Am I an Abomination?

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Chapter 3

Lincoln High.

I had arrived about ten minutes ago, and still couldn’t find the Administrative Office. I don’t like being late, but judging by the fact that I can’t flipping read the school map or any map for that reason... I’m pretty sure that was going to be my fate.

After another 5 minutes of me having walked aimlessly around, I finally stumbled upon the Office. At the front desk sat a cute old lady. She actually looked happy to be here, not like most secretaries who always looked miserable.

“Morning, ma’am”

“Morning my girl, how can I help you today?” she beamed.

“My name is Maliyah Hall. I’m a new student. I was wondering if I could get my timetable and my locker number.”

“Sure darling.” she turned around and started shuffling papers around.

“Here you go darling.” she turned around and handed me a page with my locker.

“Thank you, Mrs...” I didn’t know her name or if she was married. I hope she is, or else this was going to be very embarrassing


Thank goodness she was married. That was a close one.

“Have a good day, Mrs Miller.” I turned and headed for the door. I still had to figure out how to get to the B block for my first class.

Lucky for me it was easy to find my locker. It was close to the cafeteria, which I learned is on the opposite end of the B block.

I decided to put away the map because it screamed new girl, and I didn’t want any more unnecessary attention my way.

As I walked down corridor I noticed 3 skyscrapers walking towards me. Well not necessarily towards me but probably past me. Same difference.

These guys walked down the passage like they owned it. Like, could they not walk to one side, and be fucking considerate?

Guess not.

I wasn’t going to cause problems for myself so I walked to the side and kept my head down.

“Owww, what the fuck.” I mumbled to myself.

I had just walked into a freaking wall and now all my books were scattered all over the floor. How embarrassing. I gathered all my books on the floor and kept walking.

I walked into the same wall. Wtf!!!! Who builds a wall so far out. I probably looked even more stupid now for walking into the same wall twice. Ughh!!

“What the fuck is wrong with you!!”

I guess this wall can talk or I’m pretty sure I’m going even more crazy. I looked up and all three skyscrapers were right in front of me.

They were pretty good looking up close. The one I assume I bumped into had tanned skin, hazel eyes and beautiful dark brown curly hair.

The one to his left had black hair, pale skin and green eyes just like me. They looked better on him.

The other guy to his left had blonde hair, tanned skin and blue eyes. The perfect Ken to someone’s barbie. They were all well built in there own way and towered over me. If I wasn’t insecure about my height before, I was now.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” I apologized.

“Clearly.” he had this horrible tone to his voice. I probably would’ve said something about it, but I really just wanted to get to my class without being late. It wouldn’t hurt to ask the skyscrapers if they knew where the B block, right?

“Hey sorry, I’m new and I was wondering...” Before I could finish my sentence the guy I bumped into interrupted.

“I don’t care if your new, It doesn’t excuse your shit, Are you fucking blind or something?” He basically shouted for the whole corridor to hear. I could tell his aim was to embarrass me, but I wasn’t going to let him. Not today. Today, I was finally going to stand up for myself, against this bully.

“As you can see, I’m not” I turned to the one of the other skyscrapers,“Do you know where the B Block is?”

“Hey, I’m fucking talking to you!” he shouted into my ear.

“And I’m not.” I turned to face his friend again. “So as I was saying, umm...”

“Do you know who your talking to?” he tried this intimidating tone. It would’ve scared the previous Maliyah but not me. He wasn’t going to ruin my first day.

“No, and frankly I don’t give a shit. I wouldn’t even be having this conversation with you, if you and your skyscraper friends hadn’t been walking down the fucking passage like you own the damn school. If someone pissed in your cornflakes this morning I apologize, but do us all a favour and leave all your problems at the door. So as I was asking your friend here, before you so rudely interrupted, do you know where the B Block is?”

Damn Maliyah! I never knew i had that in me

Our little confrontation had gathered a crowd. Well, there goes my plan of blending into the background this senior year.

My little shpiel had left him speechless. Rightfully so, did he seriously think that I was just going to let him talk down to me. The old me would’ve, but not this Maliyah.

“Its the next left turn.” The blonde skyscraper I was facing directed me.

“Thank you.” I smiled and made my way through the crowd.

It’s a shame really, someone so good-looking is complete and utter asshole. I guess no one is truly perfect.

I walked down the corridor with a new found confidence. I took the directions given to me and found my first class successfully.

I found myself a seat at the back of the class, took my notebook out and got ready for the class to start. I got a lot of looks from everyone that was entering the class.


Hopefully there will be new drama by the end of the week, because I’m already sick of the stares.

Did I forget to tell you guys that my first class was Advanced Physics so it was almost guaranteed to be boring, unless a miracle happened.

Wish Me Luck!


Hey guys its me!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this instalment of the story. Please give me feedback in the comments. I want to improve my writing and tell me what your thoughts are on Maliyah so far.

This is your girl, MM7,

Signing off


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