Am I an Abomination?

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Chapter 4

I asked for luck, well I guess that didn’t help. This was my third period, and I still hadn’t spoken to anyone, other than that little shpiel with the asshole. Everyone just kept staring at me from afar and didn’t even bother to ask me my name. I sat at the back of the class, slouched over, and started doodling in the my notebook. I was in for another silent but, stare-filled class.

“Hi, I’m Raven”

I take that back.

I looked up from my desk and a girl with shoulder length, pin straight, jet black hair sat next to me. She wore a burgundy vest underneath her black leather jacket. She had on ripped, light wash jeans and a pair of black, heeled ankle boots. She was the first student to actually talk to me.

“Hi, I’m Maliyah. Pleasure to meet you.” I smiled. I was genuinely happy that someone had actually talked to me.

“Oh, you’re the one that everyone is talking about.” She took a seat next to me.

Ugh, I guess this incident was going to follow me around.

“Yep, that’s me. Lincoln High’s resident new girl.” I beamed.

“Well, I’d just like to say that, I’m impressed. Not a lot of people would’ve been able to stand up to Reid Nickelson like that.”

“Well let me guess, this Reid Nickelson character is the top dog. The resident asshole; player or manwhore, whichever, take your pick, of Lincoln High and i just caused a lot of shit for myself.”

“Spot on.” she nodded.

She turned to face the front of the class as the teacher entered. I figured that was the end of the conversation so I turned to the front.

“You can’t deny though that he is hella attractive. I mean I’m not a fan of his shitty attitude but i don’t mind the rest of him.” she whispered.

“you took the words right out of my mouth.” I quipped.

I was glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that. I was pretty sure everyone was going to ass-kiss him, because he was drop-dead gorgeous. Lucky for me, Raven didn’t seem like the ass-kissing type.

“So, how is your first day actually going excluding the Reid incident.”

“It’s going pretty average. I mean it would be going a tad bit better if I wasn’t being stared at everywhere I go. Its like students don’t have anything better to do other than gossip about the most irrelevant things.” I explained.

“I know what you mean. Last year I wore a red dress to school instead of my usual jeans and everyone thought I had lost my mind for week. Can’t a girl wear what wants.” She questioned.

“I know right, or else it seems like you’re a slag, or whore.”

“Well speaking of labels, Am I more of a slag, or whore?” she turned to me and made the most editorial model pose she could.

“Well I would say neither, but that burgundy vest definitely screams whore.” I said sarcastically.

“What?! I would have thought it would scream slag, but I guess not.” she faked frowned.

We both started dying of laughter. It felt good to find someone who understood my sense of humour. Most of the time, many girls would have gotten offended, but Raven was different. She didn’t seem to take life too seriously. We kept making jokes and laughing obnoxiously loud.

“Uh, ladies in the back... I’d like to get my class started, whenever your ready..”

“Oh crap, sorry sir.” I apologised through muffled giggles.

The class stared at us but we didn’t care. For once, I didn’t mind this kind of staring. It wasn’t because I was strange or because I was the talk of the town. At least I didn’t think so.

The remainder of the lesson was filled with laughter from Raven and I, and receiving constant glares from my teacher. We didn’t really care so we just carried on talking and laughing. Because of this the lesson actually went by pretty quickly.

Maliyah, I think you’ve found yourself a friend, with great timing actually because the bell had just rang and it was lunch.

“Did you know today is Pizza in the cafeteria?” Raven asked enthusiastically.

“Actually, no I didn’t know that. Is the pizza any good though?”

“You’d be surprised... at how shit pizza could actually be?”

“Your kidding right? I mean how bad could pizza get. It’s just melted cheese with toppings on a crust. Who could mess that up?”

“Does it look like i joke about pizza?” she had a serious expression on her face.

Then again, it could be considered an art form.

“I guess not. Is there somewhere else I could get food, I’m starving?”

“We could try the vending machine.” Raven suggested.

We walked past the cafeteria to the vending machine, to my relief because i couldn’t deal with any more stares. Lucky for me, the vending machine had sweet chilli Doritos. I loved sweet chilli Doritos so much that if I had choose to save a person’s life or a packet of sweet chilli Doritos, it would be a challenging, time-consuming decision.

“Hey dude, can we go to my locker, I sort of need to put some of my stuff in there.”

“Sure, where is your locker?” she asked

“Right here actually!”

We walked to my locker and i started emptying stuff into my locker.

“I want to decorate my locker. I was thinking blue. What do you think?” I turned to her.

“I think that you should the whole thing of decorating your locker is rubbish and tedious, because you have to take out all your shit at the end of the year, and do really want to go through all that hassle?”

“Yes. So will you help?” i looked at her pointedly.

“Fine, but only because if your gonna decorate it has to be good. I think that you should do black then stick different coloured frames on top of it.”

“Why frames?”

“For the future photos, me and you are destined to take. Wanna take one now?”

I got interrupted before i could even reply.


It was Reid. The douchebag from early in the morning. Ugh, I didn’t need more grief from him. I mean I seriously just didn’t feel like becoming a victim of his targeted bullying.

“What do you want?” I slumped against my locker door.

“I just wanted to say sorry for what happened in the morning. I know it was uncalled for, I was just having a shitty morning.” he apologized.

“Way to point out the obvious.”

“Yeah well, I just came to say sorry.”

Reid stood with both his hands in his the side pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels. I wasn’t really arsed if he decided to apologize or not. It’s not like I was the one that made myself look like an ass in front of majority of the student body.

“Cool, whatever. I think I’m gonna go.” I replied whilst gripping my books to my chest.

“Ok cool, um bye.” he turned around and started down the passage.

I turned around and was about to head down the opposite end of the passage when I heard someone calling me.

“Hey, new girl, I didn’t catch your name.” he shouted down the passage.

“Maliyah Hall!” I shouted back

“Well Maliyah Hall, I’m Reid Nickelson. Welcome to Lincoln High!” he shouted down the passage with the biggest smirk.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. What do you think of Raven? Any ideas for the story let me know in the comments. I would love some feedback and opinions. Hopefully you keep reading because it’s only going to get better from here.

This is your girl, MM7,

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