember telling you that I would come back today." I snort she chuckles. "I know I just want to know if you had already left yet." She add god I love this woman. "I'll take the plane in a hour." I say. She replied and hang up the phone I sigh and walk to the bathroom.

I'm Italian born and raised but I refuse to stay in Italy lately I travel a lot due to the mafia I own the biggest mafia in the world I have men everywhere the USA Italy, France,Russia, England, I have gangs everywhere lots of people fear me.

To some people I'm a very well know business man but when the moon kiss the sun away all my demons lashes enemies watch out and I have lots of them but they are never no match for me I'm always 2 steps ahead everything.

I sigh and walk to the bathroom and shower.

I came out of shower. And walk to the closet and put on my suit along with my Dior cologne I'm a neat freak with a white shirt and suit well polish leather shoes.

I walk to the range over that my driver was driver he follows me everywhere because I can only trust him to bring me place cautious is something I am. "Straight to the airport mr. Leo." I told him as I get in the back seat. He was a old man and safe my life many times so respect is something I have for him and he gives good advice people like him I respect them.

After a short drive we arrived at the airport I saw my idiot friend grinning at me I have a best friend Rafael he is my right hand in everything's is a good friend and a good business comrade. "You smiling like an idiot Rafael what's up with you don't tell me you are so excited to go back home." I roll my eyes as we walk into the plane. "Well yes don't you." He say I snort he annoyed me sometimes.

I went in the back and take a nap to pass time soon as I arrived to Italy I have business to take care of.

After a good time I woke up and we were just about to land in Italy

The warm air hit me sweet Italy sweet you.

Me and Rafael hop in a the back seat while Leo drive us these bastard want a meeting now.

When we arrived at the building I take a seat at the round meeting table they start bragging about how could our trafficking business because of my mother good heart we don't take people from the street anymore if someone commit a betray we can decide not to kill them but throw them into trafficking someone talks about how we loss in our drug that was Sail to the us I glare at Kira I thought I told her that she was in charge of the shipping when she notice my glares she gulp.

"It was just a couple we didn't loos a lot of money." She says.

"Tsk tsk tsk no."

I finally decided to speak. "No kira you mission is to go rob the people who rob us." I says dangerously everybody is the room start gulping people can be such pussies sometimes.

"But sir it's going to be impossible to break in there." She stutters a little bug keep her cool. "That's what we train for." I roar. "B-but sir." She says and take out my revolver and "bang." I shot her in between her eyes.

Suddenly I get up my chair. "Is anybody else trying to tell me it's still impossible." I ask calmly colors had drained from their faces but they keep their cool.

"Your mission is to go get the drugs thats missing and rob all of them bring back a lot more." I say while pacing in the room

"Am I clear." I ask. "Yess sir." The answer in unison while exiting the room I know that's how I am a heartless monster I could kill fifty people and I don't feel a bit sorry.

While me and Rafael walk out people come inside to clean the mess I just make.

"You going at the Mancini mansion now." Raf ask. "Yes you go first I will go to the bar I have some business to take care there." I say he nods and walk away I hop I'm my Lamborghini and rides the street.

I was driving in a alley suddenly I'm surrounded fucking great I grab my revolver and start shouting after a while they were all dead I was trained well by my father how to dodge bullet but there were so many of them I still got injured in my right arm.

I start walking away from the siren when I heard sirens although I had many people with me in the police but I can't act reckless I was in the other alley in between the buildings I was loosing conscious because of the blood loss I need somewhere to sit so that I can call Raf.

Suddenly I almost get hit by a car I look to see it's a woman or a girl whatever that was I sit in the corner I heard the car door close I clutch my gun but the angelic voice stop me dead on my track. I look up to see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life she had brown hairs that reaches her waist her car light give me a good advantage to see her angelic face. "Oh my god you are hurt let me help you." That voice is so beautiful I'm guessing she is American from her accent. "Wait here I will get the first aid kit." She says as she run back to her car only to come back with a box aid she start wiping my wound the more she touches the more intrigued I get. She was saying some thing in English like where did I hurt myself so much. But I just keep staring at that beautiful girl in front of me she look very oh incredibly young to know what a monster like me has done.

After she bandage my wound I felt my eyes heavy on their own accord I fall asleep on her chest.

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