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Sometimes it feels like life is too difficult. Everything gets too much and it feels just useless to live anymore. But,when life gives you lemons make lemonade. There's always better things waiting out there.... Agnes has gone through many tragedies in her life. From losing her family at a young age to being abused, her life has never been easy. Now 19, Agnes has one last hope from life-her mate. Despite all the mishaps in her life she believes in happily ever after. But, will she get her happy ending? As I write this story I aim to tell how when life gets harsh we should live through it for there are both good and bad days. Its just a matter of time till good times come.... Happy Reading!!🥰

Romance / Fantasy
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"This is between us. Leave my daughter out of this." Dad yells at the rougue holding me in his grip.

"Now, now, why would I listen to you. You didn't spare my brother's life now, did you?"

"A killer like him deserved to die."

The rogue tightens his grip on me, his big, hairy arms squeezing my little frame painfully. Tears are running down my cheeks as my stomach hurts due to the rogue's tight grip.

"He was not a killer. He was just doing the right thing. Those sleazy bastards deserved to die."

As he was saying this, mom pounced on the rogue from the bushes beside us. Effectively, giving me a chance to escape the rogue's grip. Seeing this, dad too jumped in to help mom.

As the rogue was distracted by mom, dad pounced on him and drove his claws into the his jugular, instantly killing him.

I run to mom and hug her waist tightly. Dad picks me up and pulls me to his chest.

"Your fine my little wolf. Everything's okay." Dad whispers in my ear while mom is stroking my back.

As my dad says this, we hear the sound of paws hitting the ground and the growling of several wolves.

Dad turns us and at the distance, there is an army of rogue's coming towards us.

Seeing this, my parent's eyes widen and they communicate with each other through their mindlinking ability. I see something flash in both their eyes. I am small so I can't mindlink, but I will be able to once I turn 13 and I will also get all the extra sensitive senses that wolves have such as smell and sight.

Both of them look at me. Dad is looking at me with glassy eyes and mom is crying silently.

"What is wrong dad? Why is mom crying and why are your eyes shining?"

"Nothing my baby. Do you remember what I have taught you?"

"Yes dad. You said that our fate lies within us, we just have to be brave enough to see it." I repeat the words that he always tells me.

"Very good sweetheart. I am so proud of you. You're my brave little wolf. You will be brave for your brother and protect him, right?"

My brows furrowed.

"But why dad? You said mom and you will protect us and drive all the bad people away. "

"I know baby, but you have to promise us you will take care and protect your brother and yourself if ever we are not there." Mom said, her cerulean blue eyes looking at mine with new oncoming tears.

"Yes, I will take care and protect Aiden and myself. But why are you saying this. Why will you not be there?"

"Nothing baby. Now go home and take Aiden with you and run as fast as you can to the packhouse. Don't look back okay. I love you." Dad said while kissing my forehead.

"Go baby. I love you so much."

"I love you too." I replied kissing them on their cheeks and hugging them.

Dad set me down and lightly pushed me forward in the direction of our house.

"Go little wolf."

My parents smiled at me but they were crying. I didn't understand, but I was a good girl so I obeyed them and ran in the direction of my house, unaware of the danger getting closer and closer.

I had run some distance when I heard a loud sound of a growl. I couldn't help my curious mind and turned around to look despite of what my parents said.

I saw that mom and dad had shifted. They were both fighting the rogues as they came. Dad was holding three rogues down as mom was fighting two. Suddenly, a rogue pounced on mom from behind and tackled her to the ground. Seeing this, dad threw the three rogues away and went to help mom, but the rogue had already sank his claws into mom's stomach. I screamd as I saw my mom bleed to death.

Dad saw my mom die in front of his eyes and shifted. He was so stunned that he froze giving another rogue a chance to hit him in his back. Slipping out of his trance, dad pulled the rogue down as he looked at me and shouted,"Run Agnes! Take care of your brother and yourself."

While dad was talking to me another rogue wolf pounced on him and sinked his claws into my dad's chest.

I jerked awake, breathing hard and perspiring profusely despite my body being cold. I wiped the tears that had fallen down.

This was a regular. Nothing out of the blue, just one of the many nightmares that I have. My life has been nothing but a constant tragedy marathon. A nightmare of a life. Every time the ending is bad and every time I seem to escape from it, living to cope with the aftereffects of it.

This is a routine now; has been, since that day 13 years back. Getting up extra early, in a cold sweat and tear-filled eyes is how my day begins.

Getting up from my bed, I go into the bathroom to get ready for another day. As I wash my face, the mirror reminds me of my similarities with my parents. The cerulean blue eyes staring at me remind me of my mother, the button nose situated on top of a pair of pink pouty lips are no different. The cloud of light auburn hair falling down my back, the only feature I got from my father except for his height.

My mother was a very beautiful woman but she was of average height. Despite inheriting her delicate features, I don't feel beautiful. Despite being tall at 5'10", I feel short. Weighed down by the weight of my past, the pain of losing all my loved ones and the world's harsh treatment did that to me.

But, I have not given up and the credit goes to my wolf. She is such a great wolf, I don't think I would be alive if it was not for her. Valeria is just what her name means strong and brave. She a peice of my soul, that part of me that is still very much joyful and ambitious.

She mourns the loss of her family but, she has not given up the hope of a happy future with her mate. Her strength instills some confidence in me also. She is my light and I can hope for a better life because of her.

"I love you Agnes."

There she is, once again bringing a smile on my face.

"I love you too Valeria." I reply to my wolf. She barks at me, giving me a wolfish grin and wags her tail while jumping around in my head.

After getting freshened up, I pull on a loose sweatshirt over my tank top and pair it with basic black leggings. Tying up the laces of my sneakers, I get out of my little house.

It is little. Really. Just a single bedroom with an attached bathroom, a living room with a small open kitchen. I don't have much and don't need it as it is only me now.

My brother Aiden, was taken by some sleazy humans when we had to live in a human orphanage for a year.

I was twelve. A helpless girl, without anything but a determination to protect my 10 year old brother. A determination that was not strong enough to protect my brother from those bastards.

Life did not stop it's play there. No, then it gave me a new family, an abusive father and a careless mother. They were my 'parents' for a whole of two years before my adoptive mother died of overdose and I escaped the abusing asshole due to Valeria making an appearance for the first time.

I was saved because of my wolf and from that day on we have been best friends, taking on this world, together. Hoping that finding our mate will put an end to our misey and we will finally have a happy ending.

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