Am I an Abomination?

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Chapter 5

“HOLY SHIT?!” Raven turned to me with the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.


Why was she looking at me like that. Did I do something wrong?

“Reid Nickelson just apologised.” she tried to explain.

We were currently walking down the passage, to our next classes. I didn’t understand why it was a big deal that he apologized, he realised he was being a shitty person and apologised like any other normal person would do.


“He never apologises. I didn’t think he knew what that word was until now.”

“Stop exaggerating. He was just being a reasonable human being.”

“Ok, sure whatever. But you have to admit that him screaming down the passage like that, just for your name, was a bit much. He doesn’t even know half the girl’s names he slept with. Now why would he care to know the girl’s name that embarrassed the shit out of him. That’s a bit suss, don’t you think.”

Raven had a point. Why would he care to even know my name, even apologise for that matter. I just embarrassed the shit out of him this morning. Maybe he wants to know the name of his next victim, for his targeted bullying. If that was the case, I was going to stay as far away from the douche as possible.

“You’re right. It is a bit suss, but nonetheless I don’t really care about what is going on in his mind.”

Raven and I weren’t in the same class so we parted ways. She had drama, but I had a free period, so I headed to the library. I wanted to see if they had any Rebecca James. I hoped I hadn’t come to a school with a shabby library.

I scanned the shelves and found an old favourite. Beautiful Malice. A book about an outsider that didn’t have friends until someone decided to speak to her and not just stare at her. Kinda sounds a lot like me right now. Raven was my Alice.

I found myself a comfy blue beanbag in the corner of the library and settled in for a long re-read. The amount of times I’ve re-read this book, I could’ve probably recite the whole story. I felt like it resonated with me in a weird way.

After my free period, I decided to take out Beautiful Malice. I had Math and English after this so I figured I could read through English. It’s not like I was going to do a completely different subject, so I doubt it was going to be a big deal.

I walked back to class and found a seat in the back of the class. I slouched over my desk and started doodling. I was in for a boring class since Raven was not with me. And once again, everyone that walked in decided to stare at me.

Ugh!!!!! Why???!!!


Thankfully all my classes had passed quickly and now it was the end of the day.

“Ugh, why?”

Remember how I said that I walked to school. Well now it’s raining and I didn’t bring a umbrella. So this meant that I had to walk back home in the rain. This was going to be awful.

Might as well start walking now. I exited the school and started my very long walk home. I’m glad I memorized my way home or else, I would’ve been trying to read my phone screen in that downpour.

This was a great time to be with my thoughts and reflect on my first day at this school. If I was being honest with myself, this first day had gone pretty well. I found the confidence to tell someone off and I made a friend. I would say my journey of finding my beauty was starting out pretty well

The street that I was walking on seemed to become creepier and creepier by the second. Plus I’m pretty sure this car behind me had been following me for few minutes now. I was about to make a run for it, when the car pulled up beside me. To my surprise it was one of the skyscrapers. The blonde one to be exact.

“Hey, you want a ride home?” he asked.

“Now tell me why exactly I should get in a car with a stranger that has also been following me around like a creep.” I replied.

“I’m not a stranger or a creep. I’m Nate, one the so-called skyscrapers from your high school. Remember from this morning?”

“Yes, fortunately I do remember you. But that still isn’t reason for me to get into your car. I don’t know you, remember?”

I was not going to get into the car with him.

“Well, I mean it’s raining. Do you seriously want to walk home in this rain?”

Ok maybe I was considering it because it was basically pouring rain and I didn’t want to get the flu.

“Fine. Only because it’s raining and I don’t want to get sick.”

Nate unlocked the door and got into the car. I was probably soaking up his seat, but it’s not like I cared. He was the one that offered a girl who was soaking wet a ride home.

“So, I told you my name. You gonna tell me yours?” he said facing the road.


I was not really interested in having a conversation with this guy, so I figured one word answers would suffice.

“So, Maliyah how was your first day?” he turned to face me.

Did he seriously think I was going to tell him about my day at school. He wasn’t my dad. Plus it was just weird. I didn’t really know him

“Why do you care? You’re not my dad.”

“Ok... I’ll just stop talking now.” He started the engine and pulled onto the road.

The rest of drive was awkward and completely uncomfortable. The only words coming out of my mouth were directions to get to my house. I know I made it awkward but, did he seriously think that I was be all buddy-buddy with him. Remember I don’t know him.

He pulled into the driveway.

“Thanks for the ride.”

“Pleasure, Maliyah. Couldn’t leave the damsel in distress.” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes in response. Did he seriously think I was a Damsel in distress. Well I wasn’t. I could’ve made it home all by myself. I opened the door and exited the car. I didn’t have to deal with this bullshit.

“Wait, Maliyah!” he shouted after me.

“What, Nate?” I turned to face him

“Look, Reid didn’t mean to be a jerk this morning. He was just having a shitty morning. He is actually a good guy.” Nate spoke through the window of his car.

“Well shouldn’t Reid be saying this himself?”

“I doubt he would. Reid sort of struggles to say the words I’m sorry... to anyone."

“Sorry to say this but, Reid actually apologized during lunch.” I confessed.

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure I can recognize the person who tried to embarrass me this morning.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.”

Nate started to zone out. I’m pretty sure this was my cue to leave.

“Well I’m gonna head inside now.”

" Oh, Ok. Umm, have a good night Maliyah.”

Nate started the engine and drove out of my driveway before I could reply. I walked up the driveway, unlocked the door and headed inside. I had a lot of homework and work to catch up on from the day I was absent. But first I was going to take a well deserved shower.


This chapter was kind of boring, sorry... It was sort of like a filler chapter. The next one will be better. Let me know some of your I ideas in the comment section and maybe I’ll incorporate some of yours

This is your girl, MM7,

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