Can't help falling in love

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You-Nicole have been accepted at the Los Angeles Police Department and your new crime partner is Ashley Purdy.

Ashlee Gillespie
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Chapter 1

You- Nicole you have been accepted at the los Angeles police department and my new crime partner is the hottest man alive and I live with him. We sleep in the same bed but don't do anything sexual when we have crime scenes to figure out. I jumped out of bed to see Ashley standing in the door looking tired as ever. "Well, turns out that we don't have work today..." Ashley says tiredly trying to make his way to the bed without falling. "Ashley, I had a phone call with Andy and Juliet they wanna come over later." I said and he nodded falling to the floor. "Jesus Ashley you had one job one job and you decided to fall asleep on the floor..." I said picking him and lying him on the bed. "I'm tired!" He moans quietly turning over onto his side. "Yeah, well maybe someone should get some sleep..." I said kissing his head and drifting off to sleep again. "Nicole! NICOLE!" A deep voice yelled and I shot up looking at a sleeping Ashley. "Shh!" I said pointing to Ash next to me who is still asleep. "He's still asleep, geez how late did he stay up?" Juliet asks trying to stay quiet. "He got up at maybe around two or three in the morning to go and see if we got work..." I added and she nodded in agreement. "Gotcha!" She said resting her head on Andy's shoulder. "Ashley you're awake did I wake you?" I questioned and he rubbed his face with both of his hands. "No but Andy sure did though!" He replied giggling in between making Jake and Jinxx laugh. "What's up with those two?" Ash questioned then we turned our head back to see CC trying to untangle himself making Jake and Jinxx both laugh. "Oh I see but how did CC get himself tangled up?" Juliet questions laughing a little making Andy look confused at CC before laughing. "Someone help please! Ah god dammit!" CC yells and I lie back onto the bed pulling Mr. Purdy with me. "Have fun we are going to go!" Jake said before walking away making CC screech like a donkey on drugs. "CC did you just screech?" Jinxx asked laughing. After CC got untangled Inna walked up to see a mess of cords just hanging from the ceiling.

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